FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet: Which is the Best Platform for Selling Foot Pics?

Do you take pride in your peasant, Roman or Greek-style trotters? Well, then, you can earn some serious dough with your pretty tootsies! With foot fetish turning mainstream, there are a whole lot of people with foot fetish waiting out there. Plus, foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes, so you can definitely bank in a whole chunk of money!

But selling your foot pics is not about wiggling your piggies and getting the best snap; it’s much more! That said, selling foot pics has been much a part of the cultural zeitgeist. Well, FeetFinder and FunWithFeet are two popular platforms popularizing the fetish! That’s why we thought to pen down a detailed FeetFinder vs. FunWithFeet comparison. 

Starting from the basics, the blog delves and offers an in-depth comparison of different aspects: monetization, user experience, packages, payment, etc. So, let’s put our best foot forward and explore the fetish world!

Before delving deep, let’s understand what these two platforms essentially are!

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a subscription-based platform established in 2019 for buying and selling foot pictures online. Here, foot models can monetize by selling high-quality foot pictures, albums, videos and custom content. On the other hand, users can search for different foot pictures based on relevant categories and keywords.

Sellers must choose from the basic or premium packages to sell foot pictures on FeetFinder. On the other hand, the platform is free to access for buyers. They only pay when purchasing content from sellers. Additionally, the platform allows sellers to earn from tipping and custom content.

Features of FeetFinder:

  • Multiple Monetization Options
  • Secure Payment Infrastructure
  • Instant Messaging to connect with other buyers and sellers
  • Extensive Content Categories
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • High-quality content
  • Affordable subscription plans
FeetFinder Website
Source: FeetFinder

What is FunwithFeet?

FunwithFeet is also a foot-selling marketplace established in 2021 to connect foot models and foot lovers. You can also monetize here by selling paid and custom feet pics. Sellers can also offer all of their exclusive content through subscriptions. Like other subscription platforms, sellers can also earn additional profits from tips.

It works like a social platform, where users typically share their content, which appears on the subscribers’ feed. Sellers need to be registered users above 18 years of age and create an attractive profile to get started. 

Overall, FunwithFeet is a comparatively new website compared to Feetfinder and has relatively limited users.

Features of FunwithFeet

  • Multiple Monetization Options
  • Secure Payment Infrastructure
  • Instant Messaging to connect buyers and sellers
  • Extensive Content Categories
FunwithFeet Website
Source: FunwithFeet

FeetFinder Vs. FunWithFeet

Now, let’s witness the showdown of two prominent foot-selling platforms!

1. Monetization Options

Both the foot-selling platforms offer multiple monetization channels to maximize revenue in the foot fetish world.

Let’s begin with the greatest foot fetish dominion FeetFinder! 

FeetFinder edges ahead with extensive monetization options to explore. The platform deducts a 20% commission from creator earnings, and the rest 80% adds up to your earnings. Sellers with premium subscription packages get to keep 90% of their earnings, and those with basic packages get 85% of their earnings.  

For starters, here’s how you can make money on FeetFinder:

  • Paid subscriptions: Earn from paid subscribers who get access to your content for a monthly fee
  • Paid feet pics: Earn by selling individual pics of your foot, face or body
  • Feet albums: Bundle multiple photos into albums and create a one-time product and sell many times
  • Tips: Sellers can also ramp up their revenue with some generous tips
  • Custom Content: Take up custom offers from fans asking for personalized content
  • Affiliate Commission: Get a 10% affiliate commission for referring other sellers to the site.

Speaking about FunwithFeet, the revenue streams are pretty much the same. However, the platform doesn’t charge commissions so that you can keep 100% of your earnings. Further, unlike FeetFinder, it doesn’t allow creators to earn through monthly subscriptions and affiliate commissions.

Final Verdict: FeetFinder offers more monetization channels for creators to explore. So, despite FunwithFeet’s commission-free business model, its rival seems to score points here!

