Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics Online

Selling foot pics online is a quick and easy way for many to make money and build their career. 

Some people sell their foot images on social media, OnlyFans or their personal website, while others sell platforms built specifically for foot images.

Is selling Feet pics unsafe?

No, selling feet images online isn’t as dangerous as you think, but only if done correctly. Like any other online business, selling feet images isn’t entirely risk-free.

However, you cannot consider these as potential dangers as you can overcome these challenges with the right approaches and safety measures.

If you can hide your personal information private and not reveal your face or identity, keeping yourself away from scams is possible to an extent.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics Online

If you ask if selling feet pics is lucrative, yes, it is. But at the same time, it isn’t for everyone. With that said, let’s look into some of the pros of getting into this unique niche.

Can get started in a jiffy without spending a fortune

The main perk of this side hustle or full-time job is you can get started really quickly. To begin selling feet pics online, you just need a good smartphone, probably your iPhone, to take images, a selling website to reach buyers and an Internet connection to upload photos. And, of course, your willingness and passion for selling feet pics online will help you propel forward fast.

Now, coming to the startup costs, considering the basic requirements you need to get started, selling foot pics online doesn’t demand high startup costs.

A lucrative business and passive income

Selling foot images online means additional income besides your regular job- or it can be your full-time career, too.

But the more interesting part is selling feet pics online is a passive way to make money.

Passive income refers to money that flows in once you put work into creating something. It keeps selling and makes money even when you aren’t doing anything.

Enjoy enhanced privacy and anonymity

One pro of selling foot images online for money is that it offers privacy for models they can go anonymous if they want.

For instance, popular foot-image-selling websites present foot fetish models to make money while staying anonymous, as they can hide their faces when posting images. 

The anonymity ensures safety, particularly if you don’t want your peers or family to know about your work.

Take control of your working schedule

Selling feet pics online puts you in control of your working schedule; yes, it is quite flexible. You can choose the hours you need to work; it could be 1 to 2 hours between your busy days. 

What’s better than flexible jobs that give you the freedom to work on your own schedule? 

Foot fetish is in high demand

There are a lot of people out there who are looking for foot pictures, with individuals with unique preferences and art enthusiasts willing to purchase.

Clients will pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for custom pictures as long as you can fulfill their weird requests.

Most Feet content creators get paid $100 to $500 per custom feet request. The more followers you have on social media and on OnlyFans or exclusive websites, the more you can charge for custom image or video requests.

Where can you sell feet pictures? Here are some of the websites where you can sell feet pictures. 

  • Picture websites.
  • Websites that offer foot care.
  • Foot jewelry.
  • Modeling agencies are looking for foot models for advertising..
  • Shoe advertisements.
  • Foot fetish websites like OnlyFans and Feetfinder.

Cons of selling feet pics online

Selling feet pics online is not illegal, and it is just like modeling. But there are dangers associated with this lucrative business, and that brings in a lot of disadvantages, which are as follows.

Troubles related to taxation

As said, while selling foot pics online is legal, you might encounter some challenges related to taxation, which you need to handle. Just like you file taxes for other income sources, you have to adhere to the rules of the income tax department in your country. 

There are a lot of scammers

The main problem you will face when selling feet pics online is that you will come across a lot of scammers. 

The scammers are the ones who will request the work and promise you a hefty payment but will ghost you just like that at the time of payment. 

What to do to avoid this?

To avoid scammers, be smart about how you handle payments and where you sell your images. Always choose established platforms to sell your foot pictures, as these websites have built-in mechanisms to weed out scammers.

The ultimate thing you can do is to keep yourself off from scammers is to sell feet pics online from your own website so that you know are in control of your data and you can modify the policies accordingly to prevent scams and theft. Another way to ensure you get payment is by sending pictures once you receive the payment.

Controlling the distribution of your feet pics is tough

Once you start selling feet pics online, you will lose track of image distribution. When selling feet images, there is a risk of your pictures getting stolen or reused without your knowledge and permission. 

What to do to avoid this

One thing is to choose your content distribution channels carefully. Channels like emails, your website, and email newsletters are in your control. Now, when posting your content on social media, make sure you:

  • Register the copyright to your work.
  • Use a copyright notice.
  • Watermark your work.
  • Disable right-clicking on your website.

Clients might request you for inappropriate pics

The direct consequence of selling your feet images online is that people with a foot fetish might reach out to you for inappropriate images that are out of your comfort zone.

What to do to avoid this?

When starting out, you can stay anonymous to stay safe and hide your identity. If you don’t like fulfilling custom requests that are out of your comfort zone, make sure you state the guidelines and what is permitted and not permitted.

When inappropriate requests are made, you can report them to the websites you work for or block users if it is your own website. If the client threatens you or the user reaches out to you through different accounts, you can consider taking legal action.

How to Be Safe While Selling Pictures

If you want to sell feet pics online safely, there are some guidelines for you to follow:

Sell your feet pics on reputed platforms alone

Choose reputed websites to sell your feet images online, as it will help your content and money secure. There are many platforms out there, and whenever you choose a platform to sell your foot images, make sure you check out reviews before you get started. 

Do not show your face

When selling foot pics online, it is recommended not to show your face. If you reveal your identity, finding the real you in the digital world becomes easy. 

There may be spammers, scammers, stalkers and other shady people who can harass you online. It is always safe to make sure your privacy isn’t compromised in any way.

When you sell foot images online, using a VPN, and turning off location settings are other ways of being safe.

Set clear terms and conditions

Your terms and conditions must be crystal clear, and make sure there are no loopholes that people can use. Terms and conditions on the use of images, rules about winning digital copies, payment should be made before the deal, and so on. 

Use a separate business bank account

Use a business account to avail yourself of the tax benefits of running a business. Never share your personal account details with your clients.

Secure your content with a watermark

Make sure you watermark your content, as otherwise, you cannot control others using your content freely. There may still be some image edits that can remove the watermark, but again, it is a minority.

Send images after receiving the payment

While selling your feet pics online, it is customary to make sure the payment has been made first before you decide to send the pics. There is a high chance that the person requesting will agree to your demands if they are genuine.


Selling feet images is a lucrative way to make money, but analyzing the pros and cons and finding ways to turn the cons to your advantage can help you propel forward. 

Getting to the pros and cons when selling feet images online helps you make informed decisions.

Selling foot pics helps you attract a large audience and secure your future financially at the same time. 

Learn about the possible problems that might arise when welling images online related to foot fetish.

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