Case Study of Anonimatta | A Subscription Marketplace for Adult Creators

With the fame of the business model created by OnlyFans, many entrepreneurs began to work selling content, both adult and non-adult, on the Internet, driven by the pandemic.

With the advent of such content creator platforms, there is a normalization in the sales of adult content, which is excellent. 

But with the increase in the sale of adult content, specialized piracy has also grown, increasing the case of leaked images and videos without the consent of content creators. 

Thousands of images of women are shared freely every day, often resold at low prices without their consent. Finding legal support to combat privacy when it comes to the adult content sales market is a challenging task in Brazil.

Anonimatta comes up with an innovative solution for its to fight privacy in the best possible way. The platform has exclusive feature to prevent leaks, and even in the event of leaks, Anonimatta can cross-reference data from leaked content to identify and criminalize the person responsible.

A Brief About Anonimatta

Anonimatta is a Brazil-based content creator platform with an emphasis on the safety of the creator’s images and videos.

Anonimatta gives a security watermark to all user data to protect the content’ not all platform does that. 

The platform also allows content creators to have their own eCommerce store. Creators can easily virtual shop to sell physical products to their fans.

Several extra features make the content-selling journey easier and sell a lot more:

  • Anonimatta boasts the best administrative panel for content management.
  • Incredible virtual shop to sell physical products.
  • System to receiving excellent tips.
  • Creator profiles dashboard with tools and features for selling and monetization.
  • Selling DM
  • Live streaming service.
  • Internal payment recipient.

The purpose of the project

Anonimatta doesn’t just aim to build a platform for content creators but create a safe environment where the content of creators is completely safe from piracy issues.

As the platform has developed its own security system to protect user data. 


We aimed to build an online subscription based content creation platform to redefine the selling of adult content through safe and secure ways between creators and their fans. Anonimatta supports International monetary transactions; for example, creators can accept payments ( Both dollars and Euros) from customers outside Brazil. 

With the vision to help clients to lead the revolution in their industries, Fanso successfully accompanied Anonimatta’s vision of building a social marketplace for selling adult content.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best content creator platform experience, emphasizing security, scalability and robustness. Fanso has built a watermark piracy tracker that prints the viewer’s username on the model pic and video. The platform also has a trending page that displays trending content from the models. The next feature is a gallery aggregator page that shows all the paid photo albums from all the models.

Subscriptions on the go

Anonimatta allows fans to subscribe to the content of creators for the price they set. And Fanso’s subscription experience is super easy and cool, both for creators to set up and fans to purchase. 

Virtual shop

Anonimatta has utilized the feature of Fanso of setting up a virtual shop for sales of physical products. Creators can easily manage and sell merchandise to fans from the shop built into the creator profile.

 Live streaming

There is nothing better than creators being able to connect with their fans in real-time. Anonimatta allows creators to perform or interact with fans using Fanso’s live-streaming option, which means more revenue is coming.

Token system

Tokens work like credits. Users can purchase token packs which can be added to their wallets. With the token, you can buy photos, videos, merchandise and even send tips.

Credits corresponding to the sales are directly transferred to the creator’s wallet, which can be requested for the withdrawal.

Admin end revenue management

Admin can take control of the platform’s monetization, including subscriptions. Admin, view, manage, and control what is happening on the platform, including managing subscriptions and knowing how much each creator earns. Admin can set commission against each artist on the platform.

The platform owner gets a share of the amount earned by each creator. The commission percentage can be set and changed anytime. 

Currently, Anonimatta has set its commission percentage to 20% for subscriptions, tips, and merchandise and 30% for live sessions.

Payment gateways

Anonimatta has 2 payment gateways, pagseguro and safe2pay (Brazil-based), to manage customer payment and everything the business needs.

Final product overview:

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