What is Findom: Findom Vs OnlyFans

The adult industry is a whole world of its own and involves a lot of fetishes and kink that everyone doesn’t understand. One similar kink is findom; not just interesting and mysterious, it is highly profitable, too. 

Unlike other relationships like Sugar daddy, Findom applies power over the submissives with money.

You can consider taking up the niche if you are a model looking to make money by befriending rich men.

The world of Findom can be complicated if you know nothing about it. You will likely think it’s a very strange thing to be turned on by. 

Before we dive into Findom and OnlyFans, let’s see what Findom is and why people like to be dominated financially. 

What is Findom?

Findom is a popular fetish on OnlyFans, where the submissive (most of the time, a man) pays tribute to the dominate (mostly women) for nothing in return. It expands to financial domination where one person dominates another financially. 

Findom is a small sub-section of female domination, but there can be males who engage in Findom as well- but it’s less common.

First things first. It’s not easy as it sounds. Findom means a person plays a “power role in a relationship. The person who holds power is positioned as the authority or superior to the submissive in the relationship. What the powerful person tells the submissive in the relationship is what the latter does. 

As we said, it’s commonly the men who are usually into this fetish and women taking the financial power. 

Findom comes in various forms like:

  • Handing over a huge amount of money.
  • Taking the model for shopping and covering their bills.
  • Sending gift cards to allure models.
  • Buying gifts for the model.
  • Taking control of your subs’ financial decisions.

But here’s the catch: Don’t get drowned in the misconception that in findom, guys with the fetish are willing to hand over money for nothing in return. 

But this isn’t how it works.

Guys with Findom fetish expect a specific sexual experience in return for the money they hand over; you have to give your time and attend to be taunted by the greed of money you have taken from them.

Why do people like Findom? 

Findom can be summarized shortly like this NY Times blog. Findom on OnlyFans is like a power exchange; it’s without chains and ropes-its with money.  The money, in fact, the chains in Findom as the dominants are tying up subs financially. It’s great as a lot of findommers get into the world of Findom as they thrive and get pleasure from being in control.

Your Favourite Dominatrix in the Findom world says: findomming is an art form that takes a lot of work and effort to get it right. It’s not just about giving money; enslaved people buy her coffee and deliver it to her house. 

Popular Findom accounts on OnlyFans

The general idea of Findom among common people if giving a large amount of money provokes fear. But for others, the feels are more arousing and sexy most of the time. And that’s exactly what the findom world is all about. 

There are quite a lot of people on OnlyFans who dominate the Findom world. Let’s see the popular findom creators on OnlyFans.

Findom Queen of Mynudes

Mynudes is a full-time OnlyFans creator working in the Findom niche, has over 8400 subscribers, and charges $14.99 per month. Her estimated earnings are between $63.7k-$106.1k per month. 

TheFindomCure of DoctorFindom

The Doctorfindom works as a full-time OnlyFans creator who popularizes herself as a queen of spit and expert small penis syndrome. She charges her fans $9.99 per month. 

Princess Ava-Homewrecker on OnlyFans

AvaHadley is a “Findom Princess: as she calls herself, is one of the hottest OnlyFans homewreckers. With a monthly subscription charge of $12.99, she offers exclusive pictures and videos, some hot phone sex, and a lot more for her subscribers.

Common terminology in the Findom world you must know

Now that you know what is Findom, there are a lot of things in this world that people who are unfamiliar with will need help understanding from the first glance. There are many terms that are common among the Findom models that might sound strange. 

So first, let’s explore some of the common Findom terms you must know.

Findom: Short form for financial domination.

Tribute: Tributes are tips that submissives send to their findommes. 

PayPig, MoneySlave, Cash cow, and Fansubs: Common names for financially submissive individuals

Mistress, Findomme, or Cash Master: Terms used for financially dominant women.

$end or Send: When you check out OnlyFans, you can see findommes posting things like “$send to cover my Pedi, ” which treats you to a kinky picture. This is a common way to encourage financial submissives to help cover the cost of something superficial that makes the dome alluring.

How much money can Findommes make?

While the findom world allows you to make a lot of money, it is highly subjective. The revenue you can generate in the findom world is a wide sliding scale. Because there are OnlyFans models who make nothing from Findom (this is mainly because they beg for money and put in absolutely no effort. 

But there are models who make over $35k plus monthly from Findom. These models are those who work hard, put in full-time hours in creating content, and are absolutely skilled in what they do. 

An average financial Dominatrix earns around $5000 per month. This revenue can be generated if you work consistently for 80-100 hours per month and have a huge library of images and videos on the feed. 

The best thing about becoming a Findom is that sky is the limit, and you can go from earning $1000 every month to earning $10k to the next. 

