What Do The Top 0.1%, 1%, And 10% Earn On OnlyFans

If you ask how much does top 0.1 OnlyFans creators make, the short answer is it depends. If you have seen the Twitter or Instagram profiles of content creators on OnlyFans, you can see- Top 0.1%, 1%, 10%, and so on. To people who are new to these figures, these percentages are sacred numbers for OnlyFans creators. The top% OnlyFans is all about the OnlyFans creators, their marketing activities, and how they perform overall.

What do you mean by the top 10% OnlyFans content creators?

Top 1 of OnlyFans creators or, in general, a percentage is a number that represents models who are in the top percentage of the creator population on OnlyFans. It is a private number that is accessible by the creator alone.

So what are the top 0.1 OnlyFans or top 10 percent OnlyFans creators? These refer to creators who are in 0.1% or 10% of the entire model population on the platform.

Top% OnlyFans is a concept that isn’t elucidated anywhere else. The FAQ of OnlyFans just briefly says that the percentage ranking is based on the performance of a model over the past one month. It is not very clear, though, how the percentage is calculated. It is obvious that the percentage calculation will vary based on different factors like likes received, comments received overall engagement, number of followers, DMs in your inbox, and more.

But how is the top 0.1 OnlyFans calculated? Is there any formula? Some OnlyFans users strongly believe that the percentage calculation is based on the earnings of creators from the last month.

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The monthly earnings of models will be compared to the money made by all other models on the platform by a fancy algorithm. It brings out percentage ranking by comparing earnings and all other factors and tells where you fall in the percentage ranking.

But why is the percentage calculation used instead of numbers? It must be because mentioning a creator as 5784 won’t look appealing, as the platform has over 5 lakh creators of all sorts.

What does the Top percent on OnlyFans represent?

The top 1% OnlyFans creators represent models in the top 1% in terms of income compared to all users on OnlyFans. The money creators make on the platform has set a record that influences the top percent OnlyFans.

It means models who make over $10,000 will belong to the top 1% OnlyFans creators.

But how much revenue must creators make to reach the top percent on OnlyFans? To know the exact amount, divide the total revenue earned by all models by the total number of models. It isn’t possible to calculate the exact estimate, but you can calculate a rough figure in order to know your top percentage.

You can use the following as a rough calculation of how much money OnlyFans creators make. The data for these values are taken from here based on the information given by one of the OnlyFans models.

  • The top 10% OnlyFans content creators earn around $1000 a month.
  • The top 1% OnlyFans creators generate over $6000 monthly.
  • The top 0.1% OnlyFans models generate revenue of over $100,000 every month.

You also need to consider the fact that OnlyFans deduct a commission from the total earnings made by each model.

So if you ask how much does OnlyFans take, it deducts a 20% commission from each model’s total earnings made through different money-making avenues.

So when you set your rates, you have to consider how much do OnlyFans make from the creator’s earnings to calculate how much money you have to make to reach the top percentage.

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Understanding the Calculation of OnlyFans Percentages

Determining the specific criteria used to establish the percentage on OnlyFans can be challenging, as the platform do not provide a detailed explanation of the calculation process.

Several factors influence your OnlyFans ranking

Earnings: OnlyFans employs a unique algorithm that compares your earnings with those of other creators, determining your position in the rankings.

Engagement Levels: Your ranking considers engagement metrics such as comments, likes on posts, and direct messages. Higher engagement enhances your standing on the platform.

Content Quality: The quality of your photos, videos, and overall content plays a pivotal role. More professional and appealing content opens up greater opportunities on the platform.

Social Media Presence: Your ranking is influenced by your presence on social media platforms and the size of your following. A larger fan base contributes to a higher position in the rankings.

Understanding these factors can help creators strategize and enhance their performance on OnlyFans, potentially climbing the ranks and gaining increased visibility and recognition.

Success factors of top OnlyFans models to reach the top percentage

The popularity and how models set up their profiles influence their success over other models on the platform. So here are some important factors that play an important role in your success of you as a model on OnlyFans.

Creators in the top 10% have a power position

Top 0.1 OnlyFans creators and everyone below the top 10% have the power position on the platform. No users would like to follow models with less authority; everyone would love to subscribe to models who can create an impact on their fans.

Top creators dominate the social media

Models on OnlyFans who belong to the top % have more success rate on social platforms. Fame has a strange way of building up itself on social platforms. The more fans you have, you will have more provides that you offer the best quality content.

They belong to a niche

If you take the top 0.1 OnlyFans, you can see they stick on to a niche and have more success rates than models who aren’t focused on a niche. If you create videos around a niche, make sure you keep creating content around it instead of providing content in different niches.

They believe in quality over quantity

If you create low-quality content, you aren’t going to attract many followers, not loyal ones for sure. The top 1 OnlyFans creators have the basic knowledge of supply and demand. If you have high demand, pull back the supply even more to get more fans who are looking for the best quality content. This means the top 0.1 OnlyFans models understand the concept of making fans feel “VIP.” While creating content consistently, make sure you produce quality content to get as much profit from it and reach the top percentage,


Every model on OnlyFans has a personal relationship with the top percent. It can be beneficial for them or might hinder their growth in different ways. But for OnlyFans general users, the top % OnlyFans, it becomes a handy tool to rate success on the platform.

But it isn’t as important as quality content, so OnlyFans stopped displaying a percentage on its main feed. This shift shows the change from giving more significance to the content quality than the top percentage.

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