How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit – Guide for Getting into Top 1%

As you landed up on the blog, I guess you are getting started on Reddit or thinking of using Reddit for OnlyFans promotions or already using Reddit but not seeing the results you expect.

The fast-growing social media platform for news aggregation, content rating, and discussions of all sorts. Reddit is one of the powerful platforms to gain massive traffic toward your OnlyFans profile and earn passive income in the long run.

In this blog, we will discuss about how to promote OnlyFans on Reddit and why you should. 

Why Reddit over other social platforms?

Reddit is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your OnlyFans. But why Reddit when there are a lot of other social platforms on the web you can leverage to spread the word that you are on OnlyFans?

To clear the air, we can have a look at the number of Reddit users across the globe. The latest figures on Reddit reveal that there are over 50 million daily active users worldwide

Not just the figures, the platform stands currently among the tenth most-used social networking platforms in the United States.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s look at another statistic. 

On average, a Reddit user spends around 8 minutes and 56 seconds on their visit. 

And during this time, they visit over 8 different Reddit accounts.

And now the most interesting fact is that among the Reddit users, the most active users belong to the 18 to 29 group.

Reddit isn’t limited to just texts and images. It also has a native video feature to allow users to upload their own videos to the platform (shorter videos of 15 minutes) instead of giving links to YouTube and other video websites.

It is said 7 out of 10 Reddit users join at least 1 NSFW Subreddit.

Where should you post OnlyFans content on Reddit?

If you are wondering how Reddit OnlyFans promotions work, you have to start by finding the subreddits that fit your type of content. A Subreddit is a specific online community and the posts associated with it. Designed to be dedicated to a specific topic, the subsidiary categories within Reddit allow users to find and focus on particular topics that get voted up according to user preference.

Subreddit can up your fame instantly; posting on the wrong subreddits can waste your time and efforts. 

So how to find the subreddits that suit your style of content and niche? This is how you can show it:

Watch OnlyFans subreddits of similar creators

One way to discover OnlyFans subreddits to promote your OnlyFans is to look at where similar creators promote. 

Choose a Subreddit for promoting your OnlyFans

Look for fellow creators with over 50k of Karma. You can leverage tools like a user analyzer for Reddit to find the popular subreddits of a user or just do it manually.

How to use Reddit to promote OnlyFans

If there is one reason why you must promote OnlyFans on Reddit, it is this- Reddit users freaking love NSFW content!

Yes, it is true! Not all platforms allow direct promotion of NSFW, not Facebook, not Instagram. And promoting NSFW content using Twitter is another different story. 

Twitter supports NSFW content, but the amount of posts around the niche is low and doesn’t attract users as much as Reddit does. Promoting your OnlyFans page using Reddit can effectively increase your audience and attract more subscribers. 

Here is how to use Reddit to promote OnlyFans

Find the right subreddits

Reddit has a large number of subreddits that cater to various interests and niches. Search for subreddits related to your content or niche and join them. Some examples of relevant subreddits for OnlyFans creators include r/OnlyFansAdvice, r/NSFW_SocialMedia, r/SexWorkersOnly, r/PromoteYourOnlyFans, and many others.

Engage with the community

Once you have joined relevant subreddits, start engaging with the community by posting and commenting on other people’s posts. This will help you build a rapport with other users and establish yourself as an active member of the community.

Post high-quality content

Create high-quality content related to your OnlyFans page and share it on Reddit. This could include teasers, previews, or behind-the-scenes footage. Be sure to include a link to your OnlyFans page in your post and make it easy for users to access your content.

Offer exclusive deals

Consider offering exclusive deals or discounts to Reddit users to incentivize them to subscribe to your OnlyFans page. You can post about these deals on relevant subreddits and include a link to your OnlyFans page.

Advertise on NSFW subreddits

Many NSFW subreddits allow advertising for OnlyFans pages. Look for subreddits with a large audience and active engagement, and reach out to the moderators to inquire about advertising opportunities.

Work on pinned posts

If you want to promote OnlyFans on Reddit, you must be familiar with working with pinned posts. Pinned posts are what users would first see on your Reddit profile. The platform allows users to pin up to 5 posts on their Reddit profile. 

