OnlyFans Male vs Female Statistics (2024 Report)

OnlyFans is an inclusive subscription platform popular in the adult entertainment industry. Despite the inclusive tag, the majority of the creators on the platform are women, so the gender disparity pretty much exists! However, the disparity is pretty much “reversed” here, and there have even been incidents where men have been lobbying for equal pay on the platform.

That’s why we have penned this blog as well! In this blog, we offer an overview of OnlyFans male vs. female statistics, highlight the gender dynamics, and give a rundown on the top creator numbers. So, let’s delve into some serious business with these detailed statistics read!

OnlyFans Statistics: Overview 

Before moving on to a detailed comparison of the OnlyFans male vs. female statistics, we cover a few key platform statistics.

  • OnlyFans’s current valuation was about $18 million in 2023 compared to $2.5 million in 2022. (Signhouse)
  • The platform has more than 210 million registered users, of which more than 2.1 million are content creators. (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • Since the platform was introduced, it has paid creators a revenue of $15 billion. (Business Standard)
  • OnlyFans had a profit of $525 million in 2022, a sizable increase from $433 million last year. (Upmarket)
  • Creators are increasing at 47.25% YoY, substantially higher than the 27.06% YoY increase in fans. (Upmarket)
  • OnlyFans records a monthly visit of 454.6 M users. (Semrush)
  • OnlyFans is the 34th most visited website in the world. (Semrush)
  • 31.25% of average OnlyFans users are within the 25-34 age gap. (Signhouse)
  • The average OnlyFans creator has around 21 subscribers and takes away an average of $151 monthly. (EarthWeb)
  • Approximately 70% of the OnlyFans content is NSFW. (EarthWeb)
  • 43.15% of creators are from the U.S. (SignHouse)

OnlyFans Female Vs. Male General Statistics

Now, let’s move to the meat of the content — an elaborate comparison of male vs. female statistics. 

First and foremost, let’s dabble into the basic gender statistics!

These statistics clearly highlight the percentage of female and male creators on OnlyFans. Obviously, there is a prevalent gender dynamic here.  Given the fact that OnlyFans is an adult-oriented platform, sexually explicit content does rake in a whole lot of money. And there’s a massive audience for engaging in explicit content.

Despite the platform’s assertion to be inclusive, the percentage of non-straight creators is significantly lower. This sends the message that much needs to be done to recognize non-binary and genderqueer creators and respect their pursuits.

The disproportionate user statistics further affirm existing gender dynamics on the platform. And this male domination comes as no surprise, considering the typical creator and user scenario on an NSFW platform. The Archives of Sexual Behaviour research paper published in 2022 takes these statistics a step beyond. It states that the average OnlyFans male user is white, heterosexual, and married.

  • Gaming, photography, fitness, and cooking are the most popular niches for male creators on OnlyFans.  And the majority of male creators are in the fitness niche. Nearly 15% – 20% of male creators belong to tech, gaming and lifestyle niches. (Gitnux: Male Statistics)

Making money on OnlyFans for a man is certainly possible. The key lies in choosing the right niche to monetize on. These statistics show that male creators are not restricting themselves to adult niches and are capitalizing on other niches as well.

These statistics prove that the platform is evolving as an inclusive creator landscape.

It’s typical to think that women creators would have a male audience and vice versa. However, the above statistics prove that the situation is not the same on the platform.

Twitter snippets on the OnlyFans gender dynamics
 X snippets on the gender dynamics (Source: X (Twitter))

All these statistics lead to a single idea: OnlyFans is primarily driven by female creators who earn from young men who pay for their content. 

OnlyFans Female Vs. Male Statistics: Who Earns More?

Before we examine who earns more on the platform, let’s gauge the average creator’s earnings on OnlyFans.

So, the average creator earns between $180 and $200 on OnlyFans. Earnings grow with the number of subscribers, niche, and expertise on the platform.

OnlyFans Creator Earnings over the years
OnlyFans Creator Earnings over the years (Source: Signhouse)

Here’s some insightful data that draws a clear picture of creator earnings on the platform:

This highlights the gender disparity that exists on the popular platform. Despite the fact that both genders offer the same service, their pay carves a different picture altogether! So, roughly 90,000 to 500,000 OnlyFans creators are males.

Considering the platform trend, virtually all platform earnings come from the top 10% of creators, who earn 73% of the platform revenue. So, imagine the massive stake of the platform earnings from women creators.

While the majority of creator clans on the platform are women, the disparity seems to significantly decrease for the top bandwagon. However, much needs to be done to create an equitable platform!

There is an evident female domination on the OnlyFans platform. However, these statistics indicate that males earn significantly higher in the upper echelon of OnlyFans.

