Tips on How to Get Paypigs

Money and sex have a tendency to overlap in all kinds of ways, and that’s why Findom is a thing. Findom is both a kink and a lifestyle where a submissive gives the dominant money. The submissives are often referred to as paypigs who get sexual gratification from being financially exploited. 

Webcamming is a popular form of paypigging when it comes to the online Findom world, with clients spending hundreds of dollars on the demand of the cam performer.

So, if you are into Findom, how to get a PayPig who splurges money on you? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to explore in this blog. So, without any delays, let’s get started.

What is a PayPig?

Paypigs are submissives, generally, men who consent to serve the dominant financially. They are basically money slaves who splurge money to get dominated. In the eyes of paypigs, their sole purpose in life is to please their Findom using money and material goods. 

Paypigs can relinquish all their bank balance, bank information, vehicles, and other belongings.

To learn more about how to be a Findom, this article can help you. Paypigs generally are extremely wealthy and successful men who lead busy and hectic lives, and that is why they enjoy being dominated by someone else who is attractive and enticing. 

While most PayPig and Findom relationships are one-to-one and grow into strong bonds over time. 

How to get paypigs?

With the right mindset and approach, becoming a Findom can be an extremely empowering, pleasurable, and rewarding activity. If you are looking to get paypigs online, you must be willing to offer quality time and content to the paypigs. 

Keep in mind that every PayPig has its own interests, so you must keep this in mind when you search for PayPig.

Here are some tips on how to find paypigs:

Choose the best websites

If you are finding paypigs online, the best place to look for them is the best websites for Findoms. You can look for paypigs on platforms like OnlyFans and other fetish platforms, camming websites, sugar dating sites where you can find like-minded findommes.                                                     

Some specialized platforms include:

  • OnlyFans.
  • PayPig palace
  • EliteFindom

List out the rules

Now that you are learning more about how to get PayPigs, it is important to list out the things you expect from your Findom relationship before putting yourself out there. The clearer you are about your needs and preferences, the easier it would be to find PayPigs who complimented your demands. 

Here are the top things you need to make clear:

  • Weekly payouts.
  • Access to a debit card or credit card for the daily needs.
  • No in-person interactions.
  • All-expenses paid trip every year.

You must also set clear boundaries from the beginning; for example, if you don’t like engaging in face-to-face meetings, you don’t want to accompany paypigs for shopping sprees, etc.

Being transparent and honest with your paypigs can ensure clarity and satisfaction.

Finding paypigs on social media

Social media is the best place to find submissives to pay you. The best websites to find PayPigs are Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

You can build your Findom brand on these social platforms, posting 5 to 6 times a day on Twitter and about 2 to 3 times a day on Instagram.

When starting out, clearly outline the contact information and payment methods in your Twitter profile. This helps eliminate fake PayPigs.

Now, coming to Instagram, it is more visual than Twitter. Hence, it is recommended to provide images and videos to attract your PayPigs. But never provide any unique content unless they pay. 

Use relevant hashtags to find PayPigs

When promoting your Findom content on OnlyFans and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are all about hashtags. Use Findom-related hashtags, which work as keywords.

These are the popular hashtags you can use in your posts to increase the visibility:

  • Findomme
  • PayPigs
  • Tribute
  • Money
  • Financial domination
  • Cash cows
  • Findom
  • Slaves

Best PayPig platforms for Financial Dominatrix

For Findommes, who love the aspect of the BDSM community, choosing the best platform to find PayPigs becomes important for building genuine relationships with PayPigs.It is about the thrill and, most importantly, the authenticity, security, and connection.

Here is our list of best platforms to find PayPigs, ensuring more parties have an enriching experience. 


OnlyFans is a popular adult subscription platform to find PayPigs. It is a platform for creators, including Findommes, to craft their stories and engage with PayPigs. OnlyFans provides creators with various monetization avenues, including subscriptions, pay-per-view content, DMs, live streams, tips, etc. 


SextPanther is one of the best platforms for finding PayPigs. The platform combines the intimacy of texting, supporting real-time conversations, calls and even image exchanges.

Being a platform that supports genuine and safe interactions, it is a great choice for seasoned dominatrix to find PayPigs. 


CashMeet is a bustling online platform that offers support for PayPig interactions. The website is all about building meaningful connections where creators and fans engage in genuine interactions. The user-friendly design facilitates community building and appreciates the essence of financial supremacy.


Among the platforms to find PayPigs, FanCentro is a unique website where content creators include fandoms and PayPigs. FanCentro is a community, a stage where financial fantasies come to life. The website shines by offering accessibility, selling clips, stories, and more.

Build your own website for Findom

While there are several platforms to find PayPigs, you can consider building your own Findom marketplace to connect Findommes with Paypigs. 

A Findom platform must have significant features like live camming, selling subscriptions, selling PPV content, gallery creation, built-in secure payment gateways etc. The best way to build a Findom marketplace is to use a white-label solution like Fanso that comes equipped with important features you need to build a community of Findommes and PayPigs. Fanso is a clone script that allows you to customize your Findom marketplace at a one-time, affordable fee.


Finding and attracting PayPigs is really a business. You need to build your brand and project yourself as a strong Findom. When finding PayPigs, showcase yourself as confident, and you are leading a lifestyle that your submissives want to support with money. 

PayPigs are of different types, and they come and go, so make sure you build strong and long-lasting relationships with them to ensure you can earn a consistent income. Put enough time into the process of finding PayPigs and make sure you choose an authentic platform to ensure secure relationships and transactions.

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