The 6 Best OnlyFans Hacks to Maximize Your Earning

OnlyFans is a predominantly popular destination for adult content, but there is much more to the platform that isn’t sex-related whatsoever. If you are a content creator or a brand with a loyal community, OnlyFans is the platform you must check out, as it is a content subscription service dedicated to the creator economy. 

But succeeding on OnlyFans takes a lot of work. If you are willing to put in the hard work, success will be faster than you imagine.

Let’s shoot the best OnlyFans hacks that you can use to maximize your earnings on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Hacks to Grow your OnlyFans and Make Money

OnlyFans doesn’t come with a manual to succeed and grow your brand, but you can still grow your OnlyFans if you follow some tricks and tips. 

We have uncovered some of the best OnlyFans hacks to change your OnlyFans game and start making money. Read on to uncover the hacks. 

1. Choose the niche that suits you ( Even if it isn’t NSFW)

While NSFW( Not safe for work) is what made OnlyFans popular, it isn’t the only niche that OnlyFans caters to. Yes, it can work well for different niches. You don’t have to get out of your comfort zone; you can always choose the SFW (safe for work) niche on OnlyFans. 

But what are the popular SFW niches you can consider? Here’s a list we have made.


Like adult content creators, OnlyFans also is home to some of the best bodybuilders and fitness trainers. You can consider setting up an OnlyFans and share your daily fitness routine and help people stay healthy with fitness or sports training.

Pierre Linckenheld is an incredibly talented professional freeboard and snowboard rider who boasts his extreme and breathtaking stunts and tricks on OnlyFans.


Pierre monetizes his skills on OnlyFans by sharing beautiful images and videos which isn’t available elsewhere. If you are a professional trainer in any sport, you can use OnlyFans as your skill monetization tool.


Photography is another popular niche on OnlyFans. If you are a photographer, you can share your best photos and provide expert tips on how to master photography. 

You could also share the technological aspect of your professional to make your OnlyFans content exclusive and valuable for your fans.

For example, Brain Kaminski is a photographer living in Los Angeles who shares digital content, which is a mix of erotic images and videos to BTS, interviews, and even nudes.

Music in various genes

OnlyFans is an excellent platform for both professional and amateur musicians. For example, Safaree Samuels is one of the top OnlyFans creators who made over 2 million dollars. 


If you are a fashion influencer or anyone who works in the industry, OnlyFans gives unlimited opportunities to monetize your content on the platform. 

OnlyFans has tweeted about Barbara Aleks, who shares her styling expertise with her fans. She makes money by giving her fans exclusive access to her outfit ideas and style tips, and a look into her daily life.


2. Add a tip menu to your OnlyFans profile

One of the best OnlyFans hacks to maximize your OnlyFans revenue is to add a tip menu to your profile. This helps you track the top tippers and establish a communication strategy with them effectively. 

Building a list of the best tippers makes it easy to get more OnlyFans subscribers. If you have a large follower base, you can make a list of fans who will pay for your additional PPV (pay-per-view) and DMs.

Before you create your tip menu, it is important to decide on your niche and the type of content you want to share. 

Here is a sample OnlyFans tip Menu to get an idea of how it works:

Creator-made images and videos: $ 2-$3 for three photos, $4 for five images, and $6 for ten images. 

Custom images and videos: $4 for three photos, $6 for 5 images, $10 for ten images. 

The OnlyFans has added an eCommerce platform for creators to sell their branded merchandise. Adding options for creators to sell apparel and drinkware is appealing to fans.

Selling merchandise is another way by which creators can make money on OnlyFans. OnlyFans allows users to add a link to the online store to sell products through a partnership with Spring. Creators can design and sell “custom-branded merchandise” through the spring store. 

3. Leverage mutual PR

Growing your OnlyFans starts with increasing your fanbase, and there is no better place to find subscribers than the platform itself. 

One of the best OnlyFans hacks is to leverage the power of collaboration. Collaborating with other creators on OnlyFans is an easy and efficient way to boost the reach, which helps :

  • To increase the exposure of your OnlyFans profile.
  • Gain more followers by showing up the content in both feeds.
  • Drive up engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares than a normal post.

The collaboration of creators on OnlyFans could be co-creating a photoshoot or video shoot, guest-starring in each other’s videos, or creating a joint account and starting to share collab content. 

One of the best OnlyFans hacks is to join a creator group, which consists of several creators who work together to promote each other’s content. Join a creator group, tap into your new audience, and gain exposure to your exclusive content. 

Here are some of the tips to increase the impact of collaboration.

Choosing the right collaborators: The OnlyFans hack for successful creator collaboration is to find content creators who could complement your content and your own style. Yes, this is really important, so begin your search for creators who fit for partnership.

Set clear communication: Collaborating with creators calls for clear communication where you share the vision. Setting clear expectations and goals will help you ensure both of you are on the same page before beginning the collaboration.

Experiment with new ideas: When collaborating with other OnlyFans creators, be open to new ideas. Workaround creating something new and different.