  • The average OnlyFans male income is $1,500 – $7500 per month, and females earn between $1,000 -$3,000 a month. (Gitnux: Male Statistics)

OnlyFans is a haven for creators, given its reach and the revenue it offers.  So, the platform holds substantial potential to earn for males as well. However, your success depends on factors like subscription price, the number of followers, and your niche.

Average Earnings of Males and Females on OnlyFans
Average Earnings of Males and Females on OnlyFans (Source: X (Twitter))

This emphasizes the overall impact of the pandemic on the growth of OnlyFans. Plus, it shows that the percentage of male creators has increased, a significantly larger trend than that of female counterparts.

Reasons for Gender Disparities in OnlyFans

Let’s analyze the reasons for the existing pay disparity on the platform:

  • Adult content dominates the platform, so the audience has a definitive bias for women
  • The majority of OnlyFans’ audience is young males.
  • New or existing creators often don’t go overboard for OnlyFans self-promotion.
  • Creators often don’t realize having a successful stint on OnlyFans is a slow process.
  • The top echelon of OnlyFans creators are primarily females, adding to the existing trend.
  • Niche, followers, and subscription prices also influence the platform earnings.

OnlyFans Top Creator Statistics

Now, let’s bring to the spotlight the top creative geniuses who are the meat of the platform’s earnings.

The top dogs, the crème de la crème, or the top 1% of creators take away the maximum earnings from the platform. 

For instance, Thomas Hollands 2020 article published on Xsrus provides the following the insightful statistics:

  • The top 1% of creators account for 33% of the overall platform income.
  • The top 10% of creators make around 73% of the platform income.
  • Top creators earn about $100,000 per month.

So, this is not the typical 80:20 rule; it’s the 80:14 rule.

OnlyFans Income Distribution
OnlyFans Income Distribution (Source: Xsrus)

Top Female Creators

As we know, female creators take away a massive chunk of the top creator earnings.

Here’s a quick rundown on the top-earning OnlyFans female creators with a staggering million-dollar empire:

Creator Subscription Price Earnings
Iggy Azalea  $20 per month $36 million
Bhad Bhabie  $17.99 per month $34 million
Denise Richards  $25 per month $24 million
Belle Delphine $35 per month $14.4 million
Amouranth  $14.99 per month $10 million
Corinna Kopf  $19.99 per month $10 million
Brianna Coppage $15 per month $10 million
Sky Bri  $20 per month $7.8 million
Gemma McCourt  $30 per month $6 million
Bryce Adams $6.99 per month $6.4 million

Top Male Creators

Listed below are the top-earning male OnlyFans creators on the platform:

Creator Subscription Price Earnings
Safaree Samuels  NA $1.9 million
Nikocado Avocado  $14.99 month $500K 
Reno Gold $14.99 per month $1.2 million

After comparing the top creators’ earnings, what can you conclude? Yes, from the above figures, it’s quite evident that the overall earnings of female creators are significantly higher than those of male creators. Only two or three out of the top 10 or 15 creators are males. 

Popular OnlyFans Niches 

While most OnlyFans content belongs to the adult niche, the platform isn’t all about NSFW anymore! From fitness to food, creators are exploring many niches to change the narrative of the multibillion-dollar creator empire.

On that note, let’s list out the popular male and female niches on the staggering creator platform!

Female Niches

  • Fetish
  • E-girl/Gamer
  • Femdom
  • Cosplay
  • Girlfriend Experience
  • MILF
  • Lesbian/ LGBTQ+
  • Fashion

Male Niches

  • Gay/ Bisexual content
  • Couples content
  • Femboy
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle
  • Tech
  • Music

Debunking the Narrative: Summing Up

These statistics clearly prove that women are debunking the narrative—or should we say weaving their own OnlyFans narrative?

Here are the OnlyFans male vs. female statistics to sum up the same:

  • Women account for 70% of the total OnlyFans creators, while male creators account for a mere 29%. Thus, there’s a clear gender dynamic at play.
  • 10% of the platform creators belong to the LGBTQ community. This says that OnlyFans is an inclusive creator landscape.
  • Women creators earn 78% more than male creators. So, there exists a significant pay disparity on OnlyFans.
  • 25% of the top-earning creators are males. It’s evident that the disparity decreases in the top celebrities and influencers of the platform.
  • Gaming, fitness, photography and tech are the popular niches for male creators.

FAQs-Related to OnlyFans Male Vs. Female Statistics

1. Who earns more on OnlyFans, males or females?

Yes, the gender disparity is real. Although OnlyFans is an all-inclusive platform, female creators earn more than male creators.

2. What percentage of OnlyFans creators are males?

 29% of the total creators on the platform are males, while 70% are females.

3. How much do male creators make on the OnlyFans platform?

On average, male creators make about $150 to $180 per month. On the other hand, top creators make around tens of thousands of dollars per month.

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