How to Become a Foot Model and Get Paid?

FleekFeet, English model Sundal Roy, SweetArches, etc., are some of the supermodels ruling the global fashion world. But they are the highest-paid models whose faces you have never seen. These models work in foot modeling, a specialized area of the modeling business. 

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We all have an aspect of our body we are proud of. Is feet the best asset of your body? If you have been told that you have photogenic legs or exquisitely beautiful feet, you can also become a foot model. 

What is Foot Modeling?

A foot model is someone who models their feet or promotes Foot related fetish. If you love the idea of pampering your feet and getting paid to flaunt your Foot in different ways, then you have a promising career and become a foot model online.

If you want to learn how to become a foot fetish model, continue with the read, you will have an informative read.

We will start with the most obvious question. 

How to Become a Foot Fetish Model?

Legs and Feet are the most requested body parts for both men and women, especially on adult entertainment platforms like OnlyFans. 

According to Forbes, the top parts models earn around $1000 every day and $2000 to $10,000 for photoshoots. 

As you can see, it is quite a profitable business. 

With that said, let’s look into how to become a foot model online.

Start with research

You might have heard this 100 times before if you have been researching about becoming a foot model for some time now. But this is important if you want to succeed in the fetish modeling industry. 

Do your research to stay abreast of trends, learn how to do feet fetishes, and follow popular models in the industry. Practice the foot poses you commonly see in famous feet models’ feeds and experiment with poses that might express different actions and emotions. Check out the feed of foot models popular on adult entertainment platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon so that you will know what sells among fans. 

Experience matters: Practice different poses with feet

Once you complete the research, refer to the best seller images and videos of established foot models to practice the poses yourself. Make sure you add various props based on the goal of your photo shoot. Props could be anything carpet, sand, bedroom, flowers, or concrete.

Create your Feet Images Portfolio

If you want to become a foot model online, you first need to build your feet pics online. If you lack experience in taking feet pics that sell, you can hire a photographer who have an experience of working with models. Or you can also shoot your own photos; start by experimenting with different poses and backgrounds to get the best pictures of your feet. 

When working as a foot model online, you must be creative in seeking strategies to market your content. For example, you can begin with creating a foot model profile on platforms like Instagram, Reddit, OnlyFans, etc., and partner with brands.

Master the basic business skills

If you are researching about how to become a foot model and get paid, learn basic business skills like managing OnlyFans or social media profiles. Hiring a business manager to run your affair can break your pockets, especially when you are just starting out. 

It means you have to master basic technical business skills like taking pictures, handling your images, marketing your foot content, and finding new clients. You must also master the skills to manage your money wisely. Another way to make more money by becoming a foot model is to build your own fan club website like OnlyFans

Promote yourself

Having the most beautiful feet, and glam isn’t just the about uploading your images and start selling. For your pictures to be sold and get the first customer, you must promote yourself. Build a strong portfolio first and start self-promotion on social media to its fullest capabilities. Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit can be the best place to start your marketing activities. 

With a focus on the usage of hashtags, you can cross-promote your feet images on different social platforms. Create a buzz about your beautiful body’s lower part, and then work on creating fetish content to establish a career out of it. 

How much do foot models make?

If you are curious about how much do foot models make before entering the industry, let me tell you, the market is very profitable. And foot models produce a good amount of money by working on different platforms and satisfying varied fetishes. 

Commercial modeling jobs pay a foot model between $25 and $175 an hour, while modeling on cam sites can help you make significantly more money.

If you want to become a foot model and promote yourself on OnlyFans, you can set your subscription price of a pay-per-view price for an image according to its value. You can put a price of $5 to $30 or even for a foot image and can charge more for videos that are made based on custom requests of your fans.

And what if I told you, you could hike your price as the length of your videos increases? 

And if you are going to work for model management companies, you can make money with advertisements and sponsorships. 

Of course, it is important to remember that you must give out intermediary commissions to model management companies and agents. Even OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on every sale you make.

FAQs about Foot Modelling

Now, if you are learning how to become a foot model online, here are some common questions about foot modeling to help you decide if it’s the right choice. 

Can you sell Foot pics online legally?

Yes, becoming a foot model online is entirely legit and legal. Once you are 18 years and above and you have full ownership of the images, you can start selling online. 

How much to charge for feet images

What you can charge for feet pics depends on the quality of the images taken; you can charge a minimum of $5 and can even go up to $100 or more for images. If you are a beginner, you can charge lower and then hike the prices once you become established. 

Is Foot modeling right for you?

If you have excellent assets, mainly feet that are above in terms of attractiveness, then foot modeling might suit you. You can reach high levels of fame, where some models even make $1000 per image and more. 

How are foot models hired?

If you want to become a foot model online, there are companies that hire foot models anywhere in the country. There are studios that hire freelance online models and established foot fetish models who are looking to collaborate with the brand. Alternatively, you can join fan club websites like OnlyFans and sell your feet pics online. 

Do you need a website to sell feet pics online?

Having a website isn’t mandatory to become a foot model and sell your feet pics. But if you maintain professionalism, cut commission rates, and keep the money by yourself, you can build and launch your own fan club website. By using a clone script like Fanso, you can quickly build and launch the OnlyFans-like platform to sell your feet pics and more. 

What to expect when entering foot modeling

If you are looking for how to start foot modeling, you must expect to work for photoshoots in various cities and might have to pose in complex positions for long periods. If you want to have a flexible lifestyle and work-life balance, you can consider becoming a foot model online.


Becoming a foot model online sounds like an exciting career, but like in any business, you have to put in hard work. Dedicate time to research and build your foot model business and make an average of $23/ hour for a work. 

No matter you want to do it as a side gig or take it as a full-time career, be intentional about your growth by working across different platforms and social media. If you want to start your own fan club website, get in touch with us today to make a space for you in the lucrative foot modeling industry.

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