How to Make Money as a Couple on OnlyFans

Whether you are a regular OnlyFans solo creator or altogether new to the platform, starting on OnlyFans as a power couple is an exciting as well as intimidating endeavor! While the revenue streams are pretty much the same, there are a whole lot of things you can try out as a couple. Moreover, you could ditch the mundane and make your timeline appear spicier! 

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and discuss what we are here for. Can you make money on OnlyFans as couples? If so, how to make money on OnlyFans as a Couple? 

In this blog, we take a closer look at how to play the cards right as an OnlyFans couple and how much do couples make on OnlyFans. So, let’s get ready to begin this journey as a dynamic duo! And here’s your handy guide to get started!

Can Couples Make Money on OnlyFans?

Before discussing how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple, let’s understand if we could monetize from the same! So, yes, starting on OnlyFans as a couple is indeed a profitable pursuit! 

OnlyFans is primarily an adult entertainment platform with a broad audience. While some might love solo content, there is also great demand for the couple content kink!

Besides, there are some limitations on the content you can create as a solo creator. So, creating sexually explicit content with your partner opens up new possibilities for edge-of-the-seat content!

Along with being popular in the adult genre, OnlyFans is also testing the waters in the non-adult genre! Do you and your partner share a common hobby or skill? Then, this could be your million-dollar idea for creating content! For example, you could teach exciting dance styles, flaunt your cooking skills or even set the adrenaline pumping with your adventure diaries.

How to Make Money as a Couple on OnlyFans: Maximizing Earnings

Here’s how you can get started as a couple on OnlyFans and create some sprawling content:

Step 1: Choose a profitable niche idea

Creating content on OnlyFans is a profitable business. And like you need a clear business plan to start your business, you have to figure out a profitable niche for a perfect OnlyFans stint! Some popular niche ideas you can plunge into are cosplay, fitness, amateur porn, cooking, music, beauty,etc. 

But, starting OnlyFans as a couple is a joint pursuit, where your partner has an equal say! Hence, choose a niche that you both are comfortable in and equally passionate about. As they say, “chase your passions and money will eventually come!” However, a bit of research before settling on a niche would do no harm. Ensure your niche is monetizable; review other successful couples and the kind of revenue streams they bank on!

Step 2: Create your subscription-free OnlyFans account

As you know, to get started on OnlyFans you need a verified OnlyFans account. The verification process of OnlyFans requires you to submit the government-verified document’s front and back photo as well as capture a selfie with the ID. Further, you can either create individual accounts or a joint OnlyFans account with your partner. 

The following are the different ways to get your account verified as a couple:

  • Create a joint OnlyFans account and submit a photo of you and your partner holding the verified ID.
  • If both partners already have separate OnlyFans accounts, you can use one to create posts. However, you need to tag your partner along with the post for the platform to verify their identities.
  • If only one of you has an existing OnlyFans account, the partner can sign the release form. It verifies that the individual is above 18 years of age and has his consent for creating content.
OnlyFans terms and policy
OnlyFans terms and policy

You can either create a free or paid OnlyFans page. Typically, starting with a free OnlyFans page is recommended to grow your subscribers.

Once you verify your account and complete the payment details, it’s time to put on your creative hats and optimize your profile.

Here are the essential info that you need to complete your profile:

  • An appealing profile and banner image
  • A relatable and memorable username or stage name like Nick & Nancy, Sweet & Saucy, CupidCuties, etc.
  • An exciting profile bio summing up your interests and about yourself
  • A compelling call to action informing your fans about your services

Step 3: Create quality content 

Building a good fanbase is essential before exploring different ways to monetize on OnlyFans! With a loyal fan base, you can easily convert them into subscribers without any additional marketing efforts. Build your audience on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit; incorporate the platform link to lead them to your OnlyFans page.

Next, create a content strategy for planning your uploads on the platform. This is the silver bullet for creating high-quality, exclusive content that stands out.

