How to Send Mass Messages on OnlyFans

Talking one-on-one on OnlyFans works great; yes, it is perfect to build a personal connection, which we all appreciate and look for. But then, most of the time, it becomes difficult to reach out to everyone individually. This is when mass messages come in handy.

Mass messages are bulk messages you can send to a group of people at once, making them a powerful tool. With mass messages, you communicate with your fans, promote your content and offer exclusive discounts and promotions. 

In this blog, let’s learn how creators must leverage the power of mass messages and how to send mass messages on OnlyFans. 

Why send Mass messages on OnlyFans

Mass messages come with wonderful advantages for content creators on OnlyFans, whether beginner or experienced creators. It helps creators to:

  • Introduce yourself to your fans, share your story, and offer discounts.
  • Announce new posts, offer sneak peeks, or ask for fan feedback.
  • Interact with fans on personal levels to drive more traffic and engagement. 

How do you send OnlyFans mass messages?

With mass messaging, you can reach a large and growing audience with a couple of clicks. Whether you are an experienced creator or a beginner, mass messaging can increase engagement with your content. Here is how you can send OnlyFans mass messages:

Choose your recipient: OnlyFans allows you to decide to send mass messages to a specific group of subscribers or all of them. You can also categorize messages based on subscription dates, tip amount or even renewal subscription date. 

Write your message: You can choose to write short or long messages, but the character limit is 1000 characters. The platform allows you to attract images and videos to give a personalized touch to your messages.

Send or schedule messages: Creators can send mass messages immediately or schedule them at a different date and time. On OnlyFans, you can also track the performance of your mass message by checking the open rate, click rates and conversion rates.

So, what can you send through mass messages to your fans?

You can choose what you can send to your audience through mass messages. For instance, you can send free mass messages to tease your audience with the type of content you create or remind them about something that is coming up on your profile. 

Or you can share special discounts exclusively made for them, however small or big. You can attach images and videos to your mass messages to make them count.

How to send mass messages the right way- Best practices

If you have been using OnlyFans, you would probably know mass messages are the heart of actually making money. Many people with freemium OnlyFans accounts make a lot of money through paid messaging.

But to get it right, you must ensure it works for you. It has worked for proven spenders, but only if you get it right. Here are some best practices to make more money with mass messaging:

  • Send 2 or 3 pay-per-view (PPV) messages with teasing content at reasonable prices.
  • Send limited-time flash offers with personalized captions to boost engagement and conversions.
  • Tailor messaging and pricing for different fan segments like new subscribers or fans who are inactive spenders on your profile now. 
  • After sending mass messages, watch your stats and unsubscribe fans who haven’t opened or engaged with your message to refresh your active fans or subscriber list. 
  • Track engagement data to find the responsive fan segments and the content types that perform the best.

OnlyFans mass message examples

Here are some of the best mass messages for OnlyFans or OnlyFans mass message examples:

  • I was feeling naughty this night and wanted to share a glimpse with you too!
  • Hey (Fan name), do you miss our chats? How’s your day? Let me know if you want to catch me up over some exclusive content tonight!
  • 50% off just for my exceptional support like you! But only for today!
  • Hey, want to enjoy the privilege of viewing the sneak peek of my newest quirky video? Don’t miss out; the preview is unlocked for my special 3 fans, and one is you!

While these are just examples of OnlyFans mass messages, there is no limit to getting creative with what you can send in mass messages. If you are new to OnlyFans and mass messaging, learn more about the metrics and repeat what converts.


To conclude, you can maximize your revenue through strategic relationship building by mastering mass messages. It’s a boon for new creators who offer free subscriptions. Just take advantage of the analytics and automation of OnlyFans rather than simply chasing new subscribers endlessly. 

Leverage mass messages to nurture your existing fan base to turn private conversations into big money-making through targeted upselling.

Alternatively, if you are looking to build an OnlyFans like content subscription platform like OnlyFans, you can contact us to get started. Fanso comes with features similar to OnlyFans and other popular fan subscription platforms, like mass messaging and other revenue avenues. 


How often should I send OnlyFans mass messages?

There is no set rule to send OnlyFans mass messages. You can send every day or choose to send messages every week.

How do we make mass messages unique?

To make your OnlyFans mass messages stand out, include exclusive content or add interactive Q&A sessions or fan contests. 

How do we measure the success of mass messages on OnlyFans?

By tracking the engagement rate and response rate of your messages, you can easily understand how successful your messages are. 

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