How to be a Findom: Tips on Making Money in the Findom World

Of all the sexual fetishes that exist, financial domination or Findom is the most popular one. The subtle area of pleasing others by taking their money. Without sex. 

Does this spike your interest? Read more to find out about this interesting work to see if you got what it takes. 

This blog will be a detailed guide on how to be a Findom and make a hefty amount of money by simply asking for someone’s money.

What is Findom?

Domination is nothing new; we have all heard of it before. 

The stiletto heels, shiny clothes, the whips. Who doesn’t love it when their partners take hold and guide them through the heat of the moment?

Findom is a type of sexual domination where a dome (either a man or woman) takes payment (tribute) from the submissive (either a man or woman). The sexual fetish of giving or receiving to get around is a massive global business, and there are people who take it up as a full-time job.

Sounds weird and interesting at the same time. Isn’t it?

This is what Findom is all about: 

Beautiful women are given money and lavished with expensive gifts by men who seemingly want nothing in return. It is all about submitting themselves to a dominant women and relinquishing control.

Much like other forms of BDSM fetishes, it is the surrendering power that is arousing in Findom. 

In most of the cases, the dominatrix (domme) and the submissive never meet. It all happens online.

Findom Glossary: What means what?

As you are here to learn how to become a Findom, it is important that you learn about important terms connected with the Findom world.

In this section, we will explain the most common terms you will come across when getting into Findom.

Findom or Fin domme

Short for or financially dominant. It can either be a man or a woman, and they can make money from either male or female submissives.


A dominant male or female. Alphas are aggressive and powerful, which is a sign of turn-on for betas or submissives.


The common term for certain types of sex in categories of bondage, discipline, domination, submission or even sadism.

Pay Pig

A PayPig is a submissive (mostly men) who gets sexually aroused from the fetish of being controlled financially by the dominant.

Cash Master

Cash master is a common term used for the dom who is looking to earn money for their services of dominating and selling personal items like innerwear.


This is the term used for a financial submissive who sends cash tributes to dominants.

Cash fag

A popular term used to describe a homosexual who is typically weak, unattractive and worthless in Findom.

A cash fag feels inferior to attractive and straight dominant and sends money to the dominant whom they feel is more worthy.

Human ATM

A human ATM is a finsub that allows their cash master to drain the bank accounts on demand financially.


Tribute is referred to as a money transfer sent to the dome by their submissive. 


The time after a domination session where the dominant ensures that their submissive is feeling alright physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Hard or soft limit

Boundaries that both parties discuss and are respected. Soft limits are the ones that a submissive might be willing to try. But hard limits are never to be crossed. 


An exchange where the Findom will repeatedly take money instead of receiving monthly tributes. 

Retweet game

Findom posts up tweets, and the money slave is expected to pay a certain amount for every like, retweet, and comment they get.

How to Become a Findom?

If you are someone who is looking to become a Findom, you need to equip yourself with a business structure and, eventually, an online presence. 

Here are the things you need to take into consideration when taking your first steps as a financial dominant.

Define your target audience

If you are brainstorming about how to get into Findom, start by defining what kind of money slave you want to target and what level of financial domination you are comfortable with. 

If you want to make $ 5,000 monthly, you must have a good idea of the financial position of your money salve. 

Failing to define a target person will cause a lot of trouble when marketing yourself. Once you have defined your ideal client persona, conduct a market research and study the following:

  • What are their passions and aversions?
  • Where do people with your persona’s characteristics gather?
  • How much they are willing to splurge on Findom?

The better you know about your future subs, the better chance you will have at using the right language to attract them organically. 

Create detailed profiles for each of your client personae and keep these handy for when you start the actual marketing of your service.

Draft a list of your persona- Your likes, dislikes, skills and erotic interests

Know thyself. The key to being a Findom is that you enjoy yourself.

Do you want to work online exclusively, or do you want to meet up with your subs? 

It is best to define your boundaries, like what kind of intimacy you are going to provide. What levels of masochism are you willing to cater to? What fetishes will you indulge in? Where will you draw the line? 

If you are motivated to stay in a professional relationship with your piggy for a longer period of time.

Draft your terms of service and your privacy policy

Create a list of terms you will use and define them all. 

List in full detail what services you will be offering. Once your terms of services are drafted, you need to connect with a legal counselor and have them professionalized. 

Make sure each of your new subs will thoroughly read your terms of service before creating a contract with you.

Level up your sexting game

One way to enslave people is through sexting. If talking dirty is your plus, you are good to go.

Here is what you can do to enhance your sexting game.

  • Work on describing sexual acts that turn on the submissive. the more real you can get, the more hot the entire game would be.
  • Use emojis and audio messages to create an immersive experience. 

Utilize social media platforms to market yourself

It is always powerful to leverage social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to promote your services, your brand and yourself. 

In the case of Findom, Twitter would be the ideal choice as it displays your content to people who share your same interests. Use hashtags like #Findom, #dominatrix, #PayPig, #Cashmaster etc. 

But be cautious when you use Instagram and Facebook as both sites doesn’t support nudity and explicit content. 