2. User Experience

The business world is competitive! So, a good design is pivotal to differentiate yourself from competitors! When you compare both the feet-selling platforms, FeetFinder is an old player and has quite an intuitive interface. On the other hand, FunwithFeet’s interface is beginner-friendly but seems to be a bit chunky.

You have a verification process on both platforms, where you have to submit your ID to get approved. Once you get approved, you can start posting your content on both platforms. All the images are blurred, and users must pay to access them. You can choose which images are free and which should be paid. Further, on both platforms, you get to track your sales and income over time.

3. Packages

Both FeetFinder and FunWithFeet are free for buyers, but they charge a pricing structure for sellers. However, the subscription packages differ. A subscription fee ensures that the sellers are serious about selling foot pics. 

FeetFinder offers two subscription packages:

Basic Package

Costs $4.99/month,  $14.99 annually ($1.25/monthly), $40 for lifetime subscription. 


  • Unlimited uploading up to 1GB limit (15 images per album, max of 10 minutes per video) 
  • Automatic blurring of content
  • Direct messages and custom offers
  • Tips and tricks to be a successful foot model 
  • The website attracts buyers across the internet with its reach

Premium Package: 

Costs $14.99/month, $49.99 annually, and $80 for a lifetime subscription 


  • Features from the basic package
  • Priority over basic plan users in the FeetFinder search

Now, let’s spin the bottles to FunwithFeet!

FunwithFeet provides two subscription packages: 

  • $9.99 package for three months
  • $14.99 package  for six months

Final Verdict: FeetFinder has a flexible pricing plan starting from $4.99/ month. FunwithFeet doesn’t have a monthly subscription plan and expects users to invest in the  $9.99 plan for three months, even while testing the waters.

4. Payment Processing

FeetFinder has a robust and secure payment infrastructure. Buyers must provide their debit card and bank details to purchase content on the website. 

For sellers, the payout process is pretty straightforward and hassle-free. Once customers buy their content, the platform deducts 20% commission, and the rest is credited to their online wallets. They can withdraw the money once their earnings reach the $30 threshold. Then, you can raise a payout request; the platform credits the payment to your bank account. Segpay is the payment processor for US residents, while Paxum works for non-US-based residents.

Both are trusted payment platforms, and you can quickly resolve your grievances through customer support. 

FeetwithFeet also processes payouts through Paxum, Segay and Paypal. Like FeetFinder, Paxum works for non-US residents, and Segay processes payouts for US residents.

Final Verdict: Although both platforms use reliable third-party processors, FeetFinder appears to be a secure platform, given its good reputation.

5. Income

Money fuels any business pursuit! Hence, this comparison would be incomplete without comparing the income aspect. There’s no golden book for predicting how much you can earn as a creator! 

The income earned on any foot-selling platform depends on diverse factors like the platform used, prices, negotiation skills, pic quality, and demand. And this might well add to the pros and cons of selling feet pics online.

FeetFinder’s foot models report earning $200 to $2000 per month. As a creator, you can start selling your pics for $10 or $100, depending upon their quality and category, and then gradually increase your prices. However, an important thing to consider here is the 20% sales cut the platform takes from creator earnings.

On the other hand, FunwithFeet doesn’t charge any commissions; hence, on the surface, the creator seems to get the lion’s share. However, the platform has more fake buyers and is oversaturated with sellers.

Final Verdict: Overall, the impressive statistics and different monetization channels make FeetFinder a lucrative platform!

For a more clear idea on the income, you can check out our detailed blog on FeetFinder vs. OnlyFans comparison.

6. Community 

With its strong foot fetish community of 5 million creators, FeetFinder also outshines in this domain. New creators can connect with existing creators to get started on the platform. The platform also hosts forums and groups where users can share their experiences and advice. Plus, a solid social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram keeps the buzzing community engaged.

Unlike FeetFinder, FunwithFeet lacks a strong community of fetish lovers.

