OnlyFans vs ManyVids: Which Is Best Platform For Selling Subscription Content To Fans

OnlyFans is a fast-rising subscription-based adult content creation platform that connects creators with their fans. OnlyFans pays creators in different ways- Direct funding from fans through subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and one-time tips. OnlyFans is used by celebrities and popular social media influencers, including both commercial and amateur creators. 

ManyVids is another unique and popular cam site on the web; camming is one of many features. ManyVids, Unlike OnlyFans, ManyVids focuses on private shows and other content types. 

In this, let’s explore what ManyVids is and whether it is better than OnlyFans when it comes to selling subscription content to fans. 

What is ManyVids

So, let’s start with what is ManyVids? ManyVids is a popular platform that allows creators to make money by selling custom videos, private cam shows, live streaming, and token tips.  Founded in 2014 and based in Canada, ManyVids works like an eCommerce store for adult performers, models, and entertainers. 

How to earn an income on ManyVids

There are many ways by which you can earn an income on ManyVids. Let’s quickly explore each one. 

Private shows

Through private videos, performers can earn per-minute they spend for each follower. The only con to performing private shows is that you need to have a dedicated follower base before you can start making money. If you have a huge follower base, you can make a great amount of money from private shows alone. 


Another common way of making revenue is through tips you get during live cam shows. When you request for tips, you rely on fans to make an extra income. Add a special menu for tips on your profile to reward your audience for specific tips. 

Alternatively, you can also build collective goals for all your subscribers. For example, you can conduct a private show exclusively for your subscribers after receiving 2000 tokens through tips. 

Sell images and pre-recorded videos

ManyVids support pre-recorded content where creators can sell videos and later move on to the private show. When a person joins ManyVids and selects their preferences of a model, they would be able to view the videos of popular models. On-demand videos would be featured on the pages of all models. This way you can sell your previously recorded images and videos. 

MV crush subscriptions

MV Crush is a membership service of ManyVids where subscribers pay a recurring fee to access all the content. To make money this way, make sure you upload a lot of images and video clips. 

Custom content

Most ManyVids users pay for videos on fantasies. If you can record your fantasy-based video exclusively for your audience, you can surely make more money. When setting a price for your customized content, negotiate the price in advance if the content is unique and exclusively made. If a fan wants an exclusive video, you must charge a premium price for the effort and time you put in. 

Phone sex

Yes, ManyVids support phone sex and follows a per-minute billing for the same. A point to note is that ManyVid does encrypt the call. As users can see the performer’s phone number, it is recommended to use a cheap prepaid phone or a dedicated Skype account.

ManyVids Contests

The platform hosts weekly model contests under the hashtag “#WinningWednesday” along with other annual contests. 

Basics of ManyVids Payments

Earnings and payouts on the platform are simple to understand. If you take ManyVids vs. OnlyFans, ManyVids also deduct 20% of the total creator earnings for subscriptions, tips, and personalized content. Whereas for all other revenue approaches, the platform deducts 40% and allows creators to keep the 60% of their earnings. 

How much you would earn on the platform greatly depends on you. You can set your own rate for the services offered. It’s a great idea to experiment with the rates till you have the right balance. 

The platform payouts creators on 1st and 16th of every month, and there is no separate fee. Whereas there is a fee of $30 for wire transfer. The minimum payout is at most $50 for direct deposits and other payouts. 

Who all can model on ManyVids

ManyVids are open to models of all kinds; you just have to be 18 years old. The platform has separate video categories for males, females, and transgender performers. Before starting to sell content on ManyVids, you have to choose the model category and start creating content in that category. 

What is OnlyFans?

Established in 2016 and based in the UK, OnlyFans is a fan club website intended for content creators to sell their exclusive content by connecting with fans. The business model of OnlyFans is simple: Subscribers can access exclusive content posted by creators. 

How much do you get paid on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans charges 20% of the money made by the creators from each subscription. The platform allows content creators to keep the remaining 80% of their earnings. This amount is utilized for support and hosting and to cover the cost of payment processing and other activities on the platform.

What are the differences between ManyVids vs. OnlyFans?

Following are the differences between ManyVids vs. OnlyFans that you need to know. ManyVids charge 20% commission for custom videos, subscriptions, and tips, and the platform takes over 40% content for the rest. Whereas, OnlyFans have a general commission rate of 20% and allows creators to keep 80% of the money they make regardless of the revenue approach. 

Both platforms, ManyVids, and OnlyFans help you to make money if you have a big social media following. Otherwise, both sites are very poor at giving exposure to your content. Creators can make money on OnlyFans and ManyVids in one way- buying adult or fetish content. 

And for that, they offer N number of ways like selling subscriptions, accepting tips, and selling PPV content. If you consider ManyVids Vs. OnlyFans, the former offers more creative ways for creators to make money when compared with the latter. 

What are alternative platforms to ManyVids and OnlyFans?

Now that you know what is ManyVids and OnlyFans are, what are some of the alternate approaches to both platforms? The best approach is to build your own adult subscription platforms like OnlyFans or ManyVids. Fanso is a white-label solution or a readymade script that can help you build an OnlyFans-like website with all the essential features needed for creators to sell their content and make money. 

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