Fanso Vs Scrile Connect: Which One is the Ideal Choice?

Are you planning to create a website like OnlyFans? You might know that OnlyFans clone scripts are better than starting everything from scratch. Well, you might have even stumbled upon two prominent OnlyFans scripts: Fanso and Scrile Connect.

Both Fanso and Scrile Connect compete in this realm and offer unique content creation and monetization features to explore. So, if you are an entrepreneur caught up in the Fanso vs Scrile Connect battle, you are in the right place!

In this blog, we comprehensively compare the two prominent players exploring everything from content creation to analytics. So, you are well-equipped to choose the right platform that aligns with your business plan!

Overview of Fanso and Scrile Connect

Let’s understand how both clone scripts work before moving on to an actual feature set comparison! 

Fanso is a highly customizable, ready-made OnlyFans clone script that helps you build a community marketplace. It offers all the essential features to build fan club websites like OnlyFans, Patreon, and Cameo and scale your business. Profile subscriptions, live streaming, a creator dashboard, an ecommerce store and diverse monetization channels are a few of its core features.

With Fanso, you can explore both adult and non-adult niches like photography, journalism, etc. Most importantly, the clone script provides 100% source code access, giving you freedom for customizations and branding!

Scrile Connect is another ready-to-use clone script that allows you to create a customizable OnlyFans alternative. It offers a range of features to connect creators with fans and offer personalized experiences. Multi-level subscriptions, live events, private video and audio calls, and content monetization are its core features.

Fanso vs Scrile Connect: Detailed Feature Comparison

Now that you are adept with the basics, let’s compare both platforms in detail!

1. Subscriptions

Subscription is a key revenue stream for both Fanso and Scrile Connect. With subscriptions, creators can offer access to their posts, live streams, private chats, and ecommerce stores.

Fanso is a white-label OnlyFans clone script where creators can offer both free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscriptions can be used monthly or yearly. Plus, you can even set a window period(number of days) for free subscriptions.

Scrile Connect allows creators to earn from multi-tiered subscriptions. It allows creators to add as many subscription tiers as they need. However, the subscription prices can only be set by the admin; creators can select the set prices from a drop-down list.

Fanso’s multi-subscription tier
Fanso’s multi-subscription tier

2. Live Streaming and Private Shows

Real-time live events are an excellent way to keep fans engaged and retain subscribers! 

Fanso edges ahead in this segment, allowing creators to host public and private live streaming events. The platform’s robust tech stack makes live performances a memorable experience for creators and fans!

Creators can host a free or paid live performance and also earn some appreciation with those generous tips! Alternatively, private streaming is available as an add-on feature. Private streaming enables 1:1 personal fan interactions, per-model revenue, and 1:1 chat requests from public streaming.

Fanso’s live streaming feature
Fanso’s live streaming feature

Like Fanso, Scrile Connect allows creators to go live but lacks the customization the former offers. As soon as live streaming starts, fans will be notified on their feed about the event. Additionally, fans can also make 1:1 video and audio calls on a per-minute billing. 

3. E-Commerce Store

Yet another feature where Fanso shines is its built-in eCommerce store! Creators can sell physical products like hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories and digital files like PDFs, MP3s and more. 

The store can be managed from both the creators’ and admin’s end, offering transparency in the transactions. While the creators can update the shipping and delivery status for physical products, users can easily track their orders.

Plus, tokens, premium VOD sales, and discount coupons enhance the in-store experience!

However, Scrile Connect lacks an ecommerce feature with a shopping cart or a product store.

4. Reporting & Analytics

A comprehensive analytics report helps analyze business performance and makes informed decisions based on the data.

Fanso has a dedicated admin dashboard that offers a bird’ s-eye view of your business. Here are the in-depth analytics reports for both creators and admins. Let’s look at them!

  • Creator Analytics

Product management, order management, earning and payout reports

  • Admin Analytics
    • Detailed statistics on active and inactive users and creators
    • Earning Statistics showcasing overall, platform and creator earnings.
    • Order history displaying all the orders made on the platform 
    • Payout report for tracking all the payout requests with their status
    • Subscription report showing all the active and suspended subscriptions 
    • Wallet transaction report for all the transactions made via the wallet
Fanso Admin Dashboard with detailed reporting and analytics
Fanso Admin Dashboard with detailed reporting and analytics

Scrile Connect lacks detailed analytics like Fanso. The platform’s analytics is limited to earnings statistics, user statistics, subscription reports, transactions, payout reports, and statements.

