How to Start an OnlyFans Agency?

Anyone who has an OnlyFans account with a feed of a handful of pictures is an influencer. Bam! Being an Influencer is as easy as sharing images or posting a tweet, but that isn’t enough to create an impact. Rising to the top of OnlyFans, where the competition is cutthroat and fierce, is tough, and everyone, including top models, needs an OnlyFans agency to help them grow. 

While OnlyFans marketing might seem simple, you can’t dive into OnlyFans without proper marketing. And that’s exactly why starting an OnlyFans agency makes sense in this era of the creator economy boom. And that’s what we will discuss in this blog, how to start an OnlyFans agency. 

What is an OnlyFans Agency, and what does it do?

With over 180 million users and over 1.5 million content creators, OnlyFans is growing as a lucrative yet highly challenging platform. In this hustle and bustle, an OnlyFans agency is a third-party service, basically a management agency that works behind the scenes and offers management services to OnlyFans creators or models. 

If you have decided to start your OnlyFans agency or management company, we have good news. It’s a lucrative business considering its revenue generation capabilities. 

OnlyFans agency is a service that is paid to run or operate the OnlyFans page of creators with their approval. This can also extend to the management of OnlyFans off-page promotion, including Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and more. 

OnlyFans management can be done by an individual, an OnlyFans manager, or an agency (consisting of more than one manager) that handles many OnlyFans clients and models.

Different types of OnlyFans agencies and management types

If you are looking for how to start an OnlyFans agency, you must understand typically, an agency might have different models “under contract.” An OnlyFans agency typically has to handle all the aspects of models’ online presence, from their OnlyFans being managed itself to promoting the model’s content and posting it on social media sites.

Here are some types of OnlyFans agencies out there:

OnlyFans management agencies

These types of OnlyFans agencies are individuals or companies that handle tasks like scheduling content, replying to DMs, and helping models with all the jobs related to running an OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans marketing agencies

These type of OnlyFans agencies helps creators grow their follower base, make more revenue, and do everything related to promotional activities. 

A combination of both

If you want to start an OnlyFans agency that is profitable, it is good to consider offering both marketing and management services to OnlyFans creators.

Starting an OnlyFans agency- Typical duties you need to perform

If you want to establish an OnlyFans agency, here are some of the tasks you need to perform to help creators grow their OnlyFans. This is a combination of both OnlyFans marketing and management.

Optimizing OnlyFans account for success: OnlyFans isn’t built in a way that is easy to optimize for more content creators. Hence, an OnlyFans agency must look at the OnlyFans account and start fixing little things to grow subscribers and make more money.

Page conversion improvement: It is the responsibility of an OnlyFans agency to look at the conversion of the OnlyFans page and to make sure the posts and the page is set up to succeed. 

Scheduling your posts to maximize sales: An OnlyFans agency must understand when the fans are most likely to be on and interact with the account. You can perform an A/B test at different times to understand the best time to post the content and to ensure the content is scheduled on time to maximize sales. 

Responding to fans and keeping up to date with them: If content creators on OnlyFans aren’t able to interact with fans, a good OnlyFans management agency has to take the time to message and interact with the fans. 

If you want to start an OnlyFans agency, this will be part of your daily tasks to keep the fans informed of everything going on with the model and the content.

Keeping the OnlyFans page updated with fresh posts: Just like any other social profile, OnlyFans can grow stale if you aren’t consistently nurturing it. This means not just posting when you have content but also posting messages to keep your fan community coming back for more. 

When you start an OnlyFans agency, your aim must be to consistently post updates and keep up the community’s pulse through posts and polls.

Managing direct messages: OnlyFans agency would be responsible for responding to direct messages (DMs) and sending out DMs on the content creators’ behalf. DMs are also an opportunity to sell paid content to consistent buyers.

How to start an OnlyFans agency?

Starting an OnlyFans agency is a significant move; it is the logical next step after gaining through knowledge and experience in the adult entertainment industry. So what does it take to start an OnlyFans agency? 

From understanding which social platforms you want to work with to standing out and finding your first client, there are many things you need to plan before starting. 

Here are the necessary steps to starting an OnlyFans agency and running it successfully. 

Determine the services and (pricing) you want to offer

Promoting OnlyFans involves several approaches, and there will be many services you will and won’t be able to offer. Some of the services you can offer include:

  • Social media strategy
  • OnlyFans branding and growth
  • Social media and community management
  • Content publishing
  • Research and analysis
  • Social media consulting

When launching an OnlyFans agency- two things cannot be understated- The value of a carefully planned process and how to price. 

Define your USPs and prepare a business plan

When thinking about how to start an OnlyFans agency, it is important to study and understand the market. There might be other OnlyFans agencies that offer services similar to yours. So understanding the market is important to determine what your audience wants and what your USPs (unique selling points) will be. 

Start pitching clients

Once you have made a business plan, work on finding clients that match your requirements and build mutually beneficial relationships with them. Create an ideal customer profile that helps you to figure out who you can and can’t work with.

The best way to find clients is to go on social media platforms where OnlyFans models hang out so that you can directly interact with them directly. 

Try building a client base that you like working with, represents your skills well, and is happy to work with you for the long term.

Decide how to price your service

The most important aspect of running an OnlyFans agency or management business is to decide how much you will earn from your service. 

The most common way by which OnlyFans agencies charge their clients is to take a percentage of the creator’s monthly revenue. The percentage of commission can range between 20%-50%.

Mostly, OnlyFans agencies charge 25% to 30% of the total revenue of the content creator. You can charge more if you offer exceptional assistance through marketing services that can significantly increase the creator’s fan count.

Design a website for your OnlyFans management services

Most OnlyFans management agencies undervalue the significance of creating an official website for their offerings, which is where they lose out. 

Having a professional website will help you attain the “leap of faith” of new performers while also increasing the legitimacy of your management agency. 

A credible website for your OnlyFans agency also works as an effective sales tool and demonstrates the legitimacy of a model who gives you access to their content and gives you a share of their earnings. 


OnlyFans is a rapidly growing platform with over 120 million fans. And the popular content creators who make millions are paying big bucks to OnlyFans management agencies. Therefore, starting an OnlyFans management agency is a win-win situation for everyone.

We hope this blog helps you start a profitable OnlyFans agency.

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