Final Verdict: FeetFinder is the indisputable winner here with its sprawling community!

7. Website Traffic

Next, let’s analyze the amount of traffic these websites attract. According to Semrush, FeetFinder garnered a massive 1.92M visits in April 2024. 

FeetFinder's April Traffic
FeetFinder’s April Traffic (Source: Semrush)

On the other hand, FunwithFeet got about 295.79K visits in April 2024.

FunwithFeet's April Traffic
FunwithFeet’s April Traffic (Source: Semrush)

A huge catalyst for the sizable number of visits to FeetFinder is its strong community and social media presence.

Final Verdict: FeetFinder ranks higher than FunwithFeet in the traffic leaderboards.

8. Security and Privacy

The security of data is an essential concern on such platforms. Some creators might also expect to remain anonymous through the process. Both platforms are legit and offer a secure place for buyers and sellers.

Now, you might ask, are the platforms scam-proof? Honestly, the internet is massive, and you can’t be 100% safe from fraud and discrepancies. 

But both platforms take the following steps to ensure security:

  • A strict verification process
  • Secure payment processors like Paxum and Segay
  • Chargeback support to deal with fraudulent issues
  • Creators get to choose the personal information to be disclosed

Now, for a fair comparison, let’s check the platform reviews on TrustPilot. FeetFinder has 4.6 ratings from 3,491 reviews on TrustPilot. The platform is PCI-compliant and has a third-party firewall, encrypted servers, encrypted communications and transactions, etc.

FeetFinder on TrustPilot
FeetFinder on TrustPilot (Source: TrustPilot)

On the flip side, there’s no information about FunwithFeet.

Final Verdict: FeetFinder emerges as a reliable platform here as well.

9. Customer Support

Although both FeetFinder and FunwithFeet are beginner-friendly and adopt the same business model, you could face occasional glitches in your journey! Neither FeetFinder nor FunwithFeet offers chat or phone-based customer support. So, the only alternative left is a prompt mail to fix the issue!

FeetFinder’s email customer service is supportive and outshines an enticing feature. Besides, it has a solid social media presence on X (Twitter), Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok. The website has a comprehensive FAQ section and an informative YouTube channel for sellers just starting on the platform.

FeetFinder Contact Form
FeetFinder Contact Form

On the flip side, FunwithFeet also has a Contact Us page for raising queries. However, unlike FeetFinder, it doesn’t have a dedicated FAQ page; it just has a brief set of questions covering a few topics.

FunwithFeet Contact Form
FunwithFeet Contact Form

Finally, we have reached the end of the FunwithFeet vs FeetFinder discussion and here’s a befitting conclusion.

The Final Verdict: Which is the Best Platform for Selling Feet Pics?

Indubitably, FeetFinder and FunFeetFinder are legit websites and offer a secure platform for buyers and sellers in the foot fetish world.  Are you an amateur foot model looking for an excellent platform to get started with? Our comprehensive FeetFinder vs. FunwithFeet blog has already figured out the best one. Well, you might even have guessed the answer! Yes, it’s FeetFinder

FeetFinder is an excellent foot-selling marketplace. With diverse monetization channels, flexible subscription packages, secure payment infrastructure, and extensive customer support, FeetFinder is a winning stake. So, are you ready to step into the fetish world?

FAQs-Related to FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet

1. Which is better, FeetFinder or FunwithFeet?

Both FeetFinder and FunwithFeet are legit websites and a great stage for buyers and sellers to connect and grow. However, FeetFinder is a better alternative for several reasons.

2. Is FunwithFeet a legit website?

Yes, FunwithFeet is indeed a legitimate website for selling and buying foot pics, videos, and albums.

3. How much can a foot model make with FeetFinder?

As per foot models on FeetFinder, you can earn about $1000 or more. The top models earn a higher income, ranging from $5000 to $9000 monthly. However, your income depends on content quality, prices, expertise, etc.

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