How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy

Are you brainstorming about making money on OnlyFans as a guy? Congratulations! Well, I would say you are making the best decision of your life!

During the pandemic, many of the best OnlyFans creators ( both men and women) were hunkered down in their houses, and that is when they started experimenting with their sexy outfits and welcomed eager views into their lives. 

Even when 2023 is here, OnlyFans is still popular, and creators are flooding the platform, dreaming of building a lucrative life with lots of money in their hands.

But what is the scope for male creators on OnlyFans? What are the challenges you are going to face? And what you can do to overcome these challenges and succeed on the platform?

Fret not; you are going to learn everything about how to make money as a guy on OnlyFans. Let’s begin right away.

Can Guys Make Money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans still serves as a launching pad for all sorts of creators, models, celebrities, musicians, fitness freaks, or any random person to earn a steady paycheck while sharing the more exotic sides of their lives since its launch a decade ago.

When you open your OnlyFans profile, thousands of women’s profiles come up, but that doesn’t mean that OnlyFans isn’t a place for guys to thrive. 

If you are not into NSFW ( not safe for work ) content, don’t worry. There are a lot of other niches guys on Onlyfans use to build their own brands and make money.

For example, Ben Bakson, a German DJ and producer, leverages his OnlyFans account as a personal VIP club, where he offers his fans with exclusive DJ music and preview episodes.

What is the average male-only OnlyFans’s income?

So, how much does an average male creator make on OnlyFans?

Well, the exact income of a guy depends on several factors, like audience size, quality of content, frequency of posts, and promotional activities. 

According to this statistic, approximately 20% of OnlyFans creators are men, translating to over 10k male creators making money selling their exclusive content on the platform.

On an average, guys earn between $1,500 to $7,500 per month, and 30% of the top 1% earners on the platform are guys.

Creators on OnlyFans can make money primarily through subscription fees and pay-per-view (PPV content). 

The average subscription fee most male creators adopt on OnlyFans is around $7.50, and creators receive 80% of their subscription earnings after the 30% commission that OnlyFans deducts.

While top male creators on OnlyFans make $100,000 or even more every month, most creators, on average, earn less, with an average of 21 subscribers and a monthly income of $100 to $200 every month. 

Tips and Tricks for Making money on OnlyFans as a guy

Listen, guys! OnlyFans is a crowded (over-crowded) platform with a herd of creators who are trying to make a name for themselves on the platform.

So, how do you distinguish yourself from this crowd and become the main traction in front of your potential audience?

Here are the tips and tricks to make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

1. Flaunt what you have got without inhibitions

Do you have good looks and a great physique? If yes, You have to flaunt it. 

It is crucial to comfortably flaunt your physical features and exciting personality to make sure the content you create attracts your potential audience.

And what if you don’t have so-called good features and physique? 

Flaunt what you have got and highlight it in the way it attracts your fans.

2. Consider posting by following a schedule

Regularly updating your content will help your subscribers know when you post and helps to boost engagement as well. This encourages more sign-ups as well. 

To grow your OnlyFans, make it a practice to respond to the messages and comments. This helps to create a more intimate connection, increasing the chance of premium content purchases.

3. Know your admirers

Starting an OnlyFans as a guy is a great idea, but you must dive into the heart of your audience’s interest and desires to succeed.

Embrace the niche that matches with your personality and authenticity, particularly the one that resonates strongly with the gay community and brings good views.

Your success on OnlyFans comes up to captivating your audience, highlighting your positives, and continuously evolving with your niche.

4. Share free images on Reddit

If you are looking for how to grow your OnlyFans as a guy, you would definitely use Reddit to promote your account.

It’s common for users to share links to OnlyFans pages within comment sections of subreddits. 

If you regularly post free images on Reddit, you must expect around 2% to 5% of your posts to bring in new OnlyFans subscribers.

Here are some tips to follow when promoting your OnlyFans content on Reddit.

  • Do not advertise yourself on the posts of other content creators. This is considered mischievous and won’t give you the results you want to see.
  • Reddit hates spammers. So, never post mindlessly everywhere on subreddits without even checking if it is relevant or not.

5. Promote your account using shoutouts

Consider promoting your OnlyFans account by reciprocating shoutouts (S4S) with other male creators. Partner with other creators with a similar audience size as yours, so the benefit is always mutual.

6. Use OnlyFans tools if necessary

Using the right OnlyFans tools can make a difference in streamlining your ability to create consistent and engaging content your audience would love to see from you. There are different OnlyFans tools for creators you can leverage to improve the way you use OnlyFans.

For example, tools like Fans metric give you a full range of metrics to understand more about your target audience. Identify their challenges, find new opportunities and learn a lot more.

7. Post at the right time

Creators swear by choosing the right time to post on Reddit. Some even wake up at night to post their content if they are serious about making money on OnlyFans as a guy.

Here is an example.

If you cannot imagine yourself dedicating your sleep time to promote your OnlyFans, never bother to do it. 