These are things you can pin on your profile:

  • Your OnlyFans links.
  • Special discounts to initiate interest among people.
  • Incentives for fans who leave reviews as comments on your post.

What you shouldn’t do when promoting OnlyFans on Reddit

Just like understanding what you must do on Reddit to promote your OnlyFans, you must also be aware of what you should avoid. You must avoid certain things when promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit, as it doesn’t bring results.

Remember always to follow Reddit’s guidelines and rules to avoid getting banned or penalized. Also, be respectful and courteous to other users, and don’t spam or excessively self-promote. With a thoughtful and strategic approach, promoting your OnlyFans page on Reddit can help you grow your audience and increase your subscriber base.

So this is what you shouldn’t do:

Don’t post in Subreddit for OnlyFans promotion

Now, does this sound counter-intuitive? I don’t think so. Yes, plenty of subreddits are specifically dedicated to promoting OnlyFans, but never go there. 

You can recognize such subreddits from their name; fellow creators use them for blind advertisements, and Redditors never look for content there.

Stay away from karma farming

There are dedicated Reddit communities that claim to increase your Karma. Karma is a voting system where users can upvote or downvote their posts and comments. This will only backfire and might increase the chance of your account getting flagged for spam. This is because bots are who flood these subreddits, making it way too less genuine.

Don’t post in any unrelated subreddits

You might think posting your content on a broad variety of Reddit communities is everything. 

It can help you expand your reach. No, it doesn’t work that way. 

For example, if you are blonde, never post in r/brunette. 

Posting in a subreddit that isn’t related to your niche can only backfire. 

Directly advertise your OnlyFans

The way you gain fans from Reddit is to put your link on your profile. This brings Redditors to your profile. But remember, you can only do it if the Subreddit rules allow promotion.

Otherwise, you must strictly avoid doing this, as one blunder can get you banned in several places. 

So what to do instead? You can post on the OnlyFans link in the DMs. Make sure you make the Redditors who receive the DM fee special so that they don’t view your messages just as an advertisement. Please provide them with a special discount or a freebie.

How to promote on Reddit without getting banned

Promoting on Reddit without getting banned requires following the site’s guidelines and being an active and positive community member. 

Here are some tips to help you promote on Reddit without getting banned:

Follow Reddit’s guidelines: Reddit has strict guidelines that users must follow. Be sure to read and understand the rules before you start promoting your content.

Be an active member of the community: Participate in discussions and engage with other users. This will help establish your account as a genuine and valuable contributor to the community.

Target subreddits that align with your content: Find subreddits that are relevant to your content and engage with users in those communities. Be sure to follow the subreddit’s rules and guidelines.

Don’t spam: Don’t post the same content repeatedly or post irrelevant content in subreddits. This will likely result in your account being flagged for spam and potentially banned.

Be transparent: Be upfront about your intentions and avoid misleading users. If you are promoting a product or service, be clear about it and provide valuable information that users will find helpful.

Build relationships with moderators: Reach out to moderators of subreddits and build relationships with them. This can help you understand the rules and guidelines better, and they may be able to give you tips on how to promote without breaking any rules.

Don’t buy upvotes or use bots: Using bots or buying upvotes is against Reddit’s policies and can result in a ban. Focus on creating high-quality content that will naturally attract upvotes and engagement.

Will Reddit ban adult content?

In 2021, Reddit announced that it would be updating its content policy to prohibit “any adult content that depicts or appears to depict minors,” as well as any “subreddits, communities, or users that promote pedophilia, regardless of the intention.” This update was made in response to concerns over child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the platform and in an effort to make Reddit a safer place for users.

However, Reddit has not announced any plans to ban all adult content on the platform. While some adult content may be prohibited under the updated content policy, Reddit still allows for a wide range of adult-oriented communities and discussions. 

It’s worth noting that Reddit has always had strict policies against the posting of illegal content, including pornography involving minors, and it will continue to enforce these policies going forward.


And that’s it; you have learned basic things about promoting OnlyFans on Reddit. The more time you put into carefully planning your Reddit posts, the better you will do. Consistent marketing efforts focusing on posting on the right subreddits will ensure your success on Reddit to promote your OnlyFans.

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