Social Community - For 3x Engagement & Revenue.

Fanso comes with a built-in social community setup to increase engagement within the platform. And it proves to be a great deal for revenue growth as well.

Social News Feed

Creators can use the social news feed to engage with the platform audience by sharing their latest photos and videos. Also, the social news feed acts as the perfect place for the audience to discover behavior-based content.

  • Creators can update status, text, photos and conduct polls
  • Options to sell photos & videos on the newsfeed - increase visibility & engagement
  • Audiences can unlock/purchase photos & videos using tokens
  • Creators can share free content in their newsfeed to attract more followers, later convert them to paid subscribers

Instagram Styled Social Community

Fanso has an Instagram-style social community that is mainly focused on engagement and conversions. Creators can make maximum use of the features to increase sales and make a good revenue figure.

Instagram Style Stories

Creators can come up with Insta style stories - announce latest releases to the audience and drive engagement & sales.

Social Login

Users can sign up for the platform using their social logins - supports Google and Twitter logins.

Model Verified Profiles

Fanso allows creators to verify their profiles - when the number of subscribers crosses a limit, creators get the verification tick.

Internal Messaging

Users can directly message creators on the platform and vice versa. Emojis & pics can be sent for more engagement.


Creators get notified for chat replies, likes, comments, subscriptions and when a user tips during live streaming.


Fanso supports 200+ languages and Arabic RTL as well. Admins can change the platform language by heading to the backend.

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Social Community Features

Fanso is highly power-packed with social community features to provide the best social platform experience for users!

Like/Bookmark Posts

Users can engage with posts and videos by liking them. Posts can also be bookmarked if necessary.

Favorites & Wishlist

Posts/videos can be marked favorite by users. Also, products on the platform can be added to the wishlist.

Profile Recommendation

Fanso automatically detects user behavior and suggests creator profiles to follow.

Comment on Posts & Videos

Users can comment on posts and videos on the platform. Creators get benefitted without a question.

Watch Later

Users find something interesting? They can simply add it to their “Watch Later” list.

Social Sharing

Just like Instagram, users can share posts to other social platforms with a click.

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