How Much To Charge For PPV On OnlyFans?

So you have landed on OnlyFans recently and want to make some serious cash, hold on and pay attention to this.

Paid-per-view or PPV posts allow content creators to offer exclusive content to fans for a one-time fee—a powerful strategy to generate extra income and boost engagement.

Unlike selling subscriptions, you just have to be a bit more thorough with your approach when selling paid posts. You have come to the right place!

But most OnlyFans users aren’t sure how much to charge for PPV on OnlyFans, which is why we have put extra effort to help you get started.

What are PPV posts on OnlyFans?

You might have heard of subscriptions, but do you know what’s PPV on OnlyFans? A paid or PPV post on OnlyFans is slightly different from a normal post as it can be only viewed by fans after they pay. You can post an image, a video, or even try out a combination of both.

Starting your OnlyFans page and making money with zero followers isn’t easy as you think. That is why OnlyFans has an extremely helpful feature, i.e., paid posts, that allows new creators to set up a free account and start making money even before they build their fan base.

Is PPV limited to posts?

Now that you know what’s PPV content, you might be wondering if PPV content limited to regular posts on your feed. No, it isn’t.

PPV content includes pay-per-view messages which are paid messages that contain images or videos by creators. Creators send their fans an image or video through DM, and the content remains locked until they pay the money you ask for.

You can send the PPV messages to all fans or only to the chosen group of fans. 

After drafting a message, you may attach the media choose the right pricing, and send it to your fans. It’s that simple!

How much to charge for PPV on OnlyFans

Determining the appropriate price for pay-per-view (PPV) content or how much should I charge for OnlyFans can depend on various factors, including your content quality, niche, audience engagement, and market demand. 

While there isn’t an exact amount, here are some general guidelines to help you set a price:

Consider your content value

Evaluate the uniqueness, exclusivity, and overall quality of the content you plan to offer through PPV. Higher-quality or specialized content may warrant a higher price.

Research the competition

Explore other creators within your niche on OnlyFans and analyze their pricing strategies. This can help you gauge the market rates and make an informed decision.

Start with lower prices

If you’re just starting out or trying to attract new subscribers, consider setting relatively lower prices to entice potential customers. As you build a loyal fan base and your content gains traction, you can gradually increase the prices.

Experiment and analyze

It’s essential to experiment with different price points and monitor the response from your subscribers. To optimize your revenue, you can adjust prices based on their feedback, engagement levels, and conversion rates.

Offer package deals

Instead of focusing solely on individual PPV content, you can create bundle deals or monthly subscriptions that provide more value to your subscribers. This way, they can access a variety of content at a higher price point, which can be more appealing and increase their earnings.

Check your Social media following

When deciding what to charge for your OnlyFans PPV content, have a look at your social media following. Do you have a well-established and decent social media following? If yes, do not hesitate to choose a higher price tag; you definitely deserve it.

Let’s see an example:

Ana Lorde is popular on OnlyFans for her self-love and body positivity, making her an excellent addition to the community. Her USP is her ability to create hot and empowering content for her fans to embrace their sexuality and body positivity. 

Having over 1 million followers on the platform, she has 2 accounts, one free OnlyFans account and another VIP account.

Ana Lorde charges a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 in her VIP account.

Pro Tip: Get inspired by Ana Lorde and create one free account where you can charge for PPV posts. The idea here is to sell more on your free account so that even though you charge $2 to $5 for every post if the number of posts is high, you can easily make more money.

Start low and upgrade

If you are a new OnlyFans and creating interesting and engaging content, start with low prices and then gradually upgrade your prices.

Charging a low price is a great way to get more subscribers and grow your fans. If your fans like what you post and are impressed by the quality of your content, then you can increase your PPV pricing. 

How Pro OnlyFans Creators Use PPV to Make Money

PPV is a great way for content creators to make money besides charging subscriptions. But to make the best out of PPV content, you need to use it smartly, yes, like a PRO!

Here are some best tricks to using PPVs smartly:

Save your best content for PPV

The content you create must be high quality, be it subscriptions you are offering or PPV. But when you create content, save the best for PPV. 

Segregate your fans as a pyramid and place your top fans and subscribers at the bottom and place those who rarely interact with you on top. Send your PPV content to those fans who are actually interested in your content. 

Advertise PPV on feed

If you send PPV content in your DMs without announcing them prior to your fans, chances are that not all of them will open it. Instead, try advertising the PPV content on your feed, and you will get more results. 

Offer bundles

Have a series of images or videos that you can sell together? Great! Bundle them together and out a price tag for a set of images. 

OnlyFans PPV pricing guide for beginner creators

Before getting into the pricing guide, being a beginner OnlyFans creator, you must add more trial links to get more followers. While running trials, add numbers like 15 or 25, which means the first 25 people can actually subscribe to your account for free, after which you can charge.

Now let’s explore the sample prices you can adopt when selling PPV content on your OnlyFans account.

General PPV content

When selling PPV content, you can send DMs and charge anywhere between $3.99 to $ and $.99.

Custom PPV content

For selling customized PPV content fulfilling the request of your fans, you can charge anywhere between $20 to $50 per video for the first month based on the size of your fan base. 

Now if you are a content creator on OnlyFans with a decent-sized fan base, you can pay anywhere between $9.99 and 12.99. For the videos, you can start charging double digits if you are sure that you are presenting one of your best videos to your fans.

Now for the custom content, charge between $50 to $200 depending on the type of personalized request. According to the interest of your fans, you can always charge more.


Ultimately the best pricing for your PPV content depends on your specific content and your fan base, obviously. If you want to find success in growing your OnlyFans, test different price points and stay in line with the market. Get inspired from the pricing strategies used by your competitors as well.

I hope this blog has helped with some valuable information that could help you when deciding what to charge for your PPV content. 

Do you have any secret to pricing your PPV content the best way?

If yes, share it with us; we would love to learn with you.

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