For starters, we have listed the different monetization strategies on the OnlyFans platform:

  • Start with subscriptions: Offer exclusive photos and videos through subscriptions. But while starting out, it’s better to create a free page and upload a couple of posts on it first. This gives your fans a good idea of what you can offer and how it’s unique!  
  • Get more PPV: Don’t miss out on PPV sales; even if you are a beginner, PPV keeps the money coming. And as an OnlyFans couple, there’s a lot you can earn from it! Share more explicit or value-added (non-adult genre) content as PPVs! And yes, don’t forget to promote their teasers on social media and even your free-subscription profile.
  • Topping up with tips: High-quality content can get you more tips! To win those generous tips, preferably share unique content from real-life scenarios or behind-the-scenes, create a tipping menu. Don’t forget to acknowledge your tippers by responding to their comments or rewarding them with incentives.
  • Dare to go live: Occasionally, you could even go live with an engaging Q&A or a live performance. Perhaps, streaming a live cooking or gaming session could help you to connect with your fans personally.
  • Explore custom content: Interact via DMs and get feedback from your fans. Also, you can share your custom content along with sexting and charge higher. 
  • Collaborate and grow fanbase: Try your hands on collaborating with other couples in your niche to widen your audience. A good collaboration diversifies your audience, enriches your content, and certainly sends your subscriber count upticking! Be it for a live streaming session, joint photoshoots or shoutouts, never shy from a bankable collaboration!

Step 4: Engage with your fans 

If you wish to reach the top % of OnlyFans creators, engagement is the key! As a couple, you are creating content according to your audience’s whims and fantasies, so acknowledging their existence certainly counts along the way.

That said, let’s take a look at some ways to increase your engagement levels:

  • React to messages and comments; be open to feedback and suggestions
  • Share short clips on behind-the-scenes content, real-life scenarios, etc.
  • Host viral giveaways or contests offering attractive merch and discounts
  • Get into profitable collabs to grow your fanbase
  • Schedule engaging Q&A sessions, live performances, interviews, etc.
  • Share exclusive and unique content that interests and engages your fans
  • Create polls and surveys to understand what the audience expects
  • Build an online community by allowing your followers to interact with each other

Step 5: Promote on other platforms 

Once you figure out the ways to monetize your OnlyFans content as a couple, it’s time to market your content. Obviously, there are several platforms to promote your stellar content! But the question is, which works best, and how can you promote your OnlyFans profile

The key is to choose platforms that support NSFW content, such as Reddit and Twitter. Before starting promotions, ensure your content adheres to the platform’s policies. 

Here’s a list of platforms where you can promote your content

  • Reddit: Join subreddits, engage in discussions, and upvote other posts to promote OnlyFans on Reddit.
  • Twitter: If you and your partner are planning to post explicit content, use Twitter to spread the word! Post teasers, tweet, spark conversations with your fans, use the right hashtags and join retweet groups.
  • TikTok: Your promotions would be inadequate without trying your hand on this lip-syncing giant. Upload teasers of your content, participate in hashtag challenges and try going live on TikTok.   
  • YouTube: Grow your fanbase by uploading videos on YouTube sharing your OnlyFans experience. Don’t directly promote your OnlyFans link; use linktree, or shorten your YouTube link.
  • Instagram: Share teaser videos that include racy, not explicit content. Ideally, embed your OnlyFans link in linktree and mention the link in your bio.

Is OnlyFans Safe For Making Money as a Couple?

Yes, OnlyFans is absolutely safe for sharing glimpses of your intimate life as a couple or your real-life scenarios. The platform has a strict copyright policy and is committed to providing a safe environment for its creators. The platform emphasizes that stealing content is unlawful and hence has allotted a dedicated team to address such issues. 

So, does the platform have any privacy tools to protect the content?

  • First and foremost, the platform uses a strict verification process for new creators. 
  • OnlyFans creators can issue a DMCA notice for the infringed content.
  • The platform provides a free digital watermarking tool service to copyright their content. Essentially, a watermark is a light, digital mark placed on the top of the content. Go to “privacy and settings” to create your personalized watermark feature.
OnlyFans privacy tools settings
OnlyFans privacy tools settings

If you find that your OnlyFans content has been stolen, you can report this issue to OnlyFans by choosing “reporting stolen content.” Apart from the above measures, OnlyFans also takes some proactive steps and discovers fake sites or scams with stolen content.

Although there might be some risk involved while posting your content, OnlyFans is a relatively safe platform.

How Much Can a Couple Make on OnlyFans?

Although it is difficult to predict the exact amount you can earn as a couple, many successful couples have earned even $500,000 monthly. However, this is the scenario if you are in the top 1% creator bandwagon.

Meanwhile, typical couples earn around a few hundred dollars. They earn about $300 to $10,000 or above per month as they grow their subscribers. The primary pitfalls of failing to earn as a couple are low-quality content, poor marketing and lack of content ideas. If you overcome these challenges, you can touch the 6-figure benchmark!

