Paid OnlyFans Promotion: Is it Worth Buying Shoutouts

If you are unfamiliar with OnlyFans shoutouts, don’t worry. When you see beautiful art or a piece of jewelry, you would obviously ask, “where did you get that? The social media shoutout works pretty much the same way.

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on OnlyFans promotions. We will first look at one of the common questions you might have in your mind as you clicked the blog- What are the best OnlyFans promotion services to grow your OnlyFans account? 

By the end of this blog, you will know about OnlyFans promotions, the cost of paid shoutouts, tips to get a positive response from influencers, and more. 

What is OnlyFans paid shoutout?

On OnlyFans, whenever a model mentions another OnlyFans account and provides a link, it’s called a shoutout. The most significant benefit of OnlyFans promotions is that you can have more exposure than you would get from organic promotion alone. 

It increases your chances of getting more followers if your fans find your content unique and interesting. Paid promotions on OnlyFans can be beneficial for both new and established models.

To grow your OnlyFans, you must reach a broad audience, as people get hundreds of marketing messages every day. And you must not miss any opportunity to get noticed in a crowded platform. 

In most scenarios, paid shoutouts are tactics that come under the category of influencer marketing- a popular trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Often the OnlyFans profile giving the promotion for you will have a large fan base, which means you can get access to a broad fan base and convert them to your fans.  

How to approach an OnlyFans model to get a shoutout?

To approach a content creator for paid promotions on OnlyFans, you can contact that creator on OnlyFans on their social media account. You can also contact them via their business email id and let them know why you are approaching them to promote your account. 

Some popular OnlyFans models have managers who deal with paid shoutouts. You can deal with the managers and let them know about what you expect and your allocated budget.

Platforms to look for paid shoutouts

If you want to hear from real OnlyFans users what is the best way for paid shoutouts, check out the following Reddit discussion. 

If you are looking for paid promotions on OnlyFans, here are some of the potential platforms you can look for paid shoutouts. 

OnlyFans top free pages

OnlyFans hosts free pages, which is one of the effective ways to get more engagement and get fans who already have an OnlyFans account. Some of them might pay you for the subscription, or you can also see their DMs. 

These specialized pages focus on paid promotions which means you don’t have to pay, but you can promote a model on another OnlyFans page, and in response, the model will give you a shoutout too. This is like: You help someone, and they will help you in turn.

Look for paid platforms

If you are looking for legit OnlyFans promotions; there are platforms like Fansmetrics where you can get more engagement by getting a subscription for a couple of days or even months.

Fansmetrics is an exclusive website for paid shoutouts where you can promote your OnlyFans account to over 60k fans who visit the platform directly and search for creators to follow. They display promoted profiles and is the best source of promoting your account through paid promotions and getting real fans on your profile. 

Use Twitter for paid OnlyFans shoutouts

Twitter has dozens of highly followed accounts where OnlyFans creators can get the exposure they want. Some pages charge around $100 to $400 per shoutout post or a combination of posts mentioning your images and videos and your OnlyFans profile. 

But how do you know if a Twitter page is worth paid promotions? The best way is to check out the page and see for yourself whether they are promoting a lot of accounts. You can choose the account for your paid OnlyFans shoutout if there is relevant engagement.

How much do paid promotions or shoutouts on OnlyFans cost?

When you choose a content creator to “shout out” for you or do paid promotions for you, you must consider their worth and their huge follower base. Some content creators with thousands of followers charge around $10 to $50 for shoutouts. The exclusive OnlyFans pages help you get paid shoutouts and charge anywhere between $100 to $500 per shoutout. 

How OnlyFans shoutouts Improve your business?

OnlyFans has spawned some of the best adult performers and given performers a chance to build their brand through the best quality content and high engagement. 

With over 187 million users in 2021 alone, it is an inevitable part of the ever-biggest creator economy. OnlyFans has made available essential tools to performers to sell their content, and OnlyFans shoutouts are an undeniable promotion strategy to get access to a new niche audience. 

If you ask if is it worth buying OnlyFans shoutouts, yet it is! So here is what incorporating shoutouts into your paid OnlyFans promotion strategy can do for your brand.

Improve brand awareness

Creating awareness around your content is the important goal for OnlyFans promotions, and shoutouts are the best way to achieve that. You can use reach, impressions, content engagement, etc to improve brand awareness. 

Reach new audience

OnlyFans shoutouts are a great way to reach another influencer’s fan base if you collaborate with the right people. Choose influencers who would share their fan data, like demographics, to ensure that it aligns with your target fan base.

Generate sales

Paid shoutouts can help you bring in conversions and sales. Track the progress of conversions through the ROI analytics; if you have a website of your own tracking, these data become easy. Measure the important metrics to analyze the sales and find out which influencers are a great fit for OnlyFans promotions

Improve brand advocacy

Reports say that over 49% of people rely on recommendations from their favorite influencers for content and product purchase. OnlyFans shoutouts serve as a strong validation of your content and brand among their fans. 

The art and science of OnlyFans promotions

There is no one best way to do paid OnlyFans promotions, but you can do a lot of things to increase your chances of getting a shoutout deal and excellent results from the OnlyFans shoutout promotion. 

Here are some tips to get maximum results out of the OnlyFans promotions you do:

Find influencers who have the same content as you

Look for models who can do shoutouts directly on OnlyFans using specific hashtags. You can also check out Reddit and Twitter and if you are searching for free shoutouts, select models with a similar follower count like yours to increase the chance of getting a shoutout deal. 

Be choosy about what you select

Getting a paid shoutout done from random OnlyFans page which doesn’t even suit your niche won’t do any good. So the best thing is to look for the right influencers using influencer tools like Buzz stream to choose people from your same niche.

Ensure your potential shoutout influencers matches with your content and your paid campaign idea. Scan their profile, feed, and stories, and check the number of fans they have, the tone they commonly use, the number of like, shares, and comments their posts get, and the type of engagement their posts are getting. 

Build relationships before pitching them

After choosing a brand or an influencer, take steps to build relationships that will improve your chances of getting valuable OnlyFans shoutouts.

Here is what you can do:

  • Follow their OnlyFans and social accounts and blogs if any.
  • Engage with their content by liking and commenting on their posts. Leave comments that add real value.

Start a conversation with a thoughtful email message

Once you have selected the right influencer for the shoutout, create a relevant pitch and select the right way to approach them. It can be through your OnlyFans account or an email if they have given their email address in their info. You must include what value the influencer would be receiving. Customize the request to make it appealing and increase the chance of a positive response.


Getting fans and growing your follower base on OnlyFans can be a great challenge for new models on the platform. The most effective way to promote your OnlyFans page is to get free or paid shoutouts. Before you buy paid promotions, make sure you understand more about the influencers, as the success of your shoutouts depends on various factors, so never rush into it.

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