OnlyFans Guaranteed Gains and How Do They Work?

Running an OnlyFans page is no easy feat. Once you start managing post schedules, subscriptions, handling taxes, and running marketing campaigns, you will get to know how hard it is. And that is when you start thinking about whether you must hire a promotion agency to market your OnlyFans or not.

Hiring a promotion agency or an OnlyFans manager opens up the possibility of OnlyFans guaranteed gains.

So what is OnlyFans guaranteed gains or guaranteed fans? Do guaranteed gains, be it fans or money, even exist? 

What is OnlyFans Guaranteed gains or OnlyFans GG?

Guaranteed gains often refer to content creators or agencies providing promotional services (related to OnlyFans). The services promising guaranteed gains claim to bring a specific number of fans to an individual’s OnlyFans account within a set period. 

However, it’s important to note that the concept of “guaranteed fans” is not an officially supported or endorsed feature by the OnlyFans platform itself.

Content creators or promotion agencies can promise guaranteed gains through different ways, such as social media advertising or targeted marketing campaigns. While they claim to deliver a specific number of fans as part of their service page, the effectiveness and legitimacy of these services can vary greatly.

How do OnlyFans Guaranteed Gains work?

The content creator or model on OnlyFans who wants guaranteed gains, be it growing subscriber base, achieving a revenue goal, getting a specific amount as tips, etc. etc.

Content creators who want guaranteed gains approach another content creator or a promotion agency. The promoter and the original creator agree on a fee, and the latter set up a free trial link for their profile, giving it to the promoter to use.

The promotor starts promoting the link to people, aiming to create as many sign-ups as possible either from their own fan base or from the target audience of the creator.

At a set interval or once the agreed number of subscribers has reached, the creator has to pay the promoter. The agreement ends after a set amount of time or the guaranteed gains has been achieved.

Pros and Cons of OnlyFans Guaranteed Gains?

OnlyFans GG or Guaranteed gains, or the promise of a certain return on investment (ROI), can be an attractive proposition for OnlyFans content creators. However, like any investment strategy, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Here are some pros and cons of OnlyFans guaranteed gains:


  • A guaranteed boost in the number of fans or other metrics is what you get, which is great.
  • You only have to pay the promoter when you get results.
  • You get recurring revenue when the paying subscriber count increases. 


  • The risk of ending up in scams when looking for OnlyFans GG cannot be neglected.
  • If ‘guaranteed gains” that you get are through free trials, they might unsubscribe after the trial period ends. 
  • You must be consistent with the marketing approach.

How to achieve guaranteed gains

No matter who you employ to achieve OnlyFans guaranteed gains, a promotion agency or a fellow content creator, there are several things you must do to achieve guaranteed gains. 

Let’s explore.

Optimize your OnlyFans page

For the guaranteed gain to work expected, you have to optimize your OnlyFans profile. OnlyFans is a standalone web page. It is difficult to optimize it on your own. But a professional marketing agency will be able to do little tricks to improve exposure and increase the number of subscribers. Along with it, they will also help you with the best strategies to grow your OnlyFans.

Promote your OnlyFans page

Besides optimizing your page, a marketing agency or a manager who assures guaranteed gains will help you promote your OnlyFans account. To begin with, the agency will create a branding that will help to increase your subscriber base. The more subscribers your page gets, the more money you can make. You can sell your services and even products and start making money. 

Setting up your profile

While you don’t need help to set up an OnlyFans profile, if you hire a marketing agency for guaranteed gains, they will help you set your profile the best way (by keeping guaranteed gains in mind). Instead, you can focus on creating quality content, building a community, and letting the professionals handle the setup.

Once you set up your OnlyFans page by choosing a niche, attracting and retaining fans will be easy.

Collaborations with other creators

The easiest way to get more subscribers is to connect with other content creators who have similar interests. You can gain insights into others’ work and improve your networking skills by partnering with others. Shoutouts are a great concept that you can apply to social media too. 

Use relevant hashtags on your OnlyFans and social media platforms

There are hashtags that are great for attracting niche fans. To increase your subscribers as a part of the guaranteed gain, you must use relevant and trending hashtags to increase your follower base. Alternatively, you can pin social media posts with your OnlyFans link with hashtags. Ideally, this social media post must include a discount offer, or a USP offers.

