How to Sell Foot Pictures Online to Make Money?

How to sell my feet pictures online? Have you ever thought about this idea, or does it sound strange to you? If you belong to the latter category, hey, you are mistaken. 

Selling feet pics online is a strange (yes but effective and safe) way to increase your income. 

Selling feet pics has been given a huge boost by many TikTokers and Instagramers, and adult models declaring their fortunes online.

Yes, selling foot photos online is indeed a thing.

If you are interested in getting into how to sell foot pictures, we have a complete guide here to help you get started. 

How to sell feet pictures online?

So here are some tips below to sell your feet pics safely to make the most money.

  • Sell feet pictures anonymously; take measures to protect yourself from scammers and creeps.
  • Choose platforms to sell your foot pictures; Select authentic platforms like FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Your official website, FunwithFeet, DollarFeet, etc. 
  • Master professional photography and videography skills. 
  • Add a watermark to your preview images.
  • Use social media to promote and drive clients to your photos. 
  • Receive payment before you release pictures. 
  • Repeat and slay!

Popular poses for foot pics

Now, if you are looking for different ways to sell feet pictures online, you must also be familiar with popular poses for feet pics. While soon buyers prefer candid images, others will make particular requests for feet images. And yes, this I where you can make real money.

So let’s look into the top feet poses to grow your foot fetish business:

  • Bottom of the feet
  • Top of foot
  • Foot arch
  • Shoes in heels
  • Feet in the air with the knees bent
  • Dirty soles
  • Giantess’s feet
  • Toe scrunch

Best websites to sell feet pics online

If you are looking for how to sell feet pics online fast, knowing where to promote your pictures is important.

When you are getting started with foot images, it is recommended to focus on one of two websites. Once you gain experience in the industry, you can expand to other foot image platforms. Here is a list of where you can sell feet pictures online for free.

Let’s get started with the best platforms to sell feet pics online.


FeetFinder is one of the most popular online marketplaces to sell feet pics. This platform is the first and only PCI-compliant website for ID-verified users to buy and sell customized feet pics. 

It’s easy to buy and sell feet pics on FeetFinder. As long as you’re 18 years or older, you can become a buyer or seller on the platform.

As a feet pics seller, you can earn great money with this online marketplace in the long run. On average, sellers on FeetFinder have made over $12,000 per year, with each pic selling between $5-$1000. 

The thing you’ll like most about FeetFinder is its commission percentage, which is higher than other online marketplaces. In FeetFinder, sellers receive 80% of their earnings, with the platform taking the remaining 20%.

You can only request a payout after earning a minimum amount of $30. Speaking of payouts, if you’re a US seller, you’ll be paid through Segpay. For sellers outside of the US, you need to create a Paxum account to get paid. Once your payout request gets verified, the amount will be transferred to your account in 3-5 business days. 

As a PCI-compliant website, FeetFinder has a secure system to do payment transactions. They ensure the card information you submit on their website is safe and securely regulated by industry standards.

Another great thing about FeetFinder is that they have a larger audience than most feet pics marketplaces (3.7 million monthly visitors) and a user base that is ready to purchase your pictures. So, if you’re looking to make money by selling feet pics, FeetFinder is a great option. 

As the popularity of FeetFinder is on the rise, it’s likely that the platform will continue to become a prime destination for buyers and sellers of feet pics.

Dollar Feet

When compared to other foot platforms, Dollar Feet is different than other websites and might not suit everyone. Before you can sell your feet pics online, you must fill out the model application model and submit a sample video and get it reviewed. 

Dollar Feet pays $10 per video for accepted videos for a 10-minute-long clip. The model form requires you to enter your height and weight, and your profile might get rejected if you don’t belong to the ‘athletic model” category. 


Another popular subscription-based content creation platform targeting sex workers is OnlyFans. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform for exchanging images and videos. You can create two accounts with OnlyFans, either a free account or paid account where your users have to pay a subscription fee to access your exclusive content. Besides the subscriptions, you can sell foot pics online through pay-per-view, live streaming, paid messages, tipping, etc. 


An online version of the classified ads section of the newspaper, Craigslist has decent monthly lists from users across countries like the United States, Canada, jaon, Australia, and more. You can list your foot pics in Craiglist and make use of the forums to connect and engage with people. 

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If you are looking doe an e-commerce platform dedicated to selling foot images, Instafeet is an excellent choice. Anyone above 18 years of age can sell foot images on the platform. You can start by posting 5 images daily and then increase the number of images as your following grows. You can choose a monthly membership fee for your photos, and starting with $10 per month. 

Build your own website

A professional website is the best place to sell feel pics online. With a website, you can create a shop on your website and sell merchandise along with your foot photos. 

If you are high on entrepreneurial spirits, you can even consider creating an exclusive subscription-based fan club website like OnlyFans to sell your foot pics and invite other models to sell their exclusive foot images as well.

But how to create a fan club site if you are looking for how to sell feet pics online safely for foot fetish enthusiasts? Fanso is the solution you require; it has got powerful features to build a creator community platform

A readymade OnlyFans clone script OnlyFans is all you need to build your OnlyFans-like community platform that allows models to sell foot images and videos, sell merchandise, interact with fans through live streams, and make money. 

But what makes Fanso the right software for your unique business requirements? Here are the reasons.

Pros and cons of selling foot pics online

So now you have set your mind to how to start selling feet online, here are the pros and cons of doing it as a side hustle or even a full-time income


  • It brings in passive income.
  • An opportunity to develop your personal brand.
  • Freedom and flexibility to make money from the comfort of your home, even without revealing your face.
  • Easy to begin and scale.
  • Low capital to start.
  • An exciting field for models and photographers


  • Marketing your foot images needs extra effort.
  • Some clients will come with weird personal requests.
  • It is easy to get scammed.
  • People can steal your images.


Is selling foot pics online unsafe?

If you ask what the safest way to sell feet pics is, it is to protect your personal information. Before starting to sell your feet pics online, make sure you follow the tips for selling feet pics online mentioned at the beginning of the post. 

How can I start selling my feet pictures online?

Begin with creating a separate email address and a payment account to manage your foot fetish business. Take images of your feet by following the guidelines mentioned above and list them on sale on different platforms, including your own website (if you have one). Then, market your images to bring them to the table and start earning.

How much money can you make selling foot photos online?

There is no guarantee that you will make a lot of money when you start out, most people who sell foot pics online make a decent income. If you can expand your feet pictures into videos, your earning potential increases. 

With that, people spend anything between $5 to $100 or even more for a single-foot image. The average price is approximately $15-$20, depending on the content and your audience.

Is selling feet pics online legal?

Under normal scenarios, selling feet pics online is legal. However, for certain geographical locations, models under 18 years of age aren’t supposed to be engaged in it. 

Can guys sell feet pics online?

While female models typically dominate the foot fetish industry, more males are getting into the action. There is demand for male feet images as well.

Do I need to have fair and pretty feet?

No, you can sell your foot pics online even if you don’t have model-like fair and pretty feet. If you are worried about how your feet look, you can look at other people’s feet with their permission.

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Start immediately if you are brainstorming how to sell my feet pictures online and earn a passive income. Selling foot pics online is e of the legit ways for models to make money online. Combine it with other modeling fetishes to increase your monthly earnings. You can list images for sale if you flaunt a “foot model” quality feet. 

It is 100% legal to sell feet pictures; get started today by taking care of your feet, taking great images, and signing up on feel image selling platforms. 

If you want to build your own OnlyFans-like platform, you can contact us to begin your journey in the adult entertainment industry.

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