Cashout on OnlyFans: How Does OnlyFans Payout Work?

In this blog, we’ll talk about, how does OnlyFans payout work & how to withdraw money from onlyfans, before that, let’s look into what OnlyFans is

One of the world-famous and fastest-growing content subscription websites is OnlyFans. Getting access to exclusive content on OnlyFans is a dream of every youngster. And yes, models who are dedicated to their work can use OnlyFans as their revenue avenue.

If you follow a celebrity on OnlyFans you can subscribe to their content services by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Anyone who are talented and confident enough to entertain the audience can join OnlyFans and start making money.

But how does OnlyFans payment works, and how much do creators make?

What is OnlyFans

If you have been following the creator economy, there is no chance that you will miss out OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a social platform like Instagram based out of London, which content creators leverage to sell exclusive content to their audience. 

How do performers on OnlyFans make money, and how much do they earn?

The total amount of money made by creators on OnlyFans differs based on the type of content, the efforts you put in, your niche, and a lot of other factors.

  • Audrey Aura, an OnlyFans creator with over 3k subscribers, is one of the top 0.46% of creators
  • Isabella James, who boasts over 128,000 followers, makes $2 million in revenue in a year. 
  • Morgan Edwards, popularly known as “Kitty K,” has over 5k fans and made over $2 million in business.

How do OnlyFans performers get paid?

Content creators on OnlyFans make money through subscriptions, pay-per-view content, paid messaging, tips, live streaming, and more. Fans pay a specific amount to subscribe to the exclusive content of their favorite creators. A person can access premium content by paying the performers in different ways. 

Subscriptions are the primary way to monetize the content on OnlyFans. Some creators also establish course programs and private coaching businesses to make money. For example, you can start an OnlyFans course on how to succeed on the platform if you have been receiving an uptick in requests for advice on growing your OnlyFans platform

Here’s how creators make money on the platform


Content creators make a good amount of money by selling images and videos on the platform. They lock their content behind a paywall and allow fans to easily subscribe to the videos and watch the content, which is exclusive and paid for due to the content’s uniqueness. 


If you don’t want to sell subscriptions, don’t worry. You can still make money. Lock individual photos and images or post a photo or video gallery and lock it behind a paywall. 

Accept tips

Content creators can make money by receiving tips from fans on the content they publish. Tips can be received through messages as well. Performers can provide custom content through fan requests and get paid around $100-$400 per customized video.

Live streaming

Creators who have set their subscription fee to free can leverage the option of streaming live videos to their followers. Live streaming is an excellent way to catch the attention of your fans and engage them effectively.

How do OnlyFans payouts work?

OnlyFans deducts 20% commission from content creators for the services they provide and allows them to keep 80% with them. Due to the website traffic, you can make a good amount of profit even with commissions but just make sure you plan ahead when setting your subscription fee. 

The process of getting paid is a little long. They link their accounts to the OnlyFans platform, and they can track their payment at the start of the next month.

So if you ask how long does OnlyFans payout take to reflect in your account, it takes around 4 to 5 business days. Once your payment is released, it gets reflected in your bank account without going to the bank outlet or going through the hustle of documentation.

How difficult is it to withdraw OnlyFans’ payment?

When you are a content creator on OnlyFans, you get the payment of your choice and do not have to look for others to get paid. However, there are scenarios in which content creators will be paid alter or face difficulties in processing payments.

When a subscriber buys your content and makes some money, the balance goes to the “pending” section, which might take around 8 to 9 days, and then the amount shows up in your current abalone. Now, this process takes up to 3 to 4 working days to get your money in your bank account.

Creators on OnlyFans can connect with an international bank like PayPal, ePayments, or eWallets to transfer funds from the OnlyFans platform to their local bank. 

Set up the option to automatically request for the payout, and every month your payment will be transferred to your selected bank account on the date you choose. So how long does OnlyFans payout take? The funds will be automatically transferred in 7 to 10 business days. 

How does OnlyFans payment work- the minimum threshold

If you want to know how does OnlyFans payments work, you must know about the minimum threshold to get paid. As a content creator, you must have at least $20 in your account, either from subscriptions or other payment methods. Unless you make $20, you are not allowed to get paid in your bank account. 


Although popular in the adult entertainment industry, OnlyFans is yet to release more information about their earnings methods and payouts. Considering the transparency of OnlyFans over social media, they are looking into developing a reliable following and long-term profitability and growth in mind. Models or performers focusing on the adult niche has more opportunities to make money.

We hope that you are now clear with how do OnlyFans payout works. OnlyFans is a growing site used by millions of people, and you will have constant chances on the platform, which will favor content creators and users alike.

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