Scrile’s Earning Statistics Report
Scrile’s Earning Statistics Report

5. Tech & Integrations

In this digital age, user experience is pivotal and hence, all-in-one software is in demand. Employing a robust tech stack and third-party integrations helps streamline your workflow and create a unified platform!

Fanso is an excellent community marketplace script built with the best-in-class MERN tech stack.

It includes the following integrations:

  • Stripe for user payments, and PayPal for model payouts.
  • SendGrid/SendInBlue as Email service provider
  • for public and private live streaming
  • Google Analytics to track your website performance

Scrile Connect supports easy integrations with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, CCBill, NETbilling, GoogleAnalytics, etc. 

6. Payment Gateway 

Both OnlyFans clone scripts offer secure and convenient payments. Fanso and Scrile Connect support trusted payment gateways like Stripe, CCBill and Paypal. While Stripe is for non-adult niches, CCBill is recommended for adult transactions. 

But, are they equipped for the looming crypto wave? Fanso provides the crypto payment integration feature as an addon. But Scrile Connect doesn’t support crypto payments or customizations.

7. Monetization Channels

In the earlier section, we explored two key monetization features: subscriptions and live streaming. Let’s list out all the diverse revenue streams in Fanso and Scrile Connect.

Subscriptions, PPVs, tipping, live streaming, paid messages, and ecommerce sales are Fanso’s key revenue streams

Scrile Connect monetizes through multilevel subscriptions, paid posts, paid messages with attachments, paid incoming audio and video calls (pay-per-minute model), live streaming, and tipping.

It’s neck-to-neck here, as both clone scripts offer diverse monetization channels. While Scrile Connect has incoming audio and video calls, Fanso offers creators a built-in ecommerce store.

8. Pricing

Let’s see how the clone scripts fare in terms of pricing!

Fanso provides two pricing packages: starters and professionals. Both packages require a one-time payment and incur zero transaction costs. The starter package costs $699, while the professional one is priced at $1499 (and includes 100% access to open-source files).

Fanso offers the Starters and Professionals pricing plan

Scrile Connect is available in three pricing plans: 

  • ConnectPro at $500/month (500 GB storage)
  • Enterprise at a flexible pricing (1000 GB storage)

Overall, Fanso offers a more flexible pricing model, given its one-time cost and no additional renewal cost. On the other hand, Scrile Connect charges a monthly fee on each of its pricing plans, which is a recurring one.

Scrile provides the ConnectPro and ConnectEnterprise Pricing Plan
Scrile provides the ConnectPro and ConnectEnterprise Pricing Plan

9. Mobile App 

Scrile Connect has an Android and iOS app for mobile users, thus offering mobile accessibility. However, Fanso doesn’t have a mobile app for its users. Thus, Scrile Connect inches ahead with its cross-platform mobile app!

10. Social Community Features

A strong community is the core of the rising bandwagon of creator platforms! Online community platforms help creators to forge a strong connection with fans and go a long way in driving conversions.

Let’s draw a comparison of the power-packed features in both clone scripts:


Power-packed Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Social NewsFeed Yes Yes
Built-in Stories Yes (Add on) No
Social Login Yes Yes
Model Verified Profiles Yes Yes
Internal Messaging Yes Yes
Trending Posts Yes No
Notifications Yes Yes
Multi-Language Support Yes (Add on) Yes
Like/Bookmark Posts Yes No
Profile Recommendation Yes No
Search & Extensive Filters Yes No
Multimedia in Chat Yes No
Mass PPV Yes (add-on) Yes

11.  Security

Privacy and data security is an essential metric while comparing softwares. Given the sensitive nature of data, it’s essential to choose a secure and robust solution.

So, let’s compare their security features!

Security Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Geoblocking Yes Yes
Documents to Verify Yes Yes
2-Factor Authentication No  No
Post Verification No Yes
Media Files Encryption Yes NA
Blacklist Users Yes No

12. Customer Support

Customer service is important for building trust and customer retention! Besides, customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition!

Both clone scripts offer good customer support; however, Fanso scores more for its extensive knowledge base and FAQ section.