Use a post scheduling tool that can promote your Reddit posts even when you are sleeping.

8. Collaborate on Telegram

Telegram is a great social media platform to network, collaborate, and grow your OnlyFans account. The app is full of handy features and has an interface that is super easy to use and delivers great results. 

Telegram is similar to a virtual meeting spot where you can get together, swap ideas, and build relationships that can help your work flourish.

Challenges faced by OnlyFans Creators and How to Overcome it?

OnlyFans creators, both men and women, face several challenges when running an OnlyFans account. 

Here are some of the common challenges you might encounter:

1. Striking the balance between price and value

Setting the subscription price requires striking a balance between charging a fair price for their content and ensuring that subscribers perceive the value they receive as worthy. 

Creators need to consider factors like the quality of the content, its uniqueness, the expectations of their target audience, and the competition within their niche. 

How to overcome it: 

Setting a price that stands out among competitors while keeping your price attractive to potential subscribers can be challenging. To overcome this, you can start 2 OnlyFans accounts, one of which you keep free and then the other where you can charge a subscription fee.

2. Market competition

OnlyFans currently has over 2.1 million content creators, and some niches are highly saturated with the content. You must analyze the competitive landscape and consider the pricing strategies of similar creators to find out where you fit and how you can differentiate yourself. 

How to overcome it

Choose a niche and, if possible, micro niches as well, and tailor your content accordingly. Working around a niche allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and target the right audience. 

3. Long term sustainability

When running an OnlyFans account, you must consider its long-term sustainability. Analyze how much time you can dedicate to creating content for your OnlyFans account and how much time you can keep aside for promoting it. 

How to overcome it:

Work on creating quality content around your niche. The more enticing the content is, the higher the chances of attracting a large audience willing to pay for exclusive content.

What To Do When Starting Out on OnlyFans?

Starting a successful OnlyFans account as a guy requires more than just engaging content; it demands a strategic approach. From conducting in-depth market research to developing a consistent posting strategy, every step you take before hitting the OnlyFans launch button can make a difference.

Here is a quick overview of what to do after starting an OnlyFans account:

First month

Set up your OnlyFans profile and post at least 20 to 30 images and videos to engage new fans.

Promote daily on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Instagram. Engage genuinely with your fans to start building connections and establish a community.

Analyze the data of top creators like well-performing posts and pricing packages. Refine your posts on your research.

First 3 months

  • Keep creating fresh and unique content consistently, at least every week. Try out new customers and props, and experiment with new locations to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Continue growing your social following by posting teasers and interacting with potential subscribers.
  • Run promotions, subscription bundles, and sales to attract new subscribers. Provide discounts when needed.
  • Engage with your posts and the comments you receive.
  • Get to know your fans so that you can deliver a personalized experience.

First 6 months

  • Offer niche-specific content that’s in demand, but you are passionate about creating. Staying consistent within a niche helps to build your own brand.
  • Collaborate with similar creators by cross-promoting each other’s content and exchanging shoutouts.
  • Fulfill more customer requests if possible, and reward top tippers. 
  • Analyze fan data to find the most lucrative niches, prices etc. Refine your content style and offerings accordingly.
  • Offer content subscription packages with discounts that are appealing to your fans.

Best OnlyFans male creators to inspire you

With so many hot OnlyFans accounts out there on the platform, you will never fall short of inspiration to start your OnlyFans journey. 

From muscle hunks to otters and more, there are male model profiles on OnlyFans for everyone, no matter what your taste in guys is.

So, we have compiled some of the best male OnlyFans accounts to inspire you.

Adam Coussins- Uncensored gay creator

A dashing hunk of a man that provides fans with no holds when it comes to gay porn content is what Adam Coussins and his OnlyFans account are all about.

Being genuine in his OnlyFans intro, Adam doesn’t miss a beat in posting hot content on his page, which is full of kinky and uncensored content.

Ben Dudman- Best dick images and videos

Ben Dudman is a gay OnlyFans model popular for his extra-large assets. 

He doesn’t just stick to the images; he has plenty of videos featuring his dick images as the main character.

Lucas Twink- Brazilian model

Lucas Twink is a guy model popular for his dirty talk in his videos, phone and via text. 

This 19-year-old naughty Brazilian Twink is popular for amateur sex tapes and his ability to fulfill special requests from his fans.

Jason Genesis- Top Gay OnlyFans performer

Jason Genesis is popular for his nastiest and raunchiest gay porn stuff that even big production studios can’t provide. He offers elaborate role-play videos that fulfill gay fantasies. 

That’s hot! And that’s exactly why you need to inspire yourself.


So there you have it: the guide to making money on OnlyFans as a guy. 

To succeed on OnlyFans, choose your niche, focus on offering the right content, and engage with your audience.

A successful male OnlyFans account is often a planned one; think of it this way- just like you are opening a business.

Cater to the right audience, optimize your pricing, and create amazing content your fans will love. Your account will skyrocket as fast as possible, and you will be making a lot of money on the go. 

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