Dos and Don’ts of Guaranteed Gains

If you are just starting an OnlyFans and looking for guaranteed gains, you must tighten the nuts and bolts of your OnlyFans presence. Here are some do’s and don’ts to adopt.

Do avoid buying fake followers

One of OnlyFan’s guaranteed gains is the guaranteed subscribers you can make. But when trying to increase your subscribers, do not make the mistake of buying fake fans.

There are websites that sell 1000 followers for a cheap price of $10.99; it might be enticing to grab the deal to inflate your fan count. But purchasing fake followers can do more harm than good.

Fake fans are bots and not real people. You won’t get any engagement resulting in poor engagement on your posts. 

OnlyFans actively purge accounts that engage in fraud activities.

You destroy your trust and credibility among your fans.

Do optimize your OnlyFans bio

When considering writing your OnlyFans bio, you have to unlock the perfect bio:

  • A detailed yet crispy description of what you offer. 
  • A stroke of niche and brand personality.
  • A call to action; short, attention catchy.
  • A link.

When it comes to the best time to post on OnlyFans, the platform is being bombarded with fresh content around the clock. And one of the ways you can get more attention is by posting when user activity is high, which varies according to your audience. 

These are the best time to post on other social media profiles to promote your OnlyFans.

The best time to post on Reddit is in the early morning, around 6 am US time on weekends.

The best time to schedule your OnlyFans promotion posts on Twitter is around 9 am-12 am, 12 pm-3 pm and then 3 pm to 6 pm.

Here are the best times to post on social media for your reference.

Do write compelling captions

It’s enticing to skimp over OnlyFans captions when you put all your effort into creating the perfect content. But remember, captions on OnlyFans hold more weight than you think. 

OnlyFans captions perform best when they are either very short or long. 

Writing the perfect OnlyFans caption is more about understanding your fans and the context of your post. 

Pro tip: Make the first line count so that it sparks curiously and helps to stop the user from scrolling further.

Do understand the analytics

Having a grip on your OnlyFans analytics is the key to understanding what works for you and what’s not. For example, you might find that your fans respond to teasing videos, unrevealing yet hot videos, revealing videos etc. 

OnlyFans has its native analytics, but relying on a third-party tool can give you a more in-depth analysis. Such tools like Fansmetric can help you provide information on user engagement. There are other tools like Social Blade and google analytics that you can use to track the traffic to your OnlyFans page and monitor other metrics like total time spent on OnlyFans, page viewers, the number of sessions and more.

Don’t make the mistake of not suggesting tips

While subscriptions are the main source of the money you can make on OnlyFans, tips come into play when it comes to revenue generation. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips every time you post new images and videos. But at the same time, don’t beg for tips either. Instead, earn them by posting interesting content and engaging with your fans.

Don’t offer subscriptions for free

Again, offering subscriptions for free isn’t a fatal mistake. There are successful content creators on OnlyFans who do that, but if the goal is to make money with OnlyFans. For example, if your guaranteed gains are a specific amount of money within a specific time frame, don’t offer a subscription for free. Not to mention, you might also attract low-quality followers, which can affect your OnlyFans GG.

Don’t mislead fans over your content

When a fan lands on your OnlyFans, they can’t view your content until they subscribe, 

This also presents you an opportunity- To convert your fans to anything the type of content they will get access to. 

But never mislead your fans with the content because:

  • Fans must claim a refund if you have misled them badly. 
  • Your aim must not be a one-month subscription, but it must be to retain your fans.
  • Fans can badmouth you if you don’t keep the promises.

So how does the misleading happen on OnlyFans? If you are only going to post content in your clothes and tease them, don’t promise more!


Guaranteed Gains are not an easy way to significantly increase the subscriber numbers and make more money while it might sound that way.

You have to pay a decent-sized fee, and as long as you can avoid a scam, it is going to bring you better results. 

Have you ever tried OnlyFans guaranteed gains, and how did it work for you? We are curious to know more about it. Share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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