How to Get Tips on OnlyFans

Tips are a great way to maximize the revenue you make on OnlyFans, but the first thing you need to know is that it is optional, like subscriptions.

Much like a table service in a restaurant, tips don’t just come on their own, and people aren’t obliged to give you tips.

This means you have to give people a reason to tip you and keep tipping, and that is why it is essential to learn how to get tips on OnlyFans.

Our blog will share valuable information on getting OnlyFans tips, how to set up tips, and more. 

How to set up tips on OnlyFans?

If you are new to OnlyFans, you must first upload 5 posts to your account. After doing this, you will see that your tips options will be automatically enabled. If at all, the tips option is not enabled for some reason, you can enable the tip option manually by doing the following:

Go to “Settings,” then clock on “Privacy and safety” and choose “Show posts tips sum” to enable or disable the tip feature. 

Now, here are different ways in which fans can give you tips on OnlyFans:

Setting up tips on OnlyFans on profiles

Fans can tip creators directly from the profile if they wish to show appreciation for creators. Receiving tips signifies that the followers value you, and it’s one of the nice things fans would do to encourage and support their creators. 

Setting up tips on live streams

Followers can send creators tips on live streams once they hit “Go Live” on the platform. Creators can set up a tip goal at the beginning of the stream and actively monitor the progress while the streams are live. 

Setting up tips in posts

Fans can contribute tips to create straight from specific posts. You can turn this on or off by visiting the settings.

Setting up tips on messages

It should come as no surprise that subscribers are willing to leave tips after interacting with creators, which makes DMs an excellent opportunity to make extra money. Tipping through DMs is a popular way for creators to make more money. Over DM, creators can accept tips in exchange for customized content.

If you choose to focus on this type of monetization, there are several opportunities you will come across. 

For example, you even have the option to reject the messages from fans who have yet to tip you first, especially if you have a free account.


OnlyFans allows you to make your charitable initiatives known to the world and accept their contributions. Fundraising on OnlyFans is an excellent way to show your followers that you are working towards a worthy cause. 

You can set fundraising targets, and subscribers can donate by giving tips on a specific post. Explain your fundraising goal in a post and establish donation goals.

How much does onlyfans take from tips?

OnlyFansa, as you know, has a 20% commission cut on the earnings of creators, which is the same for tips as well. If you received a tip pf $100, you will end up keeping $80 as $20 is deducted by OnlyFans as their commission. 

While this is the case, you must keep an eye on OnlyFans’ latest updates and policies.

Shortcuts to get more Tips on OnlyFans

Tipping on OnlyFans is voluntary, so your followers will pay at their discretion if they like appreciating you for your content. 

But for your followers to shower more tips on you, you must offer the best content possible and promote your account correctly. 

Here are some actionable tips to increase your tips on OnlyFans.

Offer exclusive tipper content

Most OnlyFans content creators offer exclusive content to fans who tip them. Yes, that’s a great way to get more tips and make more money.

Besides exclusive content or custom requests, you can also send your top tippers physical products like a piece of clothing or a signed photo. You can also Stream an exclusive tippers-only live session and create posts that encourage followers to tip if they want to see more. 

The more you reward them, the more likely you will get more tips.

Create a tip menu

OnlyFans creators can also offer custom content or experiences to their subscribers by adding a tip menu to their profile bio. This incentivizes people to spend more money with creators but also brings them closer to the audience and keeps them coming back for more. 

You can set your rules to what type of content you are willing to create, but you can also set a tip menu on your OnlyFans page that gives your audience an option of what to offer. 

For example, mention in the tip menu that the tip amount goes like this- $5 up to $200. If you tip above $100 or $200, you can request fully customized content based on what your Tip menu says.

Communicate your desire for tips

Being an OnlyFans creator, you must set clear expectations with your fans about OnlyFans tips. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for tips, but you must ensure what kind of tips and the amount you are looking for. 

When it comes to how to get tips on OnlyFans, there are different ways you can adopt:

  • Include a link to your OnlyFans tip page in your bio.
  • Post a status update specifically asking for tips.

Offer exclusive incentives for tipping

If you want to maximize OnlyFans tips, you must offer exclusive benefits and incentives to tippers who give you tips. This could be anything from offering access to exclusive content to discounts on content, live streams, or the merchandise you sell.

No matter what benefits you offer, ensure that it is valuable enough for your fans to feel they are receiving a great deal. Make sure you promote the benefits and incentives widely so that your followers know how to benefit from them.

Using creative call-to-actions to encourage tips

If you add a tip menu to your OnlyFans bio, you must find creative ways to encourage your followers to tip you. Add a catchy call-to-action on your bio, as it is the first thing your fans will see when they visit your profile.

For example: Want to sell more? Tip, and it will be revealed! Something like this works great if you want to get attention from your fans. 

Whenever you post something for OnlyFans tip, add call-to-actions in every post. For instance, you could say something like this- I love creating exclusive videos for you, and if you enjoy it and want more, consider tipping me. 

Get creative with your content and get personal; fans will tip you more if they find a personal connection with you. 

What not to do when asking for tips

When asking for tips, it’s important to remember that fans are under no obligation to give you money. Offering tips is a way to show appreciation, but you can demand tips from fans for obvious reasons.

Don’t be demanding

If you are looking for more earning more tips on OnlyFans, never be demanding. Never ask your fans for tips repeatedly. Offer great content and include a tip menu so that your fans would be obliged to give you tips if they find your content interesting. 

Not being specific

If you are looking for how to get tips on Fans, you be specific about how much do you need by setting tip goals or donation goals. Also, be very specific about what your fans would get when they appreciate your efforts through tips. The more specific you are, the more likely you will get more tips.

Do not ask for tips without giving something

When you ask for tips from your fans, make sure you offer something valuable to your audience in exchange. You will likely receive more tips if the experience is positive and the content is open. 

Not appreciating your fans

When your fans give you tips, showing appreciation for giving tips is important. Thank them for the support they are giving you. Appreciating your tippers through rewards of any kind will encourage them to continue giving you tips in the future.


So there you have it. The tips on how to get tips on OnlyFans and keep your subscribers happy.

Engage with your audience constantly, keep uploading great content, and build long-lasting relationships with your fans so that they stay subscribed to you and keep tipping you. 

While OnlyFans has great potential, not everyone can succeed on the platform and make money by selling content and tips. You will have to research your niche, and find what your target audience wants to click that subscribe button. Always look for new ways to improve your profile and grow your following.

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