What do Fin subs expect from you as a Findomme?

Fin subs in the Findom industry aren’t just normal guys. In fact, they are pay pigs who are willing to splurge their money on you. But they are too busy to make their own decisions. 

This is what happens between a Findomme and a finsub:

  • The Findomme chooses a client and decides how they want tributes from clients.
  • They ask fin subs to send the money when they need it.
  • When findommes ask, they receive beautiful presents, surprise gifts, and gift cards.
  • Occasionally engage in sexual behaviors like sexing, phone sex or sending explicit pics and videos. 
  • Some findommes use the tributes they receive as cash for livelihood.

5 Ways Findommes Can Make Money Online?

Before getting into how to start Findom and make money, this is really important. 

Don’t rely on a single source of income. 

All successful findommes who make over $5000 monthly make money from multiple sources. Yes, they diversify their income. 

You don’t want to get help in a situation where you rely on one slave to generate your revenue. If that one income source vanishes, you will be hurting badly, trust me!

Alight, so here are 5 ways findommes can make money online:

Fetish clip websites

Clip websites are the primary source of income stream for most findommes. Clips are an excellent way to make money. Best of all, you have to film and edit once, and you will generate income on it for life.

So, what are some of the financial domination websites

  • Clips4sale
  • Manyvids
  • iWantClips
  • KinkBomb

Posting clips increases your exposure significantly! Millions of people visit these financial domination websites every month. 

If any customer likes your clips, they might want to buy a Skype session, get drained in a session, or simply take you out and splurge a huge amount of money on you. 

That is the advantage of building a cross-platform brand: you can always upsell customers on different things.

Build your profile on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a great way to build passive income as a Findom creator. Think of OnlyFans as a platform to sell your Findom services; you can charge customers a monthly fee to access your content. You can post images and videos and sell DMs on OnlyFans according to your pace. That’s what attracts customers. 

Your fans on OnlyFans can also tip you through the platform, which is basically a tribute button. 

Online domination sessions

Online demonization sessions are a great way for beginner findommes to make money. 

You dominate your clients online through different ways according to your preferences.

Here is how you can find customers for your online domination sessions.

  • Emails.
  • Twitter DMs.
  • Instagram DMs.
  • WhatsApp, Kik or other online chat apps.
  • Phone sex.

If you are looking for how to be a Findom, phone sex is how you can get started. 

For some reason, there are people willing to reveal personal information online anonymously to a stranger. 

Some of the popular phone sex websites include:

  • iWantPhone
  • NiteFlirt

Most websites like these charge users by minute sues. Most domes charge their clients in the range of $1.99 to $10.99 per minute. 

This might not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly. $1.99 becomes $120 in an hour. 

Skype sessions

Another way by which new domes can make money is through extended Skype sessions. Skype sessions are like phone sessions; the only difference is that you can see each other. 

But before you start a Skype session, make sure you get paid first. 

When it comes to Skype sessions, you can decide whether to reveal your face or not. It is really a personal preference, and make sure your slave also agrees to it. 

Build your own website

The Fandom websites on the Internet are great, but having a website of your own outbeats everything else. 

What is better than enjoying complete control over your business? The best part is you don’t have to pay any commission. 

By building a Findom marketplace, you can make money through commissions while selling your own content.

A Findom website must-have features like live camming, PPV selling, gallery, subscriptions, built-in payment gateways and more. 

But building a website from scratch will consume a lot of time, effort, and money.

Instead, you can choose a readymade whitelabel script like Fanso that comes power-packed with all the essential features you need.

Fanso is a whitelabel solution, meaning you can customize it to any extent. You can own your script and your earnings, and there is no recurring fee; it comes at a one-time, affordable fee.

How to make $5000 monthly as Findomme

Findom is very popular, and once you start getting clients, money will start pouring in. 

So, how do you charge for your video content once you begin?

You can start charging from $2 to $3 per minute for a Findom clip. Now, for custom videos, you can charge up to $10 per minute or even more. Inside your custom Findom videos, you can create several tribute tasks and even create highly-priced videos that are priced at $500, $1000 or even more. 

You won’t sell these often, but you can sell highly-priced videos at some point. 

Once you reach the point where you can sell one video at $ 1,000 and earn from normal Findom clips priced at $5 per minute, you can make more than $5,000 monthly, and yes, it keeps building up.

One of the best ways to make more revenue is to diversify your income. Sell your Findom clips and services on several platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon, and focus on creating content for phone sex websites and your own website. 

In no time, you will be making more than $ 5,000 to $ 1,000 monthly once you gain momentum.

When pricing your services, ask this question:

Do you have a sufficient source of income to pay your bills and then for leisure?

When planning a session, selling a Findom clip or selling used of panties, make sure you sell your final product considering the effort you put in. You can always increase your price as you gain experience if the demand increases.


The keys to success to be a Findom is building a brand and making money from multiple sources. The hardest part is to get started. You might struggle to get your first few slaves. But once the ball gets rolling, it is hard to stop becoming successful. 

Good luck there in draining people out and making money together.

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