But there are downsides to Findom, and one of them is the income is totally inconsistent. This means you can earn $2000 for 6 months and then suddenly have 2 months of $10k, and then it can even go down to $1000 the next month. 

How to make money from Findom?

If you are an OnlyFans creator who wants to generate revenue from the wonderful world of Findom, there are many different ways. 

Here are some of the best ways for OnlyFans models to make money from findom.

Tips or tributes

Starting with my favorite way to make money from Findom, tips, or tributes. PayPigs loves sending tributes, as they can send small tips or larger amounts that can add up. Most models ask PayPigs to send tributes to impress them. 

This is an excellent way to see how much guys are willing to pay you. Generally, it must be a minimum of $25 or even $50; anything less is not even considered. Yes, Findom is a ruthless business. 

Fan pages

Fan pages are great when it comes to making money using Findom. You can charge higher for your subscriptions if you have a follower base who is willing to pay. Findom models can charge a $10-$15 per month subscription and if you are into Findom, elucidate in your bio so that you can attract pay pigs. 

Images and videos

Findom videos are very popular, and you will find financially dominant guys who will buy all of your Findom content. 

For findom clips, you can charge around $2 to $3 per minute. Yes, you can charge even more for custom findom clips. In your videos, you can set tribute tasks for tips, brag about your monetary gains, and even create expensive videos priced at $1000 or even more. 

Don’t expect to sell these videos often, but they do sell at some point. Pictures are great for fan pages like OnlyFans and for social media like Twitter and Instagram. You can show off images of yourself in a fancy restaurant, hold lots of money, or talk about the things you bought using your findom revenue.

Custom videos

Selling custom videos is another way to charge around $10 per minute or more for a personalized video. You can also charge more if you wear a specific outfit or want to mention their name in the custom video.

Cam shows

Financial domination isn’t very popular on mainstream cam websites. One-to-one cam sessions are more prevalent on cam sites, so you can offer cam sessions to the guys and charge around $10 per minute. 

And you can always get them to pay you tributes on any of your fan pages, and you can perform for them on skype. 

Sexting sessions

Sexting sessions can also work when you want to make money on OnlyFans through findom. Most platforms, like OnlyFans, will have DM services where guys can chat with you by paying a fee. 

Always make it clear to fans what you are into first, then tell them what you are willing to do, and make sure you receive tributes of $25 or more as tips to get started. During sexting sessions, you can send custom paid images and videos to make more money.

Cum taxes

Cum taxes are another way to charge your guys in the Findom world. This is a $20+ fee that you can demand they pay you as they have had the luxury of Cumming for you. Besides cum taxes, there is also something called a loser tax, small dick tax, and stroking taxes. 

Phone chats

Phone sex is still great, and Findom is very popular for sexy and erotic phone chats. But not every fan club platform offers this feature. OnlyFans doesn’t have this feature, but Loyal Fans provides a specific feature for a phone chat with a payout percentage of 80%.


MP3s are also relevant when it comes to Findom, as they are popular on certain fan club websites. Most MP3 findom models sell are at least 10 minutes long. You can also sell snippets of 1 to 2 minutes MP3s as paid service on fan accounts. You can set up findom tasks on how you are going to drain all of their money.

Tips to become a good fandom on OnlyFans

The findom relationship can easily turn sour, and the cash flow can become stagnant if the ground rules aren’t set. First things first, like with any kink, safety for everyone is the key in Findommes, and consent remains the top priority and shouldn’t be ignored. 

So here are the tips to become a great financial dominatrix on OnlyFans.

Talk it through

When you have found your submissive on OnlyFans, talk with him to determine how much he can splurge on you. Work with him to find out how much money he can splurge without harming his monthly expenses. 

Record everything

It doesn’t mean you need to collect things to humiliate your sub, while it can be a part of the money kink. But otherwise, it is recommended to keep all copies of emailers. You can store them in digital form or as hard copies.

Create a contract

It is recommended to sign a contract stating the terms of your relationship and what both parties can expect during the contract period.

Maintain anonymity

When becoming a Findom on OnlyFans, it is better to use your real name or show your face. There are ways that you can generate revenue by still remaining anonymous and never revealing your identity. Plus, if you are in a relationship where you will be making money from your subs, it’s better that people aren’t aware of who you are in real.

Leverage the amazon wishlist feature

The best thing about OnlyFans is that you can use your profile to direct your fans to your amazon wish list. You can update the list anytime if you need someone to purchase anything you like. There would be some “subs” who cannot afford it, but a few of them will be willing. 


Being a Findom model is a rewarding experience if you like the hang of it. Harness the right attitude to be a successful model in the Findom world. It is certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with the right hard work and efforts, of course, money will flow into your pockets.

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