What is FriendsOnly? Friendsonly vs OnlyFans?

Are you an adult entertainer looking for sites like OnlyFans? I’m here to share a new platform suggestion- FriendsOnly. It is an intelligent tactic to have more than one fan account; after all, you are putting in much hard work to create and post your content. Why not use it on other adult fan club websites other than OnlyFans?

So what is FriendsOnly? Is it something new or just another OnlyFans-like platform? Do you want to know more about it? I know your excitement. Hold on; we are going straightway to the topic.

What is FriendsOnly?

FriendsOnly is a subscription-based social network for bloggers and influencers to create, share and earn on unique paid content.

Unlike OnlyFans, it’s more like a TikTok-styled platform, but signing up, creating an account, the verification process, and other things are just like OnlyFans. In FriendsOnly, you can make money through subscriptions and through selling pay-per-view (PPV) videos.

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To sell individual videos, you can mark your videos as paid, and fans have to pay the amount set by the creator to view the content.

This is what a creator profile looks like on FriendsOnly.

FriendsOnly has smart analytics that gives valuable insights to creators to enhance their feed with engaging and profitable content.

How to make money on FriendsOnly?

FriendsOnly allows creators to monetize by selling paid content. Unlike other social platforms, you don’t have to post new videos every day. Add at least two posts per month to stay active and maintain the lowest commission rate (i.e., 20%). The higher the posting frequency, the higher the value of your feed, and you can set premium prices without the risk of losing subscribers.

Here are the commons ways by which creative people can make money on the platform.


Like any other subscription-based platform, the primary way to make money are through recurring subscription feed. Users have to pay a subscription rate set by the creator to view the content. The price set by the creator can range from $5 to $100.

The creator can also set a free trial period ranging from 24 hours to three days. During this period, a user can cancel the subscription without paying.

If the creator raises the subscription fee, it applies to new users only. All existing followers will continue to pay the amount set at the start.

Paid images and videos in chats

Creators can send images and videos to their followers through a private chat. Users have to pay the price set by the creator in order to view the content.


 FriendsOnly users can send tips to creators without subscribing. Make sure you engage with your followers consistently to establish a personal relationship which increases the chance of getting good tips.

Paid live shows

The live streaming feature is currently undergoing testing and is unavailable at the moment.

Affiliate programs

FriendsOnly allows creators to sign up for its affiliate programs. The referral programs pay creators a fee of 5% of the earnings of each creator you suggest.

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Commissions and payouts on FriendsOnly

Like OnlyFans, FriendsOnly deducts a commission of 20% of all creator’s income. When withdrawing the amount, the creator has to pay the commission.

One thing to note is that FriendsOnly increases the commission when the creator’s activity is low. For example, if you have published fewer than two videos during a particular month and attracted fewer than 10 followers, the commission automatically increases to 70%.

The revenue you generate on FriendsOnly can be withdrawn from the section “Money.” Under that, you can view the balance for subscriptions, tips, and balances available through affiliate programs.

To request for a payout, you can click “Withdraw:

The following are the 3 withdrawal method available

  • AdvCash
  • Paxum
  • Cosmo payments

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 rubbles or the equivalent in Foreign currency for all payment methods. The commission is $1.

FriendsOnly Vs. OnlyFans

As OnlyFans is the giant in the adult entertainment industry, it is obvious that every new platform launched is compared with it.

So without breaking the convention, let’s compare FriendsOnly Vs. OnlyFans.

  • OnlyFans charges a 20% commission; FriendsOnly charges the same. But FriendsOnly increases the commission percentage, which can even go up to 70% if the activity on a creator is low.
  • When comparing FriendsOnly Vs. OnlyFans, the main challenge FriendsOnly solves is giving more exposure to new content creators.
  • FriendsOnly allows creators to upload video content, while in OnlyFans, you can sell pictures, text, videos, and Gifs. This definitely has to be the biggest disadvantage of the platform.
  • FriendsOnly allows creators to upload short videos, but there is no way to upload full-length videos. Whereas, OnlyFans will enable creators to upload long-form content.

Is FriendsOnly a good subscription platform for adult content creators?

Yes, now that you know what is FriendsOnly and its relevance in the adult entertainment industry, it is a great platform for adult content creators.

It can be your second source of income.

But is it better than OnlyFans? Yes, it is in some cases.

One feature that sets FriendsOnly Apart from OnlyFans is Gifts.

Who doesn’t love gifts? FriendsOnly knows the heart of their authors, and they have this gift program where they reward creators with exciting (Yes, really, exciting) gifts upon reaching a certain number of subscribers.

The prices are valuable, and here is a glimpse of what you will receive.

Here are the pros of FriendsOnly:

  • Great exposure and discoverability for new content creators with smart recommendation algorithms.
  • Exciting gifts like Mercedes Benz, iPhone, and travel packages upon reaching a specific subscriber base.
  • Profile analytics that analyzes the engagement, the amount you can make on the platform, and more.
  • An extensive referral system offers passive income options.

Everything looks good, but yes, there are some cons as well

  • It only supports video content.
  • The commission rate varies depending on the activity level of the creator.

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Building a FriendsOnly-like adult subscription platform

The best alternative to using FriendsOnly is to create a similar adult subscription website.

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Here is what Fanso allows you to do:

  • Sell subscriptions.
  • Redefine the engagement using live streaming.
  • Built-in tech and integrations.
  • Build and integrate an eCommerce shopping cart.
  • Customized dashboard for creators.
  • Built-in social community features.


FriendsOnly is a subscription-based social platform for models, bloggers, and influencers. It integrates algorithms to promote creators within the platform. You can withdraw money on demand; it gives off gifts and trial periods for users.

FriendsOnly is a new platform like OnlyFans to monetize your content- it’s more like TikTok but for adult content.

If you want to build an adult subscription-based platform like OnlyFans or FriendsOnly, our expert team can guide you with the essentials. Get in touch with us.

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