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Built-in eCommerce Store. For Every Creator.

Whether it’s one or a thousand, let every creator have their own eCommerce store to sell merchandise. Creators can upload, manage and sell physical & digital products to audiences!

Sell Physical Products

Creators can sell physical products on the platform and have 100% control over them. The built-in eCommerce features help maximize revenue while users get their everyday shopping experience.

  • Update shipping & delivery status during each transit phase
  • Creators can generate discount coupons to increase sales figures
  • Users can track orders and stay up-to-date with the delivery status
Set VOD Price

Set and manage video-on-demand prices with ease.

Tag Creators

Increase VOD sales by tagging relevant creators

Custom Thumbnails

Manage video appearance with custom thumbnails

Token Payments

Accept tokens as payments - save time & effort

Video On Demand Sales

Fanso is known for its multiple monetization methods and VOD sales is the next best thing on the platform! With Fanso, you can set videos as premium and ask users to pay to access the premium content. More monetization ways, more revenue!

  • Set tokens as the payment mode for On-demand videos
  • Tag one or more creators in your videos - maximize visibility
  • Set custom thumbnails for videos to increase audience attention
  • Manage VOD sales and revenue from the dashboard itself
  • Include/exclude videos from premium mode anytime

Start Creating Your Own Creator Community Platform Today

With Fanso on-board, creating your own community platform is no biggie. Decide your niche, get in touch with us and it’s done!

Sell Digital products

Why does it always have to be physical products? Fanso understands this well and allows creators to sell digital content on their eCommerce store! The process is simple and wouldn’t require any effort!

Deliver Digital Files Instantly

Deliver purchases to users before they know - files will be delivered to users immediately on purchase.

Supports All Digital Formats

Create and sell content in all digital formats. Fanso supports PDF, Mp3, Docs and more.

Generate Discount Coupons

Create FOMO and increase sales figures by generating time-limited discount coupons.

Admin Token Management

Admins can manage virtual tokens on the platform from the backend. Fanso follows an all-in-one place approach making it easy for the admins throughout!

Virtual Wallet System

Admins can create a virtual wallet system for the creator platform.

Add Tokens

User can add tokens to their wallet and interact with the models

1 token = 1 USD

Makes the earnings calculation and model payouts simpler

Token Transactions & Reports

Seamlessly view in-depth token transactions & reports from one place

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