How to Become an Adult Content Creator- A Beginner Guide

The adult industry is different from the way it was before. With the evolution of the internet, plenty of marketplaces have come into existence to help adult content creators.

The business, limited to only a few pornstars and well-established studios before, is now open to everyone interested because of the rise of these new platforms.

And if you are one of those wondering how to be an adult content creator, then you are at the right place to find your answers.

In this article, we will discuss what is an adult content creator and how to make money online through adult content.

What is an adult content creator?

An adult content creator, by definition, is someone who creates and sells explicit and adult content on different platforms. It is very much similar to regular content creation, with a significant difference being that the content is curated for the adult audience.

Onlyfans, Fanvue, Fansly etc., are some of the leading names in the adult content creation space, and you can join any of these to become an adult content creator. 

Factors to decide as an adult content creator

Now that we know what an adult content creator is, let us look at what are the factors that influence an adult content creator on different platforms and how to control those factors.

Consider whether you want to reveal your face

The best thing about today’s adult content creation space is that you can decide whether you want to show your face or not.

If you are uncomfortable showing your face while producing the content, you can always hide your face from the platform and be anonymous.

Many are following this process and are still earning good money. There is no hard written rule on any platform to show your face on the platform, so it is entirely up to you to present yourself in your content.

Many girls on OnlyFans make good money even without showing their faces but showing just their other body parts. So, even you can follow their foot steps to become famous and thrive in the adult content creation industry.


One of the first steps in becoming a successful content creator is carefully picking the kind of content you will offer your subscribers. You can choose from a tonne of content to help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Your content can be in the form of photos or videos in a genre that you are comfortable with, as adult content of almost all genres has a vast audience.

Couple sex videos, masturbation, POV, and threesome are some popular adult content types you can choose from to post under your name.

Know your audience 

The next step is to identify your target audience once you have a clear understanding of the type of content you intend to produce. Of course, your content won’t resonate with everyone, and that’s okay.

There is always someone who is interested in what you have to offer. The only catch is that you must find the right audience and get them attached to your content.

Create polls, and have regular conversations with your subscribers to understand their needs so that you can produce content of their choice.

5 Steps on how to become an adult content creator

Being an adult content creator is a relatively easy task if you have the proper framework. This section will discuss how you can become an adult content creator in these easy 5 steps.

Create a online presence

As an adult content creator, having a credible online presence is essential for landing works and developing a career. A part of this involves developing a website or blog to display your content and connect with potential customers or fans.

Your website should include a portfolio of your work, a biography or introduction, and any necessary contact details. Additionally, consider setting up social media profiles on websites like Twitter, Instagram, Fansly, and OnlyFans in order to market your content and interact with your audience.

You might want to diversify into some platforms more than others, depending on your niche. Consider any streaming platform that allows you to go live so that you can build a solid online presence with your audience.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of your work that serves as a model for demonstrating your abilities and experience.

Your portfolio as an adult content creator should showcase both types of content: pictures and videos. In addition, you should try to highlight your unique talents, as well as your modelling versatility and range.

You should spend money on professional gear and work with a photographer or videographer in order to develop a strong portfolio. To demonstrate your abilities in a variety of settings and styles, you should also think about collaborating with a variety of photographers and studios.

Find work and networking opportunity

After you have built your portfolio as an adult content creator, you next must find work and networking opportunities to earn money.

There are plenty of online platforms where you can find relevant work as an adult content creator. OnlyFans, Fansly, Fanvue, and LoyalFans are some of the leading names where you can sell your adult content and earn money.

You can also rely on social media networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and TikTok to build a network for yourself and increase your customer base.

Follow the trends

With the regular introduction of new platforms and technologies, the adult content market is constantly changing. 

Keep up with industry trends and be prepared to adjust to new technologies and platforms as necessary if you want to stay competitive in your career.

Working together with other adult content creators is one way to develop new skills, get feedback, and ultimately gain exposure.

Be open to new experiences, genres, and formats, and look for chances to collaborate with other models or content producers.

How to Make Money on Onlyfans as an Adult Content Creator

OnlyFans is one of the leading names in the adult content creation space, and millions of adult content creators are using it to make good money on it.

And making money on OnlyFans is easy if you follow a strict routine and post quality content. As OnlyFans is filled with millions of creators, subscribers have the option to choose from those millions.

Therefore, you, as a creator, must post quality and unique content regularly on the platform, keeping your subscribers’ expectations in mind.

You can also use some tools for OnlyFans creators that help creators in making money on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans creators make a great deal of money by selling content on the platform, and even you can earn the same by establishing a niche for yourself and building a quality customer base.

How to set up your Onlyfans profile as an adult content creator

Setting up your OnlyFans account is as simple as setting up any email account. However, the only thing you must remember before setting up your OnlyFans adult content creator account is that you must be over 18 or of legal age according to your country.

Sign up for Onlyfans

Open the OnlyFans website and click the sign-up link displayed on the welcome screen. You can sign up using Google, Twitter, or Windows login credentials or even your regular email address.

Fill in the basic details on the form and provide a government-approved ID to complete your verification.

Remember, the details provided during the signup process are just for the OnlyFans and will not be displayed anywhere.

Setting up a username and profile

Choose a username and a profile that will be used by your subscribers to recognize you. Pick a very catchy username and easy to remember by your subscribers.

Add cover and profile picture

After that, select an appropriate cover and profile picture for your OnlyFans profile. Even though OnlyFans is lenient towards posting adult content, it restricts using nudity on the cover and profile photo.

Therefore, remember this while selecting a picture for your profile and cover.

Add a bank account and set up subscription prices

During your account setup, add active bank account details to receive payments from OnlyFans. Again, these details are not shared anywhere on the platform and are just for OnlyFans to transfer your earnings.

Also, set the subscription charges for your profile to monetize your content. Your subscribers have to pay these subscription charges to access your content.

Add your Bio

Your bio on OnlyFans is nothing but a brief description of what you offer your customers as a creator. Write an intriguing bio about yourself so that your subscribers know what they can expect from you.

Tips for an Adult Content Creator

Here are some additional tips to help you prosper as an adult content creator on any platform, not just OnlyFans.

Use Your Social Media

Use your social media accounts effectively to promote your adult content creation space. As social media have limited restrictions in promoting adult content, use them to reach out to an expansive viewer.

Many creators use social media to promote OnlyFans‘ profile and gain new customers in the process.

Collaborating with Other Creators

Reach out to fellow creators on the platform you are using to produce unique content and increase your customer base.

Engage with your Audience

Connect with your audience whenever you can to understand them and build a healthy rapport. Replying to their comments and responding to their queries will help you keep them engaged in your profile.

Offer discounts

Always offer discounts to the customers when and where you can so that your customers are happy with the price. Subscribers always look for content at an affordable price, if you offer both, you can easily increase your value.

Be Unique

Adult content creation is a vast space, and you have to be unique to have a different customer base. Produce unique content than others to establish a market yourself on any platform.

These are some of the techniques followed by top-earning OnlyFans creators, and anyone can imply the same on any platform of their choice to make great money through adult content.


Adult content creation space is different from the way it was before. The evolution of the internet and computers have changed the whole industry and opened it for anyone interested.

Becoming an adult content creator is not that difficult job as plenty of platforms allow you to become one easily.

Hopefully, this article has helped you answer how to become an adult content creator.

Thank you for reading!

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