Measure your success constantly: Track the progress of your collaboration to measure the impact they have on your OnlyFans account. 

4. Use OnlyFans mass messaging

While subscriptions provide baseline revenue, most OnlyFans creators generate the bulk of their income from pay-per-view (PPV) sales and from private conversations. Mass messaging is where you build relationships with fans and upsell exclusive content.

Here is how you can maximize your OnlyFans chatting PPV sales:

Personalize your mass messages

Imagine this scenario- You check your email, and there are a lot of unopened messages. You keep searching to determine if an email is worth reading. Then you come across an email that begins with “Hi < Your name>.” You will definitely open the mail as it directly addresses you.

You can adopt the same strategy when it comes to growing your OnlyFans. Yes, personalizing your mass messages is one of the best OnlyFans hacks to success.

Craft your mass messages using the recipient’s name and add personalized phrases that give them the feel you are addressing them and that they are important to you. This helps to communicate and connect with your fans on a deeper level.

Craft an eye-catchy headline for your mass messages

On OnlyFans, the full message doesn’t appear in the recipients’ OnlyFans DMs. Your fans can only see the first few words. 

The phrase in the first sentence of your direct message decides whether your subscribers will open it or not. 

When writing the headline, pay attention to the content of your mass messages so that it covers the main idea in the first few words. 

Let’s explore some examples:

  • Rush now, or you are missing out on something big!
  • Exclusive 50% discount on this exclusive stripping video, made for you!
  • Hey dude, today I’m all yours, and you ask me what you want!

Don’t be overly pushy

The main goal of using mass messages is to sell your PPV content or take custom requests, but do not be overly pushy.

Do not oversell or push your community to buy your content; it can irritate the recipient, and you must lose them.

Make sure your sexting game is on point

Here’s one OnlyFans hack you can try out. When interacting with your fans through explicit messages, keep your sexting game on point, which will increase the chance of getting custom requests. You can also build long-term relationships with your fans.

5. Monitor, track and grow

I know you are looking for handy OnlyFans hacks to grow your brand, but simply having an OnlyFans account isn’t enough to guarantee success. You must look into the key insights required to elevate your OnlyFans game. 

Use OnlyFans analytics to track and study the performance metrics actively. This helps creators get an in-depth understanding of their community and fine-tune their activities to increase fan satisfaction, fan count, and income.

These are the key data points you must look at.

  • Your current fan count and monthly subscriber gains and losses.
  • Monthly and yearly revenue.
  • The total likes and shares your posts have.

OnlyFans analytics also gives insights into the following data:

  • Subscription status of users- Either active or expired.
  • Total money spent on your content.
  • Last activity date.
  • Subscription renewal date.
  • Total number of your posts liked.

Besides OnlyFans analytics, there are other analytics metrics third-party websites or OnlyFans management agencies give you:

  • Paid and free post-performance.
  • Top source traffic.
  • Highest earnings posts.
  • Peak online times.
  • Content views.
  • Subscriber demographics.
  • Loyalty and churn rates.
  • Content preferences of fans.
  • Message response rates.
  • PPV open and conversion rates.
  • Auto-messages performances.
  • Daily or monthly earnings graphs.
  • Tips and PPV revenue.

6. Maximize the tips you receive

Tips are one of the ways you can increase your income on OnlyFans. Tips are seen as a way to show appreciation for a service or entertainment. 

You can accept tips on your general posts, on your profile, on live streams and in DMs. When going live, you can set a “tip goal,” which encourages your viewers to tip more to help you reach your goal. You can also add any fundraising targets to encourage fans to help you achieve your donation goals.

Here’s a detailed blog on tip menu ideas to inspire you.

Now, here are some are some tips and tricks to get more tips on OnlyFans:

Set up an OnlyFans tip menu

Set up a weekly tip menu on your OnlyFans page to let your fans know how much you charge for different menus. 

Schedule your posts

Set different stories with the date and time of your upcoming videos, images, and audio to let your fans wait for your upcoming posts and be ready to tip for your excellent content.

Conduct live-streaming sessions

Interacting with your fans is a great way to cultivate a strong connection with them and tell them about your plans to create exclusive content for them. The more you interact with them during the live sessions, the more they will tip you on your content and live sessions.

PPV messages

Pay-per-view messages are a game changer and make it possible for creators to make real money quickly. It is one of the avenues by which creators get more tips. This is due to the one-to-one interaction fans get with their favorite creator. 


Making more money on OnlyFans is a question that bothers most OnlyFans creators. By following these OnlyFans hacks, you can earn a handsome amount of money. 

To maximize your revenue generation potential on OnlyFans, set up a good profile and keep promoting your content. Build good relationships with your fans and subscribers, offer discounts on premium subscriptions, and collaborate with your creators.

If you are looking to build a creator community platform like OnlyFans, Fanso can help you! 

There is no reason you can’t become a top earner; get in touch with us to know how to get started.

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