How to Make Money on Fansly? [Success Guaranteed]

You have heard about Fansly, especially if you are searching for effective ways to make money  But if you are new to the site, you might wonder, “What is Fansly? and how to make money on Fansly?

Fansly has exploded in popularity for all the right reasons. 

As a new creator, you might be in doubt wondering is making money on Fansly easy. Don’t fret; we will guide you through on what exactly Fansly is and elucidate on ways to make money on Fansly.

What is Fansly?

Fansly is an adult entertainment website for content creators to monetize exclusive content, including photos and videos, and generate revenue from followers. Fansly supports adult content, mainly NSFW ( not suitable for work) content, but creators in other niches can also use the platform to sell their content. 

Fans on the platform can choose their favorite creators from the listings on the homepage and subscribe to them. They must pay a recurring subscription fees to enjoy the exclusive content locked behind a paywall. 

Fansly allows creators to post both pictures and videos and allows you to set the subscription fee you like. 

New creators can offer a free subscription for a couple months to increase their followers and slowly convert into a paid subscription profile. 

The best thing about Fansly is that you can find creators from a varieties of niches, including fitness advisors, musicians, adult models, motivational speakers, chefs, etc. to sell images and videos to their fans. 

How to make money on Fansly?

Fansly likes its competitor platform OnlyFans offers different ways of monetizing exclusive content. To access premium content, creators can generate revenue from a monthly membership fee.

Here is how models can generate revenue using Fansly.


If your goal is how to make money on Fansly, subscriptions are the primary way to make money. Content creators are free to choose what to charge. 

You can create different subscription tiers and offer unique content for each price tiers. 

This works great for fans as well as they can select the content they want and pay just for that. 


You can get tips from creators, and if you fulfill custom requests, tips can become a major source of the revenue made by the creator on the platform. 

Add a tip menu on your profile to encourage your followers to request for premium pay-per-view content and show them your offerings.


If a content creator refers another creator on Fansly, the creator who referred get referral benefits. The platform gives a share of 5% of the revenue generated by the new creator for 12 months to the creator who has been referred.

The more referrals a creator can bring in, the higher are the chances of making more money through referral benefits.

Premium content

On Fansly, there will be users who don’t want to pay for subscriptions but would like to enjoy exclusive content. Fansly allows models to sell PPV content locked for a specific price. 

Anyone who wants to watch the content can purchase it by paying the amount set by the creator. It is an excellent way for models who want to sell one-time purchase content.

Paid messages

Fans like to communicate and engage with the creators they love constantly. Fansly allows users to engage with models they like. This also helps creators to make money and establish a good relationship with their followers and get feedback from their loyal followers bringing in more tips which means extra money.

Fansly Commission and Payouts 

Fansly takes a 20% commission on all Fansly earnings made by the creators. You must have alteast $20 to request for a withdrawal. You can request for payouts over $20 once you have been verified. Payouts are generally issued within 3 working days.

Now coming to the payment options, Fansly allows you to pay through skrill and Paxum.

Fansly provides a link that allows you to make money when other users join through your link. The user simply has to log in using the browser with which they clicked the referral link. The referral receives 5% of the entire money made. 

How to decide on a monthly subscription fee on Fansly

If your goal is making money on Fansly, the significant part is choosing your monthly subscription fee, which determines the total money you can make. 

The minimum amount a subscription price can set is $5, and the maximum amount is $499.99 per month. To make money on Fansly, ensure you offer high-quality content so that you can charge more and make more money.

The best thing you can do is provide tiered subscriptions depending on your access.

For example, you can offer free posts to bring in new users to subscribe to your Fansly account. Then provide different levels of membership with different content and prices. 

Here is an example of how to do it:

Each level offers a different type of content, and the most expensive level will have extra features like custom images and personal videos to unlimited access to all the content.

How to use Fansly to make a good income

If you really want to make money on Fansly, the following tips can prepare you for success. It will just be a matter of time before your follower base starts to grow along with your bank balance. 

Be personable

Show your fans your real personality. Reply back to private messages and share information about your passions and a glimpse of daily life. This will help you differentiate yourself from other creators on Fansly. Remember that even if you are looking to make money on Fansly, being genuine on the platform will help to establish a relationship with fans which will benefit you in the long run.

Posting consistent

Posting on Fansly regularly is the key to growing your subscriber base and making money. People prefer active creators and most fans look at your last online status, which shows how active you are.

Make sure you post a variety of content like photos, audio, and videos to keep your fans interested and wanting more. Alongside you can promote your Fansly account across your social media profiles with images and special teaser videos. 

Give out exclusive content

If you are active on other subscription platforms like OnlyFans and on social media, make sure you post content that isn’t available elsewhere on Fansly. Fans subscribe to your account to get content that isn’t commonly available elsewhere. 

With that said, it is okay to post teasers or glimpses of full videos for promotional activities but make sure your fans have to visit your Fansly profile to see everything.

Leverage promotions itself

If making money on Fansly, it is important to learn how to promote Fansly account. Fansly allows users to gift a subscription which is a great way to earn new subscribers; all you need to do is to provide a free or discounted first month. 

Creators can generate gift links from your Creator Dashboard under Plans/Promos. Gift links can be leveraged to send out free or discounted free trial subscriptions to your fans.


As you have learned how to make money on Fansly, you might have understood it is an excellent choice for creators who want to monetize their content. Not just adult content creators, creators from all niches can find success on Fansly. But the amount of money you can make on Fansly will greatly depend on the effort and quality a creator puts into the content,

Be regular in your postings and put in efforts to make the content better every day to stand a great chance to generate revenue on Fansly. If fans receive regular content worth their money, anyone can make big money on Fansly.

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