Fanso offers assistance through pre-booked appointments (calls), whatsapp, and email support. In addition, if you want to explore a specific feature, the platform has a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section covering common questions.

Fanso’s extensive knowledge base
Fanso’s extensive knowledge base

With Scrile Connect, you can raise queries for new feature requests, technical issues, fixing bugs, server issues, etc., and seek technical support. But, Scrile Connect lacks an extensive knowledge base or FAQ section like Fanso.

Scrile’s Customer Support Section
Scrile’s Customer Support Section

13. Customization (Add-Ons/ Upgrades)

Whether your initial software purchase is a one-time fee or a recurring one, your software needs to evolve with business! Hence, scalability is another pivotal aspect we delve into here!

Fanso offers a pricing plan with a one-time fee, which you can scale with a wide range of amazing addons. From marketing to payment solutions, the platform has everything you need to grow your business to the next level!

Fanso’s extensive range of addons
Fanso’s extensive range of addons

With Scrile Connect, upgrade to a higher pricing plan to enhance your website. For example, if you are currently on a ConnectPro plan, upgrade to a ConnectEnterprise plan.

However, this could cost you significantly more than a one-time add-on purchase!

14. Additional Features

Here are a few additional features on both the platforms:

Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Welcome Email Yes No
SEO Optimized Yes Yes
Coupons (For users to top-up their wallets) Yes No
Email Templates Yes No
Vault No Yes

Well, we have reached the end of the detailed Fanso vs Scrile Connect comparison 

Overview of Fanso vs Scrile Connect Feature Comparison 

Now, let’s have a quick overview of the features for users, creators and admins.

Features for Admin

Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Detailed Analytics & Reporting Yes No
Block Users (based on countries) Yes No
Coupon Management Yes No
Payout Management Yes Yes
Set SMTP Server Yes Yes
Set SEO-related Details Yes Yes
Create New Menu Options & Banners Yes No
Logo & Favicon option Yes Yes
Set Commission Percentage Yes Yes
Set Subscription Pricing Yes Yes
Creator Verification Yes Yes
Payment Gateways & Social Logins Yes Yes
Post Verification No Yes

Features for Creators

Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Bundle Subscriptions Yes No
Subscription Pricing  Yes No
Live Streaming Yes Yes
Profile Creation Yes Yes
Blacklist Users Yes No
Geo Blocking Yes Yes
Media Management Yes Yes
Make a Payout Request Yes Yes
Product Store Yes No
Transaction History Yes Yes
Creator Invoice No Yes
Mass PPV Yes (add-on) Yes
Calendar Management No No

Features for User

Features Fanso Scrile Connect
Social Login Yes Yes
Bookmark Yes No
Audio and Video Calls No Yes
Shopping cart Yes No
Live Events Yes Yes
Advanced Search  Filters Yes No
Mass PPV Yes (addon) Yes
Digital Wallets Yes Yes
Profile Suggestions Yes No
Wallet Transaction Yes Yes
Welcome Mail Yes No

The Final Verdict: Which is the Best OnlyFans Clone?

Given their rich feature set, Fanso and Scrile Connect are excellent choices for building a website like OnlyFans.

However, both clone scripts have their unique propositions and tailored experiences.

From the above Fanso vs Scrile Connect debate, it’s evident that Fanso shines in areas like analytics, creator-fan interactions, e-commerce sales, etc. In contrast, Scrile Connect is superior in mobile compatibility, verification, etc. 

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one OnlyFans clone script at an affordable price, Fanso is a worthy bet! Besides, Fanso’s extensive knowledge base and customization features make it the right business investment for the long run! 

FAQ-Related to Scrile Connect vs Fanso

1. What is Scrile Connect?

Scrile Connect is a popular OnlyFans clone script for building a community marketplace like OnlyFans.

2. How much does Scrile Connect cost?

Scrile Connect offers two pricing plans: ConnectPro and ConnectEnterprise. ConnectPro plan is priced at $500/month and ConnectEnterprise is available for a flexible pricing.

3. Which is better, in the Scrile Connect vs Fanso comparison?

Both Scrile Connect and Fanso have a unique range of features and diverse content offerings. While Fanso edges ahead in live streaming, content interaction and e-commerce features, Scrile Connect leads in one-to-one interaction and mobile support. 

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