How To Grow Your OnlyFans: Pro Tips

Congratulations! You have started an OnlyFans account and are looking to attract subscribers to build your fan base. OnlyFans is a great subscription-based platform to generate revenue quickly. But growing your account can be tricky until you have an established fan base.

When it comes to growing your OnlyFans, there are two things to consider. There are promotions to increase your OnlyFans, and the profile is optimized to make money from the subscribers. 

If how to grow your OnlyFans is your priority, keep reading on for tips to grow your subscriber base and engage your audience. 

Getting started on OnlyFans- What you need to do

To grow your OnlyFans subscribers, you must consider the following things:

Posts: Your OnlyFans content can be in the form of images, audio, videos, and stories. 

Images: The content, i.e., photos and videos, are exhibited here

Audio: The voice recordings you create are reserved for this section. 

Likes: The total number of likes you receive for your posts is displayed here.

Fans: Although you cannot view the fans here, the total number of fans is displayed here.

Promote your OnlyFans page

If you are focusing on how to grow OnlyFans account, make sure you find the right promotion strategies. Marketing your OnlyFans is about precise targeting, following a multi-channel approach, and consistency.

For performers with an existing following, regularly promoting your OnlyFans account on your social platforms is the best way to get started promoting your OnlyFans. Linking to your OnlyFans account in your bios and within-story posts is the best way to drive traffic from your social media profiles.

But when linking your OnlyFans profile in your bios, ensure you follow the right instructions, as it can cause the banning of your account. For creators who don’t have a following, choosing a niche is important according to the style of content and personal preferences. 

If you are a new creator, begin with Reddit and Twitter promotions because these platforms are home to several sub-communities in specialized niches. 

Once you have identified niche communities relevant to your content, it is up to you to post regularly and engage with the community to gain a subscriber base and awareness.

How to optimize your OnlyFans profile?

Once you have done the promotions to grow your OnlyFans, the next step is to optimize your profile to drive conversions from page views to membership.

If you want to set up an OnlyFans account that converts at a faster rate, make sure you focus on building trust and excitement among your audience. 

Twitter and Facebook

When brainstorming about how to grow OnlyFans, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for promoting your OnlyFans profile. The community on Twitter is small but loyal fans. The community’s culture varies from site to site, so you must experiment to find what works best for you.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter doesn’t have strict rules about post content, so you are free to post any type of content. If your content is popular and liked by a majority, and you have a lot of followers, users will retweet it.

Collaborate with other performers

If you are researching about how to grow your OnlyFans account, you can consider collaborating with other users. Collaborations can help you grow your subscriber base, and it also helps to show off your talent and showcase it to a global audience. Fans love collaborations and will be interested in your content if you collaborate with creators from niches related to yours. 

When your fans like what they see, they may even be compelled to subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

Strategies to increase average revenue per subscriber

If your revenue comes from a single stream of your monthly subscription and how to grow your OnlyFans is your goal, make sure you diversify your income streams. 

Besides subscriptions, OnlyFans has PPV (pay-per-view), Direct messages, live streaming, and referrals which can dramatically increase your revenue per fan. 

PPV is an effective way for creators to make more money from your exclusive content by online allowing fans to view your PPV content after paying a fee. 

Although highly effective, use PPV less frequently than regular content.

One strategy when using PPV content is to post teasers or otherwise limit your content on the admin fee and release the full video as PPV. 

To make the most out of your PPV content, keep track of the subscribers who regularly check out your PPV content so that you can offer more customized content who are most engaged. 

Encouraging tips by offering personalized content is also another important revenue stream.

Improve fan retention

Fan retention is the number of fans that continue their subscription on your OnlyFans account. Enhancing fan retention is the most critical goal if you are looking for how to grow your OnlyFans.

By improving fan retention, you can increase the value of each new subscriber you gain.

Reducing the fan churn rate is all about keeping your subscribers entertained. 

Here are some pro tips:

  • Upload content regularly to maintain the fan base. Aim to post every day or multiple times a day, which is an excellent goal for models who are new to the platform. 
  • Keep content fresh and interesting by providing the content that your fans like the most. 
  • Use polls to gauge what type of content your subscribers like to see the most Pin a poll to your OnlyFans page with different content types every month. 
  • Focus on fan engagement to keep your fans interested and feeling like they belong to a community. 


As a content creator working on OnlyFans, you will have to work harder than you normally would to grow your subscriber base. Models on OnlyFans must also learn about the marketing side as well if you want to grow OnlyFans.

If you have a specific niche, promote it on various social platforms to increase your subscriber content and make money. Not just subscriptions, you can also make money by selling physical and digital products to your fans and through live streaming. You just need to find out what works for you the best by trying out different approaches and continuing with the one that suits you the best and brings you the best results.

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