AdmireMe Vs Onlyfans : What Does It Offer For Creators

OnlyFans, the adult content creator platform (though it’s more than that) that boomed in popularity over the past couple of years, is technically open to anyone. Not just porn stars or sex workers, you can find personal trainers, artists, and chefs on OnlyFans. But OnlyFans is popular for just one thing- Nudes. It is a platform where creators can charge subscription fees for exclusive content, post pay-per-view images, and videos, and make income from live streams, and even accept tips from their fans.

Sounds good, right? So what is AdmireMe, Admire.VIP is also a subscription-based community platform open to a global audience. It also supports adult content and serves as a good alternative to OnlyFans.

But are these sites the best platforms to build your follower base or your subscription business?

What is AdmireMe?

Who doesn’t love to get the attention of people and be loved by them? AdmireMe is an adult fan club website or a content creation platform that takes pride in supporting adult creators to share their content with their followers and get paid. 

When signing up, content creators must specifically fill out the form dedicated to creators who want to sell content. After submitting your personal details and ID proof, the platform will take a few days to approve your request. 

Once approved, you can start creating content you want to sell. The primary way to generate revenue from AdmireMe is to increase the number of people subscribed to your page. 

Now that you know what is AdmireMe, let’s look into the pros and cons of AdmireMe


  • A great choice for British creators.
  • Support both US and EUR for international creators.
  • Better search for finding new profiles.
  • Tailored profile recommendations.


  • Doesn’t have popularity like OnlyFans.
  • Admin fee for payout under £100.

AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans- Common things and differences

OnlyFans is a fan club website that doesn’t need any introduction! It is a premium content subscription platform that became famous for adult content. OnlyFans Is one of the most used content creation platforms by porn stars and sex workers and is often considered as a benchmark for all adult content creator platforms.

OnlyFans allows creators to make money by accepting subscriptions from its followers in exchange for exclusive content. It is an excellent platform to engage with your followers, grow your fan page, and monetize. 

Geo-blocking is a good feature on OnlyFans, which is beneficial for the privacy and security of creators.  Now let’s explore the commons and differences between AdmireMe and OnlyFans.

AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans- The type of content supported

AdmireMe was a platform started by a glamour model; hence its sexual nature is obvious. When you consider AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans, the latter is considered as a general content creator platform that welcomes creators of all types. Anything illegal would be banned on both platforms, but creators are free to post adult content on both platforms. 

AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans- How creators make money

Content creators make money on AdmireMe through subscriptions. Creators can upload images and videos and secure them behind a paywall. Users can subscribe to their favorite creators, pay the fee, and access the content. The creators receive money paid by subscribers minus a commission fee set by the platform.

On AdmireMe, creators have to heavily promote their profiles, to be seen and get subscribers and post regularly to make sure your subscribers make repeated purchases. Creators can also make money by accepting tips from creators. The one difference between OnlyFans and AdmireMe is that the latter doesn’t offer any robust messaging service. 

AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans- Payout rates

The payout rates for content creators are exactly the same on both OnlyFans and AdmireMe. OnlyFans deduct 20% commission from the total amount made by creators and allow them to keep the remaining 80%. Likewise, AdmireMe also deducts a 20% fee as a commission. 

AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans: Who wins the race

When considering AdmireMe vs. OnlyFans, who do you think the winner is? AdmireMe is one of those creator community platforms with amazing discoverability features and user-friendliness. After setting up an account on AdmireMe, creators have full control over the profile from the main page, update the bio, and set their prices. 

While AdmireMe is similar to OnlyFans in many aspects, it is a unique platform that new content creators can try out. However, one drawback of the platform is that it lacks a smartphone app.

Fanso: A better AdmireMe and OnlyFans Alternative

Now that you know everything about AdmireMe Vs. OnlyFans, do you want more alternatives to both platforms? AdmireMe and OnlyFans can be great choices when starting your career as it doesn’t require any investments or planning. However, if your goal is to grow your subscription business or become an independent brand name, both these platforms can be restrictive in terms of content and the fact that it takes a share of your money. 

If you want to run a subscription business, it is recommended to build your own fan club website like OnlyFans or AdmireMe. To build the fan club website, the easiest and most affordable way is to leverage a readymade script like Fanso that comes with all the features of OnlyFans. 

What are the features of Fanso that make it the best OnlyFans clone script?

It comes with robust and powerful features like:

  • Customization to any degree
  • Subscriptions to monetize content
  • Live streaming to improve engagement
  • eCommerce shopping cart integration
  • Content creator dashboard
  • Social community tools


OnlyFans is a popular fan club website or a community platform for creators to make money. But if you are a new content creator who doesn’t have an established fan base inside and outside the platform, you will have to work hard to attain popularity,

Like AdmireMe, OnlyFans also offers the same services; the only difference is that Admire is purely meant for adult content creators. As a new platform that provides the same payout rates as OnlyFans, you can try it as an alternative platform to OnlyFans. However, if you are looking to establish a subscription business of your own, you would need more assistance in building a platform like OnlyFans. If you do, let us know, we can offer you the right guidance to get started, launch your fan club website and rise to fame. 

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