Built Powerful

Best-in-Class Tech Stack.

Fanso is built with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best creator platform experience. Tested over a thousand times, Fanso ensures security, robustness and scalability round the year!

Fanso’s Tech Stack

Built with passion by using tech that suits best. Explore what Fanso is made up of!

Tech Stack

Know what’s behind Fanso that has made it super cool.

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Download High Level Architecture

Understand Fanso without having to dig into the code.

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REST API Reference Guide

Make Fanso even more sophisticated with the REST API

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Inbuilt Integrations. More Than You Ever Need.

Fanso is a ready-to-use community-based platform script. And it comes with all the necessary integrations needed for day-to-day activities and business growth.


Fanso comes with Stripe payment gateway which helps platform users to add funds.


Helps the admin to make model payouts. PayPal can be used by platform Admin.

Crypto Payment Gateways

Go strong with the trend - built-in crypto payment gateways for the platform users.

Sendgrid / Sendinblue

Choose your favorite Email Service Provider and send emails to creators & platform users.


Creators & users get the live streaming experience they deserve, thanks to Agora.io integration.

Google Analytics

Analyse platform traffic, gain insights and make business decisions with Google Analytics.

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Software Security. At Its Best.

The team made sure that Fanso came out as one of the best community platform scripts around. But the team was more concerned about security and let’s just say that Fanso aced it!

Database Injection Tested

Fanso has been tested for database injection attacks and it’s pretty good!

XSS Scripting Tested

Attackers cannot execute scripts on the user-end browser - protected against user session hijacks.

CSRF Tested

End users are protected from CSRF attacks. Users don’t have to worry about forced task executions.

Media Files Encryption

Files are safe from external tampering or unauthorized access during the transit phase.

Password Encrypted

All passwords used on the platform are encrypted and free from prying eyes.

Performance Tested

Fanso is tested for performance at all conditions and is robust enough to handle thousand plus live streams simultaneously!

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