Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most commonly asked questions we get about Fanso and the answers for them in this section. If you cannot find what you're looking for, get in touch with our support team!


Fanso is neither a WordPress theme nor a plugin. It's a business-ready turnkey script that lets you set up and run a subscription marketplace platform like OnlyFans and Patreon. Fanso is a self-hosted software with integrated features to monetize fan bases via premium social media and crowdfunding business models.
A traditional approach to building an application / MVP takes anywhere between 4-6 months and $150K- $200K. Fanso is 90x cost-effective and 100x faster to market.

You can check the live demo on your own here. If you're looking for a demo walkthrough session, please use this contact form to schedule a guided demo walkthrough. Our team will reach out to you.
You can also check a Product Walkthrough Video.

Anyone looking to start an online marketplace business can use Fanso. Fanso helps you to create and launch a particular type of online marketplace. Here, you can invite influencers like models, performers, artists, singers, news outlets, etc., to create an account and use your platform to monetize their fan-base or supporters base via a premium social media business model. Just like you see on platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon.

There is no limit on the number of users/fans or models. There is no limit on the number of content and live sessions as well.

We’ve put together a feature list. You can find it here.
Please find fanso changelog here.

Fanso supports Multi-language feature.(It does not comes with the base product. You can purchase multi language as an addon - Buy Now You can add any language in the world and translate the whole platform into the preferred language. Fans and Models can choose the language they prefer to access the platform.


It's a business-ready application that is custom build on the MERN stack. Download this file for full tech stack information. For Live streaming, we use Agora.io for payment gateway, we've used Stripe, CCbill and PayPal.

We offer two pricing plans. If you're aware of technology & programming, you should choose the Professional plan because it provides 100% unencrypted source code. It gives you complete access to source code files to modify and customize it however you want. The Starter plan offers a minified source code files. A starter plan recommended for the first-time entrepreneur trying to launch a business online.

Minification means removing all the unnecessary characters from the source code without changing its functionality. These characters are needed to add readability to the code, but they are not required to execute.
Minified source code is not recommended for development because it makes code almost impossible to read and edit. When development problems arise, you want to see the source and try small changes that are much easier to do with unminified source code.

You need to have a high-skilled programmer with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience developing MERN stack applications. Also, experience in handling Agora.io for Live streaming.

Yes, you can hire our engineers to customize your platform or build your requirements. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements

Check the installation requirements here.

You will get Full IP rights and ownership of the source code. You are free to modify & customize it as you like.

We have two payment processors integrated in the backend. For Adult niche - CCbill and for non-adult - Stripe. All the subscription payments are handled via credit card processors ( Stripe / CCbill ). All one-off purchases like PPV, Products, Photo albums, Tips, Unlocking content in the newsfeed are handled by Wallet tokens. The user needs to load funds to his wallet to make these purchases. All model earnings are calculated (subscription earnings + one-off earnings) and models can request admin for payouts. Model can withdraw payment via Banking or PayPal. PayPal is connected in the admin backend to process payouts to Models via 1 click.

Fanso is not built on WordPress. It's not a WordPress theme or plugin. It's not compatible with WordPress.


You will get access to the latest version of the source code files instantly delivered to your email inbox via our delivery partners at GetDPD. Also, you will receive technical documentation like a server setup guide, software installation guide, API reference guide & Knowledge base articles.

The licenses are a one-time cost—lifetime access. You can install it on unlimited domains too.

If you've purchased the starters package, you can upgrade to Professionals anytime by paying the price difference.

We sell digitally downloadable software, all of which come with a demo. Please test the demo of the product to understand the functionalities before purchasing. Because of the nature of digitally downloadable goods, refunds aren't possible once the files have been delivered to you immediately after your purchase, except under extraordinary situations. Click here to learn more about our refund policy

We offer our product at a simple one-time purchase model (no recurring fees at all). It's Self-hosted software that needs to be installed on a server. For setting up & Installation ( which is free of cost ) - You will need to have a domain, server, etc. So the server cost and other miscellaneous costs will be paid by you.

You need not renew your license. We provide a lifetime license with your one-time purchase.

We accept PayPal, Credit cards, Cryptocurrency, and Wire transfers.

Yes, our billing system will generate an invoice for every purchase.

Please reach out to us to get your discount coupon.



We don't offer free trials, but you can test a hosted free demo, ask for a guided demo tour, or schedule an online meeting with our business development expert to clear all your doubts.

No, what you see in the demo is what you will get as a design (UI & UX). If you'd like to change the UI & UX - please reach to us or Provide the design files to get an estimate from us for design integration.

When we set up your platform, we follow the guidelines to make it GDPR compliant.

Yes, we do offer custom development services. Please reach out to us to know our prices on custom software development.

You can sign up as our affiliate here. We offer a 20% to 50% affiliate commission based on the level of affiliate partners.

If you're a skilled developer/team with high technical knowledge in the MERN stack, you can customize the source code.

Yes, we are available to work on the customization of your website. Please contact us to share your requirements.

Our standard hourly development charges start from $25 per hour. If your project requires more than 400 hours of work, we are open to negotiation. You can also hire our developer resource (full-stack engineer) at a fixed monthly cost of USD 3000.

Please call us at +1.408.909.5136

WhatsApp at +66.93.3535.223


We offer one-year free Support. After a year, you can opt-in for $299 per year for Support and maintenance. Our support hours are from 9 AM to 7 PM (GMT+7) Monday to Friday.

You own the source code, IP rights and can install the same software on multiple domains.

You can extend your support period by paying $299 per year after it expires.

Free Support includes bug fixing & product updates. Free Support DOES NOT include any developing / modifying existing features.

Use this link(https://fanso.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new) to raise a support ticket.

We will notify you of the latest release, and you will receive the source files delivered to your email inbox. You can hire any full-stack engineer to upgrade the software for you OR hire our engineers to upgrade to the latest software.

We have an automated system in place to deliver the source files immediately after purchase. You will be receiving an email from our delivery partners at GetDPD. If you haven't received anything - please contact us. ( Remember, our working timings are Monday-Friday 9 AM - 9 PM GMT+7 )

Professional license is for developers / if you have a technical team who would like to customize/modify the source code and develop more functionalities. You will receive Unminifed source code access. A basic license is for first-time entrepreneurs who're setting up a business. You will not get Unminified source code access. You will not be able to modify the source code.


  • Model profile subscriptions
  • Video on Demand
  • Photo Albums
  • Tipping
  • Physical & Digital Products
  • 1-on-1 Live streaming (tokens per minute)Coming Soon
  • Public Live Streaming ( free & paid )
  • Sell Photos & Videos on Newsfeed

As a platform owner, you make money from the commissions on your creators. Suppose your creator generates $10,000 in total revenue. With a 20% commission, you earn $2000 as your profit.

No, Fanso doesn't charge you anything. You own 100% of your earnings.


We don't offer it as a service. But, we can advise you and put you in touch with some of the best marketers in the world. You can talk to them directly.

We don't offer it as a service. If you'd like to get our help, we can prepare a custom plan to help you. Contact us.

Adult Niche


CCbill comes with the base product. If you’re in United States, you can use CCBill. If you’re in Europe, verotel is recommended. Please check our addons page and filter Payment gateway to find the list of gateway providers that supports high risk business like adult niche.

Amazon S3, Digital Ocean spaces.

Both Verotel Bitsafe and CCbill will support Split payments only if you have more than 40 models and sizable transaction volume.


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