How to Make Money as a Creator?

Content creators are going through an era where all emerging opportunities are made just for them. Be it YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or other social platforms; content creators can make money by selling videos through advertisements, sponsorships, and more. Then there are niche platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans, where creators can monetize their videos by selling them to an exclusive audience. And amongst all types of content, adult content tops all platforms. 

Believe it or not, porn is everywhere. Adult content has been mankind’s discreet sidekick for centuries, and it has got much easier today to make a career out of it. 

And adult entertainment is not just about hardcore porn; there are plenty of other ways, like selling your foot pics, becoming a girlfriend to rich men, and a lot more. 

Creator monetization- How much do creators make?

According to the State of the Creator Economy Report by Convert Kit, 30% of full-time content creators make less than $10,000 annually. 

And around 15% of creators make over $15,000 every year. 

Based on this data, we can infer that over half of the creator economy makes between $11,000 and $149,000 yearly. 

Taking a look at these figures, you can see there is plenty of room for entry-level creators, i.e., newbies like you, to monetize your audience.

Building a profitable content business is not easy as you need to:

  • Keep creating content consistently 
  • Find your target audience.
  • Create an engaged follower base.
  • Match both your online presence and revenue model.
  • Adapt to modern tech.
  • And a lot more!

How to make money as a creator?

Building a career becomes challenging when you need to manage the financial pressure during following your passion.

So here is how to make money as a creator in capsule form (with stress on the adult entertainment industry) for you to have a better understanding of it. 

Brand collaborations

If you are a content creator, one of the easiest and obvious ways to make money while reaching a different audience is through brand collaborations.

But if you are looking for how to make money as a creator through brand collaborations, it is mandatory have a dedicated audience that would compel a brand to collaborate with you. 

Brand content creation

Rather than integrating a brand promotion into your own content, the brand will pay you to create content for promotions. But you will still can post the content on your personal channels on your brand name. In short, the content will be a paid promotion. 

For example, if you are an adult content creator, you can partner with lingerie brands to promote their products. For certain brands, every payout costs hundreds or thousands of dollars for creating videos, depending on your niche and type of content.

Remember: Even if your audience size is small, you can still earn a good amount of money using your skills and creativity. 

OnlyFans, Patreon, and other community platforms

For those who create adult content. Patreon and OnlyFans can be a gold mine. Being a content creator who wants to monetize your audience. You can stay anonymous or create your own brand by selling exclusive content.

How much money you can make with these platforms depends greatly on your content and your marketing strategies, but there are creators who make good amount of money every year. But smaller creators make around a few hundred or thousand dollars every month.

These platforms are meant for adult content creators, but creators of other niches like Fitness, motivation, cooking, etc., also have equal chances.

TikTok’s creator fund

Now coming to content creator monetization based on platforms, TikTok’s creator fund is a great option to get paid for the work that you are doing. If you are a creator who has over 10K followers and over 1,00,000 views every month, you can easily join the creator fund of the platform. 

The money every content creator can make is calculated by a number of factors like the number of views (authentic ones), engagement level, and ensuring your content abides with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service of TikTok. 

You must note that no two content creators and the content they create are the same; hence, there is no limit to the types of content the platform will support with the creator fund.

YouTube AdSense

One of the most popular ways to make money as a content creator is through YouTube AdSense, though it is unreliable to an extent. To reward creators, YouTube pays out creators every month according to the total views and video topics. 

For new content creators, money earned through YouTube ads is negligible even if the income comes in.

 Youtube says you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past year.

To get a rough idea about how much money you can earn through YouTube you will first need to understand CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) w. the average CPM rate is $2, meaning, If you get around 10,000 views on a video, you might earn $20.

Start a fan club website

Online communities are becoming even more popular, and it’s here to stay for long. If you are looking for how to make money as a creator based on an adult niche and are serious about running an adult entertainment business, you can create a fan club platform like OnlyFans or Patreon to cater to a community with similar interests.

Creating an adult subscription website helps you to connect with creative people and their fans and build a big brand name in the industry. A highly customizable clone script is what you need to build and launch adult websites like OnlyFans cost-efficiently. Fanso is one such adult subscription platform script specially created to develop and launch subscription-based adult platforms like OnlyFans quickly.

Here is what you get at a competitive price:

  • Subscription business model to set your custom pricing.
  • Seamless and secure live streaming.
  • Personalized user dashboard for both content creators and fans.
  • eCommerce shopping cart integration to diversify revenue.

Fanso could be the best choice for your entrepreneurial requirements. And you get all the perks for a one-time fee with no hidden and recurring fees. Check out the Fanso live demo here.


Is it easy to make money as a content creator? Well, actually, no. There are several ways to monetize your community, but they all require passion, interest, good content, and 100% commitment. It is possible to build a business of your own if you want to thrive in the creator economy. We can assist you if you want to build a fan club website to promote your brand. Get in touch with us here.

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