Subscription-Based Platform. Made Better.

Fanso is created with both the creator and the audience in mind. While creators have full control over their subscriptions, audiences get the best subscription platform experience - it’s a win-win!

Creator Profile Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the base of any community platform. And Fanso totally makes this experience super cool. Creators and audiences get maximum freedom when they engage with the platform.

  • Free / Paid Subscriptions & – Setup Paid Subscriptions (Yearly / Monthly)
  • Models Can Block / Unblock Subscribers
  • Content Access Only After Subscription
  • Models Can View Active / Inactive Subscribers

Creators can choose between free or paid subscription models (monthly & annual) and let the audience access their profiles.

Gated Content

Creators can choose to block access to their content if the audience has not opted for a subscription yet.

Manage Subscribers

Content creators can view active/inactive subscribers and block/unblock them any time. Ensures privacy and peace of mind.

Subscription Payouts to Creators

Managing subscription payouts to creators can be a huge task. But with Fanso, you can set it on autopilot and relax. Set commission percentage in advance and let Fanso do the rest for you!

  • The payment mode on the platform is either through CCbill or Standard Stripe.
  • Creators can request payout manually to the site owner either through PayPal or bank account.
  • The creators can update their PayPal and bank id on their profile, with which they can request payout.
  • Commission percentage can be set and modified anytime
Assign Subscriptions

Manually assign subscriptions to users.

Subscription Status

View each subscription status - active or inactive.

Revenue Insights

In-depth subscription list and payment reports.

Recurring Subscriptions

Adult & non adult payment processors are integrated for all recurring payments.

Admin-End Subscription Management

Take control of the platform’s subscriptions. Manage, control and have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the platform! Right from assigning subscriptions to users to knowing how much you are earning, make it happen in one place!

Extensive Search Filters For Better Refinement & Match.

Find creators that suit your preference with multiple built-in search filters. Find, subscribe and enjoy on the go.

Search by Creator Name

Know a part of their name? Use the name search filter and get results in no time.

Search by Free/Paid Creators

Search for creators based on their subscription model. Find free/paid creators with this filter.

Filter Creators by Subscription Price

Start from low to high. Or go high to low. Filter creators based on the subscription pricing.

Virtual wallets. For VOD, Live Streaming & eCommerce

Eliminate hassle by creating virtual wallets for your platform. Virtual wallets are more like a digital currency that can be used by the audience to buy products within the platform. Allow people to go cashless and digital on your platform - anywhere, anytime!

  • Applicable for VOD, eCommerce and live streaming
  • Audience can tip creators using wallets during live streaming
  • Newsfeed photos & videos can be purchased using wallets
  • Admins can add wallets to any user profile they wish

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