LoyalFans Vs OnlyFans: Difference Between The Two Adult Subscription-Based Platforms

Becoming an adult performer and building a follower base has never been easier than now. With new content creation, subscription platforms pop up often and grab the attention of the masses. On today’s agenda, we will look at some of the most popular fan club platforms- OnlyFans (you would have guessed it) and Loyal Fans. 

What is LoyalFans

For people who aren’t familiar with Loyal Fans and would like to know what is LoyalFans, it is an inclusive fan club service that allows artists or performers of any sort to convert their passion into a lucrative business. In simple words, LoyalFans allows you to create a follower base who are willing to pay for the unique content you offer. 

No matter the type of niche you serve or the content. LoyalFans will give you enough of an audience to meet your financial goals. While LoyalFans is not marketed as an adult content creator platform as it is another Fan club site, it has a mass appeal in the adult industry, and there are popular adult artists who top LoyalFans.

Is LoyalFans legit?

Most users hearing the name for the first time have doubts about the genuineness of the platform. Is LoyalFans legit is the first question that comes to the minds of all. The answer is simple- Yes. LoyalFans isn’t a scam website; it is a secure and feature-rich fan club website that doesn’t spam its users. The good thing is that it is refreshing compared to OnlyFans, which has been pioneering the industry for quite a long time. 

LoyalFanso also contributes to combating scam accounts in different ways like shown below.

The fraud prevention platform Scam detector has given 90.4 to LoyalFans out of 100. The algorithm scans the website for Trustworthiness, quality, and safety before giving off the rating.

LoyalFans Vs OnlyFans

Subscription platform? Uploading adult content and making money. Building a follower base. You might be wondering, at this point, isn’t there already a platform for all of these? Yes,’ there is a fan club website that doesn’t need any introduction- OnlyFans. 

While they have a lot of things in common, there are differences as well. So let’s get into LoyalFans vs OnlyFans

The percentage of the payment for content creators

In LoyalFans vs OnlyFans, let’s start with the important significant aspect- Making money. Content creators on both LoyalFans and OnlyFans get paid based on the money they make through subscriptions, live streaming, tips, and other revenue avenues. Most of the revenue generation approaches adopted by both platforms are the same. 

The only difference is in the percentage of the payout offered by LoyalFans and OnlyFans. While OnlyFans allows creators to keep 80% of their total earnings after taking a 20% commission, LoyalFans also follow the same. 

Who wins: When you consider LoyalFans Vs OnlyFans in terms of the payout percentage, both platforms allow content creators to keep 80% of their total money earned. It’s a win-win for both.

Revenue generation- Approaches you can adopt

Both LoyalFans and OnlyFans allow content creators to make money on their platforms through different revenue generation approaches, most of which are identical. 


  • creators can set monthly subscriptions or set content walls free or restricted. 
  • Can get paid per message.
  • Can sell single images and image sets.
  • Creators also have the option of selling individual audio messages and videos. 
  • Can make money through tips received from fans. 
  • Have the most effective referral schemes when compared with other Fan club websites.


  • Set a monthly subscription plan.
  • Creators can get back by making unique content, including videos, audio, etc.
  • Can make money from tips as well.
  • Has a referral program scheme.

Who wins: While the feature set is almost similar for both platforms, LoyalFans has a small advantage over OnlyFans in some areas. 

How it helps you grow

Content creators are always looking to grow their brands. When it comes to Loyal Fans, it offers a top content creator button and a top model page with a model list. It helps content creators to get recognized by their fans easily and get paid more. 

Most models who work appear on the initial model page and get more followers and make more money. LoyalFans also allows creators to store video clips to promote the page. 

One of the common concerns about OnlyFans is that the account of creators cannot be viewed. Creators won’t be notified if they do not drive traffic on the page. Except for OnlyFans, most platforms offer different ways to explore models.

Who wins: It is obvious that LoyalFans have an advantage in supporting content creators to succeed.

Referral programs offered

When it comes to LoyalFans vs. OnlyFans regarding referral programs, OnlyFans provides a lifetime 5% referral fee for each new content creator you bring to the platform. Similarly, Loyal fans will pay you a 5% commission for every referral on each model you promote. This doesn’t come from the revenue of the model. 

Who wins: While both LoyalFans and OnlyFans have similar referral programs, OnylFans recently modified a lifetime 5 % referral fee. Earlier, it had a 12-month 5% commission up to $50k per artist.

Customer profit sharing

This is one of the best features that LoyalFans have. This means each user who signs up after visiting your site becomes a recommendation for you. You can earn a share of anything the user spends money on, whether on you or another content creator. This is great for content creators as you will still earn a share when buying products or services from other models. 

Who wins: This is a feature exclusive to LoyalFans, which OnlyFans doesn’t have, and hence LoyalFans gets an additional point.

How to build a fan club website like LoyaFans

LoyalFans is a great platform if you are looking for an alternative to OnlyFans to earn by doing what you love. Considering the attention and fame fan club websites are getting, you can build your own content creator marketplace like LoyalFans. 

Do not fret about the technical part and the time and money it would cost. Technology has simplified building and launching websites like LoyalFans effortlessly and cost-efficiently. 

Customizable clone scripts are for your rescue. Fanso is a content creator subscription platform script you can leverage to build and launch fan club platforms like LoyalFans or OnlyFans. 

Fanso comes with features and functionalities like:

  • Subscription tier for efficient monetization.
  • Live streaming tools for hosting paid live sessions.
  • In-built eCommerce store for models to sell merchandise to their fans.
  • Dedicated creator dashboard that is inbuilt with analytics.
  • Admin panel for managing users and other aspects of the fan club site.

And a lot more….


Both loyal fans and OnlyFans are great recommendations for content creators who want to sell their adult and non-adult content to make some (decent amount) of money. The one thing OnlyFans have over LoyalFans is name recognition. Keeping aside the popularity of OnlyFans, LoyalFans also offers the same features, comes with a good interface, great features for models, and helps make money. 

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