What are the labels on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online content subscription platform that allows creators of all sorts( SFW and NSFW) to monetize their content by selling subscriptions to their fans. Creators can sell not just subscriptions but also paid-per-view (PPV) content and live streams through DMs, selling merchandise, etc. 

OnlyFans is popularly used by adult content creators, celebrities, social media influencers and anyone who wants to make money by selling their content anonymously or by revealing their identity.

OnlyFans, like any other social platform, has several hidden features that can help you boost your profile and make more money

How many OnlyFans features do you really know? In this blog, we are going to look at one such OnlyFans feature- Labels on OnlyFans.

What are the labels on OnlyFans?

Labels on OnlyFans are a feature on the platform that creators can use on messages. Creators add different labels to the content and allow subscribers to search through the profile by clicking on the labels.

With the labeling on OnlyFans, creators can organize their content, making it easier for fans to find the content.

So, how do you add labels on OnlyFans?

Choose more–post labels—create a new label.

Use labeling to organize your content efficiently and save time. When one of your highest-paying fans requests content, you know exactly where your spicy video is. 

Basically, labels on OnlyFans are organizational features for creators to categorize and tag the content, making it easy to search for specific post types. Creators can create labels like Lingerie, toys, boy/girl, masturbation, gender fluid, etc., and they can add one or more labels to each post when posting content.

How to use labels on OnlyFans to make money?

Now that you know about labels on OnlyFans, are there ways to make money through labeling on OnlyFans? Yes, you can make money by using OnlyFans label functionality the right way.

When you send mass messages on OnlyFans, you can send that mass message to choose labels. 

Creators can send mass messages PPV to:

  • Subscribers.
  • The people you are following.
  • Specific labels.

If you have a video priced at $4.99, with the correct labeling, you can send it at a higher price of $ 9.99 by labeling fans. In this way, you can label your fans as super fans or highest spenders who invest splurge more money on your content.

Tips to effectively use labels on OnlyFans

Labels on OnlyFans is a helpful feature that can help creators organize their content efficiently. Here are some best practices to use labels the right way to organize the content:

  • Write clear OnlyFans labels that are descriptive. Instead of using random label names, use specific names like Boudoir photoshoot, Lingerie gallery, etc.
  • Instead of using single labels, add multiple labels whenever necessary. For example, a post can be labeled like “masturbation” and a content format label like “video” or be more specific like teaser videos.
  • Re-use labels on OnlyFans whenever necessary. For example, if you have a 3 part lingerie shoot, you must label them all with the same label name.
  • Whenever you post labels on OnlyFans, add labels whenever you post content instead of doing it later. You might forget to go back, and tagging posts will be pending forever. 
  • After posting labels on OnlyFans, make sure to review it periodically and clean up when necessary.

Building a subscription platform like OnlyFans

Now that you know everything about labels on OnlyFans, do you want to build a content subscription platform like OnlyFans for creators? You can leverage Fanso to build a subscription platform like OnlyFans with features like labels and similar features that increase creators’ productivity and help them manage the content more efficiently.

Fanso, with its vast experience and adaptable solutions, offers a platform for those aiming to build a creator economy startup. Fanso offers the flexibility to introduce features on demand, ensuring that the platform remains aligned with the evolving needs of its users.

We Fanso helps entrepreneurs like you to capitalize on the business opportunity to build a content subscription platform with features like non-tiered and tiered subscription models, in-built analytics, secure payment gateway and billing system, etc.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some more reasons to choose Fanso:

  • Self-hosted solution: Fanso allows you to choose the hosting provider of your choice. 
  • 100% source code access: With Fanso, you can gain access to the source code.
  • Customizable to a great degree: Fanso allows you to customize the script and include features like labels and other hidden features, which is beneficial for creators to gain a competitive advantage.
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OnlyFans is a subscription platform created for content creators of all types, meaning each and every feature, including the label on OnlyFans, is to optimize content management. 

The most successful creators on OnlyFans use labels to organize their content, which makes it easy for them to retrieve specific types of posts. Keeping content organized and streamlined leads to better content management and more revenue generation.

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