Now, let’s point out an essential aspect as you gauge how much can a couple make on OnlyFans.  OnlyFans deducts 20% of the creator earnings and only the remaining 80% goes to the creators. 

Real-life Examples of OnlyFans Couples Making Money

If you aren’t still convinced that OnlyFans is a lucrative business, then these real-life examples would be enough to get you into the game!

  • Jess and Mike Miller

Jess and Mike Miller are a successful OnlyFans couple creators from England. They earn around $50,000 a month by posting explicit content on OnlyFans, Pornhub,  and Fansly pages. Their OnlyFans profile clearly mentions that they monetize from subscriptions, custom content, sexting, dick ratings and, of course, tipping.

Jess and Mike's OnlyFans profile
 Jess and Mike’s OnlyFans profile

For the uninitiated, the Millers have already posted 5,000 photos and 915 videos on the platform. And their subscriptions start at a good $10 per month.

  • Di and Nick

One of the most active creators on OnlyFans, Di and Nick, have shared nearly 19,000 photos and 2,000 videos on the platform. They both are bi-sexuals and post everything from their food, drinks, and even nudes daily. Their subscription starts at $12.49 per month.

Di and Nick's OnlyFans profile
Di and Nick’s OnlyFans profile
  • The Maddison Twins

April and Amelia, popularly known as the Maddison twins, are among the top 0.01% of OnlyFans creators. They are 20-year identical twins who share explicit, unedited content daily. With their risque content, they have amassed a huge fan following and posted about 1,500 photos and 177 videos on the platform to date. Their subscriptions start from $3.60 per month.

The Maddison Twins OnlyFans profile
The Maddison Twins OnlyFans profile

Unique Content Ideas to Start OnlyFans as a Couple

After reading about these successful OnlyFans accounts, you now have a fair idea of what people love on OnlyFans. And you might be on your way to discovering that million-dollar idea! 

Here’s an easy list to tap into the right idea for your new pursuit:

  • Cosplay: Love a character? Live onto your fan’s sexual fantasies and stage a cosplay act with your partner from the beginning to the end! You could monetize it with PPVs, subscription videos, or custom content.
  • Fitness training/ yoga exercises: If you are a fitness duo, you could make money from your steamy videos and join the fitness bandwagon on OnlyFans!
  • Swinger Lifestyle: Casually invite other OnlyFans couples and shoot a live session or probably a full-length video on your social & sexual adventures. 
  • Explicit content: Share your explicit content like nude photos, videos, and selfies featuring your partner
  • B/G, B/B, G/G content: Charge higher for sharing b/g, g/g, b/b videos, photos and even custom content. 
  • Threesomes: Entice your fans by exploring the power of threesomes! Be it FMF/ MFM  videos or PPVs; they would be in for a rollercoaster sexual treat!
  • Fetish videos: Be it a fetish for feet, leather or lace, there’s a whole set of people crazy about this kink! 
  • Non-adult genre: If you’re not in for nudes and racy content, start an OnlyFans based on a common hobby or skill like cooking, dancing, gaming, etc.  

A few other couple content ideas that’s in trend are amateur porn, BDSM/Bondage, amateur porn, foursome, travel, etc. 

PS: Here’s a teensy tip, no matter which niche you choose! It’s good to have an existing audience on other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or TikTok before starting on OnlyFans. This way, you can easily funnel your audience to the OnlyFans platform and maximize your profits. 

The Final Words

Starting on OnlyFans as a power couple is certainly a rewarding experience, as it opens up new ways to monetize your content. Being a solo creator restricts you to a couple of content ideas, and even your timeline might appear mundane after some time! If you are into explicit content, there’s a whole lot of niche to explore: from cosplay to amateur porn. 

This blog proves a worthy guide as you explore OnlyFans with your partner. We have outlined all the steps on how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple. Additionally, we have listed the possible challenges, and some handy tips as you embark on this pursuit!

In short, identify the right niche, devise a clear plan to produce quality content, and engage with your followers! Most importantly, define clear boundaries and communicate effectively with your partner!

FAQs Related to How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Couple

1. Are couples successful on OnlyFans?

Yes, making money on OnlyFans as a couple is lucrative. Moreover, several successful couples on OnlyFans earn more than $5,00,000 per month.

2. Is it possible to make money on OnlyFans as a couple anonymously?

You can earn as an anonymous couple on OnlyFans using stage names, creating characters, or using props to hide your face.

3. How much can a couple make on OnlyFans?

You can make around $300 to $10,000 monthly as a couple on OnlyFans with high-quality and unique content.

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