OnlyFans Pricing Guide: How much do you charge on OnlyFans?

Chances are that you have been scrolling through searches and stopped here to find out how much do you charge on OnlyFans to grow your account successfully.

The revenue you generate on OnlyFans depends greatly on the size of your fan base. While anyone can start an OnlyFans, many need help setting subscription prices.

OnlyFans pricing differs based on the performers, their niche, and the target fan base. But there are certain things you can follow when brainstorming how much to charge on OnlyFans.

So here is a guide on setting the OnlyFans price list and making money. By the time you reach the end of the blog, you will have an idea of how much to charge on OnlyFans to establish your career and monetize your content.

Factors that influence how much you charge on OnlyFans

When deciding how much you charge on OnlyFans, you must consider certain factors that can influence your subscription price choice. 

1. The value you provide to your fans

First, consider what you are offering your audience. Is it something of high value, a kind of premium content? If yes, you can charge more if you are a popular creator working under a unique niche or have a large fan base.

But if you have just joined the platform, you might have to set a lower price and work your way up as your fan base gradually grows. 

2. Type of content you provide

The next factor that influences how much do you charge on OnlyFans is the type of content you provide to your fans.

For example, photos and videos are more expensive than text-based content. And exclusive content like live streams or custom video requests, and one-to-one interactions are in more demand, and you can charge a higher price. 

3. OnlyFans Commission rate

OnlyFans is a free platform that doesn’t charge its users to leverage its services. But instead, it charges a commission of $20 for every transaction. When you set a subscription price, whatever be it, make sure you consider this factor as well.

4. Income goals

When setting a subscription fee, think about how much money you want to make from this business. If you aim to earn a $5000 every month and you must charge $20 and look to bring in 100 new fans. 

Tips to maximize your earnings on OnlyFans

When you want to grow your OnlyFans and make money, there are a lot of things you can do to establish how much you should be charging. Let’s explore the effective tips to find success on OnlyFans.

Tip 1: Strike the right balance

The key to finding the right pricing on OnlyFans is striking a balance between offering value to your audience and making a reasonable income for your efforts. Experiment with different pricing options and collect feedback from your fans to find what works best for you. It is okay to change your prices as your fans and content evolve. 

Tip 2: Offer rewards and exclusive perks

Rewarding your subscribers who pay a premium price is an excellent way to monetize your content. For example, offer exclusive access to specific posts and videos and custom-made content with unique scripts. 

Tip 3: Experiment with pricing

Try increasing your subscription rate by $2 or $5, and then see who among your top 20 fans is the first to buy the content. See whether the same set of people buy from you every time you hike the price, then you can continue hiking the price. 

Tip 4: Pin your tip menu on your bio

If you are willing to provide some extras for your subscribers, you can let your fans know about this through a well-written tip menu on your bio. Include what you can offer like custom content, sexting, erotic phone chats, and the pricing associated with it. 

Tip 5: It’s about what you post, and also about how often you post

What you post is important; at the same time, the frequency of how often you post is also significant. Compared to images, videos appeal more to fans as they feel more engaged and interactive. If your feed is full of images, you might have to charge less than another creator who uploads 1-4 minute videos. 

Tip 6: Make you sell exclusive content

If you are posting content on OnlyFans that is available for free on Twitter or Instagram, there is no point in selling. Instead, make it a point to create and sell exclusive content will help your fans feel special as they get something that isn’t available elsewhere.

Sample pricing guide: How much should you charge on OnlyFans

When deciding your OnlyFans price list and offer, be transparent with your fans and stick to the terms of service of OnlyFans as well. 

With that said, here is what a sample price guide would look like:

How Much To Charge For Pictures On Onlyfans?

Pictures: You can price each image at $5; try giving discounts for image sets and gallery pictures at $20 for a set of 5 images. Use old content when you bundle and keep unique and new content as PPV (pay-per-view) messages. 

How Much Should I Charge For Videos On Onlyfans?

Videos: $5 to$10 for videos of 60 sec long. 

How much should I charge for subscription

Subscriptions: At least $5 when you are starting out. Once you have a solid fan base, you can hike your price. 

How Much Should I Charge For a Custom Video On Onlyfans?

Custom content: Be it custom videos or images, you can always charge more, like $30+ for every minute.

OnlyFans Pricing Example:

And now, let’s see how the subscription rates you set affect the amount of money you make.

OnlyFans rate 10 Fans 20 fans 30 fans
$4.99 $49.9 $99.8 $149.7
$10 $100 $200 $300
$12.99 129.9 259.8 389.7
$15 $150 $300 $450
$20 $200 $400 $600

When calculating the revenue you would make based on the subscription price you charge, you must keep in mind that OnlyFans takes 20%, and this example is just to know the average revenue you make through subscriptions (excluding the commission) and doesn’t include the tips and other avenues.


If you are starting out and want to finalize a price point for your OnlyFans services, charge what you feel is the best. But make sure you charge your worth even if you are starting out or have already been established on the platform. If you sell content on exclusive niches, you can charge much more than any other creator. Ultimately the value you offer decides your pricing. Never settle for less!


How much money OnlyFans creators make on a average?

The average amount can range from $180-200 per month. 

What is the minimum subscription price for OnlyFans?

$4.99 is the minimum subscription price set by the OnlyFans.

How much to charge for PPV on Onlyfans?

There is no limit, so you can set the price to whatever you want.

How much does Onlyfans charge creators?

Onlyfans does not impose any initial fees for creators to create an account. Nonetheless, the platform does deduct a 20% commission from your earnings on the platform.

Should your page be free or paid?

You can have both a free and paid page.

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