OnlyFans Vs Fangage: What Is The Difference Between The Two Platforms?

OnlyFans is one of the popular content creator subscription platforms that allows content creators to make money from exclusive content. OnlyFans was founded with the intention of offering content creators that includes musicians, artists, fitness enthusiasts, chefs, sex workers and porn stars. 

The no-restrictions policies and incredible opportunity to monetize content popularize OnlyFans.

However, with the announcement of the change in policies to ban adult content, creators started looking for more OnlyFans alternatives. If you are someone who is on the same quest, Fangage is another alternative website to start selling your subscription content and make money.

What is Fangage?

Fangage is a new subscription platform exclusive for content creators to build their own websites, build a community, perform marketing activities, and do everything under one platform.

From exclusive and paid videos to fan-only contests, the platform makes data collection, creator monetization and fan engagement easy. 

Fangage allows creators to sell images and image albums, sell subscriptions and PPV content and allow fans to support creators’ work by tipping.

Here are the feature sets of Fangage. 

Sign up with one click: Users can sign up using social handles, including Google, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, or even Apple logins. 

Fan relationship manager: To manage and segment your fans and send customized messaging to fans.

Access to analytics: Fangage allows creators to iterate on marketing strategies and techniques that engage fans. 

Integrate tools: Fangage allows creators to integrate other platforms like WooCommerce, Bandsintown, GUTS, Shopify, FanFiber etc., for better functionality. 

Publish free and paid fan-only content: Creators can manage and publish the content from their laptop or smartphone. 

Sending direct and personal emails and texts to fans: Creators can directly target and reach fans or specific fan groups.

OnlyFans Vs Fangage- Similarities and differences

OnlyFans and Fangage are similar in terms of both being content subscription platforms and offering different avenues for creators to monetize exclusive content. Whereas Fangage has several distinctive features that differentiate it from OnlyFans like offering a custom domain to help creators build their brand. 

Let’s get into the details of OnlyFans Vs Fangage:

OnlyFans Vs Fangage- Ease of use

Creating and setting up your OnlyFans page is easy and simple. The platform has a user verification that might take a couple of days before you can start using the account successfully.

Likewise, Fangage is also easy to create and easy to operate. But compared to OnlyFans, Fangage is a bit complex in its operations. As it involves a lot of price packages, creators need to do their homework before starting a Fangage account.

OnlyFans Vs. Fangage: Content niches

While OnlyFans allows creators to join the platform as adult creators and sell private videos and pictures, Fangage doesn’t support adult content. Over 90% of content on OnlyFans is NSFW content, which is a big reason adult creators flood the platform.

Fangage is meant for creators who sell exclusive safe-to-work ( SFW) content. With Fangage, you can also create a website with a custom domain and start making money.

OnlyFans Vs. Fangage- Price packages and commissions

When you compare OnlyFans Vs. Fangage, as a content subscription platform, certainly has some differences in pricing plans. OnlyFans is absolutely free, and they charge only 20% commissions on all transactions of creators. 

Fangage comes with different pricing plans as they understand their audience and offer different pricing packages. The start and legend plan also comes with a 14-day trial. Here are the plans:

Talent plan: The plan is free and comes with unlimited fan profiles and content, fan relationship management (FRM) and more. The only cost for creators who chose this plan is the 6% processing fee on the earnings. 

Star plan: The plan comes to around $39 monthly and includes everything that the Talent plan offers, along with customized pages and the ability for creators to use their own domain name, file downloads, free setup support etc. The processing fee ranges from around $5 for the Star plan.

Legend plan: The legend plan of Fangage costs creators around $79 per month and is similar to the star plan, along with the ability to follow-to unlock content, receive fan submissions, admin user roles, coupons and contests, fangage branding and more. The processing fee is as low as 4% with this plan.

OnlyFans Vs. Fangage- Features

Fangage allows artists to set up and launch their own creator platform and take control of the fanbase. Artists can send direct text messages to fans with a link to their ticket sales and offer early access of new merchandise coming up. 

Fangage was acquired by Triller, the AI-powered open garden technology platform for content creators. By partnering with Triller, Fangage creates an ecosystem where creators can build a global audience with fan engagement, monetization tools, and commerce capabilities.

OnlyFans Vs Fangage- Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of OnlyFans and Fangage quickly: 

Pros Cons
  • Content subscription platform support all forms of content including adult content. 
  • Creators can charge a monthly subscription fee ranging from $4.99 to $49.99. 
  • Sell content through subscriptions, paid content, tips etc. 
  • Deducts 20% commissions for all transactions.
  • As competition is high, creators need to promote hard to increase the fan base. 
  • Lacks good search and doesn’t give exposure to your content.
  • Content subscription platform for creator’s but doesn’t support NSFW content. 
  • Offer a variety of features for branding by using a unique and attractive domain name for fanpage. 
  • Charges only 10% processing fee on earnings
  • Have complete control over the website and content and customize by removing the fangage branding. 
  • Access to fan relationship manager.
  • Features for marketing and multi-lingual feature.
  • The primary expense for the talent plan is 6% handling charges on the profile. 
  • Processing fee is 5% for the start plan.


Fangage is an all-in-one solution for content creator platforms to reach and engage with all of their fans across the globe. The platform allows creators to host and sell exclusive content and provide unique subscription packages to fans. While OnlyFans is for adult creators, Fangage suites creators who work around SFW content. 

Alternatively, if you want to create a content subscription platform, congratulations, you have chosen a lucrative business idea. Fanso is all that you need to get started with building an OnlyFans-like platform with unique e-customizations. Reach out to us in the comments for more guidance on launching a platform like OnlyFans or Fangage.

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