How To Make Money as a Fetish Model?

Fancy yourself as the next face of kink? If you consider yourself a confident and kinky performer, we have a great money-making opportunity for you. Fetish modeling is an excellent niche to make money in, as it can suit many people. 

Still an adult performance role, fetish doesn’t require you to get naked or be graphic. Fetish performers can work in the mainstream, and in fashion shows, there are even categories of kinky clothes for catwalk shows. 

This shows the popularity of fetish niches among people; yes, there’s a lot of competition and specific sub-niches to specialize in. And the results are a potential goldmine of opportunity to make money, as long as you know what you are doing.

What is Fetish modeling?

Fetish modeling is a broad term that refers to a type of content that appeals to people’s fetishes. Not just one; there are many wonderful and weird fetishes out there, meaning it brings immense opportunities to content creators. Some fetish modeling might include: Different body parts, toys, latex, corsets, different body types, ropes, you name it. 

The term “fetish model” doesn’t mean that you have to adopt intense sexual acts you aren’t comfortable with. Being a content creator, you can set your limits and decide things. For example, there are models who make a living by wearing fetish outfits, while others are comfortable with being tied up, naked, and spanked. The further you are willing to go, the more opportunities will come in search of you.

How much money do Fetish models earn?

It’s not easy to sit here and come up with numbers on how much a fetish model earns, as many factors must be considered to calculate the figure. Yes, it depends on the type of content, the fetish niche you work in, the number of hours you spend creating content, the audience you appeal to, and your ability to promote yourself. It is said that a successful fetish model can earn around $10,000 and above, but this isn’t very common.

Goddess Valora, a popular 35-year-old fetish model, claims to have earned over $115,000 in a year. Her career started when he attended the audition for a foot fetish shoot but stayed in the niche once he got the gig and found out she could make over $150 in an hour. 

While this success story can inspire aspiring fetish models, we don’t want people to get the wrong idea. A fetish model gets paid around $100-$150 an hour, according to their work. Many fetish models who claim to make impressive money from fetish modeling have several other side hustles running alongside them. 

How to become a fetish model?

If you are looking for how to become a fetish model, you might be wondering what opportunities do fetish models have to generate revenue.

From Mega cams to OnlyFans, there are a lot of websites that support adult content and help fetish models to make money through kinky content.

 Let’s look into some of the best approaches by which you can make money as a fetish model and in the real world too. 

Freelance fetish modeling

If you are aiming on how to become a fetish model, you can do freelance models to make appearances in photoshoots and advertisements. Models will be working with producers, filmmakers, businesses, and private clients on rare occasions. You need to put in the hard work more, but the pay you get is excellent; it will be a supplementary income to your day job. 

Live cam shows

The web is one place to find fetish content, so doing live cam shows can be a highly lucrative opportunity for models. You can try out live shows that cater to feet fetish, spanking, chastity, or performing fetish clothing to spark the interest of a kinky audience. 

There are many camming websites that offer the chance to have private shows where you can charge the customer by the minute. If you are good enough to keep your audience on the other end for a while, these minutes can quickly add up.

Selling images and videos

If you are focusing on how to become a foot fetish model, selling kinky images and videos are another great way to make money off fetish content. The best aspect about creating content this way is that you don’t have to strip down in front of people or be super confident. You can have as many takes as you need in the comfort of your own home till you get it right. 

To become a foot-fetish model, build a following on popular social media platforms before you rely on bigger audiences to make good money. If you can get about 100 people to pay a $5 every month for your exclusive fetish content, you could make around $500 every month.

Selling feet pics has become a popular trend due to TikTok, and there are many models who make a living off it. There are websites like FunwithFeet, ManyVids, or Clips4Sale. 

Choosing the right fetish for you

If you are considering adopting fetish modeling as a career, you need to find your own niche that suits your interests and the preferences of your audience. Some models take up different fetishes, but it is also wise to focus on a specific area. 

To get started, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the popular fetishes among people. Choose the niches where a handful of people will discover you.

Some examples of people’s fetishes are: 

  • Foot fetish.
  • Bodily fluids.
  • BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, domination, and submission).
  • Sportswear.
  • Piercings and tattoos.
  • Fetish for tickling and hair play.
  • Voyeurism ( fetish involving watching people who don’t know they are being watched).
  • Used innerwear.
  • Exhibitionism.
  • Wet and messy

How much can you charge as a Fetish model?

If you are entirely new to fetish modeling but still want to get paid for fetishes, knowing how much to charge for your services can be challenging. No matter if you are new to the industry, don’t give away content for too cheap. But you don’t want to be too overpriced to the point where no one pays for your content. Your prices can vary based on how popular you are among your audience and what fans need from you.

Here’s a benchmark of how much you can get paid for fetishes for different shows:

Private fetish images

Private fetish images usually must go for $5, depending on the type of shoot. You can definitely charge more if it is part of a collection or a custom request. Many fetish models upsell private photos when they are selling merchandise to a customer. This adds to the fantasy and, at the same time, validates that the merchandise is genuine. 

Private cam shows

Being a fetish model, you can charge anywhere between $80-$200 for a 1-hour show. If you wear specific outfits or perform sexual acts upon client requests, you can bump your prices. If you are lucky, you can also receive generous tips from your clients. 

Fan club websites like OnlyFans

When becoming a model on fetish sites to make money, start at around $10 a month and bump up as you get more followers. Increase the price when you have a decent backlog of content to provide them, and you have a loyal fan base. 

Private video clips

The price of private clips is calculated based on the minute, meaning the longer the clip, the more you can charge. Charging $1 per minute is a great rate when you start out and increase as your fame increases. 

Fetish modeling photoshoots

If you are a freelance fetish model, you can get paid on an hourly basis and make at least $1000 per shoot on average. Some shoots can even go up to 12 hours long, meaning you have to work hard to ensure you get paid well.


Fetish modeling is a great way to make money, but it’s important to make your personal well-being and safety a priority when taking up this profession. Make sure you are confident in your decision to become a fetish model. 

Interact with your fans as a daily obligation so that you can carry out all engagement or work over modeling accounts that aren’t linked to your personal accounts. The best reason to get into fetish modeling is that you truly love kink and love the idea of creating fetish content for the world to enjoy. Invest your time in creating good work and building up a loyal base so that it can be a dream job for the kink-minded.

Ultimately, be safe and professional, have fun, and get paid!

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