OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas For Creators

Making money on OnlyFans isn’t just limited to subscriptions; you can make money from tips too. A tip is a form of customer appreciation your fans shower upon you for your excellent services. Be it your side hustle, OnlyFans can give you a lot more than you imagine; there is a great chance your followers would want to go a step further. 

Creating a tip menu is a critical aspect of making more money from tips. If you are an OnlyFans as an adult model, a tip menu is one of the first things your fans see when they come to their profile. 

In this blog, we will discuss what OnlyFans menus are and the menu ideas you can use to make extra money.

What is OnlyFans tip menu?

OnlyFans tip menu is a way for performers to make extra money from their loyal subscribers. The platform doesn’t limit models on how they can convince their fans to give additional tips. It is open to models on how they ask their subscribers for tips. It works just like when you visit a restaurant and offer a tip to the waiter if you are satisfied with the service. This is exactly what OnlyFans planned when it launched its tip menu; it allows fans to tip the creators they love the most when satisfied with the work they have put in.

How the Onlyfans tip menu works

Fans tip the amount and get the reward. For example, any fan looking at your OnlyFans profile will know that a $15 tip will get them personalized voice messages, a $30 tip will get them a dick rating and so on. Tips are a great way to encourage fans to tip you and are also an excellent way to engage with your followers on a deeper level. 

What goes into an OnlyFans tip menu?

What to include in your OnlyFans tip menu is entirely up to you. If you want to include photos, videos or bundles containing both photos and videos, voice messages or dirty talk, sexting, and dick ratings, you can opt for what you like the most. 

How do you collect the tips?

Collecting money earned through the OnlyFans tip menu is as easy as collecting money from your services. On OnlyFans, your fans can tip you in a private message, and you can send the content straight away. The amount will reach you like the ordinary payout in OnlyFans.

Creating a good OnlyFans menu is also about promoting yourself and your service. It’s about attracting the attention of your fans and getting them to tip you a specific amount in exchange for a small gift to delight them.

How to establish the OnlyFans tip menu

If you are stuck for ideas on the OnlyFans tip menu, have a look at popular content creators. You will find plenty of NSFW content creators who have excellent tip menus. 

Get some ideas on common things and what are the general pricing for them; from there, you can build your own tip menu with custom pricing. 

Some of the common tip menu content are as follows:

Photos: Custom images or the ones that aren’t easily available out of the platform. 

Videos: Personalized videos according to the special request of the fan or their interests. 

Photo and video bundles: Combining images and videos can delight your fans. 

Erotic voice notes Personalized dirty talk audio or erotic voices.

Sexting: Sex chats for $2 per minute, for example, and for a 30-minute maximum duration. 

Dick ratings: It works this way- Fan sends nude photos, and you let them know your honest opinions about the picture and give a rating out of 10. 

Tips for early updates: You can offer your fans early updates and request tips for the same. Fans like to be the first ones most of the time. If you are looking for how to get tips on OnlyFans, you can use this idea. 

A perfect mix and match: Choose any of the 3 or 4 items from the above list for an offer price. 

When pricing your OnlyFans tip menu, consider your audience size, popularity, comfort level, effort to create the content, etc. 

Here are some of the common pricing for the things listed above. It’s just for reference. 

Custom images: $5

Custom videos up to 2 minutes and 5 minutes: $15- $20, respectively. 

Erotic audio up to 2 minutes: $15. 

Erotic audio, including orgasm, up to 20 minutes: $15

Dick ratings: $5-$10. 

This is an example of how much you can charge for the OnlyFans menu, and as you can see, you can charge more for custom-made content and longer in length. 

You can also mix and match like Custom photo and an erotic orgasm video for $17, Which is a great way to keep fans interested and buying.

OnlyFans menu ideas for content creators

Displaying your new lingerie

As an adult model, you can build a tip menu where you send images of the new lingerie that you have bought. You can set a price of $25 to $50 that your fans will have to pay as tips to view those lingerie images. 

Girlfriend experience tips

There are plenty of men looking for girlfriend tips, and if you can give them that, they might go further and tip you more. Create a girlfriend experience tip menu and provide related services to men looking for the same. 

Fitness tips

If you are a fit adult model, you can create an OnlyFans tip menu for your fans to gain inspiration from your fitness routine and stay fit. 

Beauty tips

Female models can initial tip menus where you provide beauty advice to help your followers have a glimpse of your beauty routine.

Birthday tip menu

If you are looking for a unique OnlyFans menu idea, create a birthday tip menu where you will wish your loyal followers a happy birthday through short video clips. 

Couple tips menu

Couples on OnlyFans can create tip menus by posting about their erotic sexual life and charge even $100 or $200 for custom making out requests. 

Toy Control tips menu

Looking for more exciting OnlyFans menu ideas? A top content tips menu is a great idea where you can ask your fans to control your sex toy and tip you for a 10s or 5-minute control.

Powerful marketing techniques to implement in your OnlyFans tip menu

While implementing the OnlyFans tips menu doesn’t hold any magic, you can do wonders with powerful marketing techniques.

Try out bundle pricing

Bundling some services together is a great way to ensure you and your fans get the most out of your transactions. But make sure you bundle services that go well together. For example, you can bundle a linger photo along with voice messages and videos in the same lingerie photo. 

Price skimming works

Another powerful marketing technique you can implement is “Price skimming. Price skimming is nothing but introducing a new product at a premium price and reducing it to a specific price. It is an excellent way to introduce a new item and then reduce its price, allowing more fans to splurge on it as it has gone cheaper. 

List your tip menu pricing in .99

Have you wondered by most pricing often ends in $.99? or something .69? This is a very common and powerful promotion technique to trick your buyers. 

It’s nothing but a trick that plays on buyer psychology. When you set your custom pricing to $4.99 instead of $5, customers get to believe that they are getting a good deal instead of having to pay the full $5. 

Hard to believe? There are even studies about the same.

How to actually set up the OnlyFans tip menu

Now that you have a basic idea of what does on a tip menu, let’s look at how you can create an OnlyFans tip menu. 

Most creators use the Canva app to create an OnlyFans tip menu. You can choose a blank image, select a background and add what you will do for tips on the images. You can also add prices for each choice. Finally, add a watermark if you don’t want anyone to steal your content. Finally, upload this menu picture to your OnlyFans account. 


OnlyFans can be a great companion if you are an adult content creator who wants to build your own name in the virtual sex industry. All you need is a dedication to your unique and uniqueness in what you offer your fans. 

Other than the money you make from subscriptions, tips can be a great way to make an extra income. Whatever unique service you can offer, just add it to your menu. Make sure you build an interesting OnlyFans tip menu that will make your followers spend their money on you without any second thought.

I hope you have got plenty of innovative ideas to build your OnlyFans menu. 

Or are you looking to build a fan club-like website further to establish your own business? If you belong to the latter category, get in touch with us without a second thought.

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