What is iFans? Is iFans Legit?

The world of content creation has never been this bigger. With more people looking for explicit content and models looking for new revenue avenues.

Are you someone with a talent for creating amazing content; then you might have heard of OnlyFans

iFans is a new OnlyFans-like platform that allows you to earn big while having fun creating content for your fans and followers. 

What is iFans?

While making money online seems challenging for most, the pandemic has made it easier than ever through subscription platforms like OnlyFans and iFans.

Like OnlyFans, iFans also witnessed a huge spike in users during the pandemic. So what is iFans? iFans is the next-generation subscription platform for content creators, including models, bloggers, adult entertainers, food enthusiasts, photographers, artists, and more, to sell their digital content directly. Fans can watch the content from the hottest content creators on the platform.

When you consider OnlyFans Vs. iFans, the latter is created for the same purposes as OnlyFans but has a better interface. Regarding features, it looks more like Twitter and Facebook and has many additional features than OnlyFans. 

And when comparing OnlyFans Vs. iFans, the creators can communicate with each other efficiently, not just with their fans.

How to make money on iFans?

Now you know what it is iFans; a platform is a place where models and social media stars sell their exclusive content. Like OnlyFans, the platform is occupied by mostly adult content creators and porn models. 

Performers on iFans offer different kinds of services on the platform that can make a good amount of money, good enough to earn a stable income. 

Monetizing on iFans is based on similar principles as that of OnlyFans. 

If you provide premium quality content and come with excellent content ideas, you can make money from the following services:


If you take OnlyFans vs. iFans when it comes to making money, Creators can make money through monthly subscriptions, and the amount of money you can make grows bigger when your loyal fan base increases. 

Live streaming is another way to make money on adult subscription platforms. Fans love to watch their favorite models doing live sessions with them. 

The gifts and tips you earn through live streams are also a great source of income. But the downside to this is the platform takes 50% of what you make from live streams, which is really high.

Direct messaging

If you have got a lot of loyal fans, DMs can be an excellent way to make money. You can make massive revenue while getting tips from your fans, and you can also know the fans needs and desires in a personal way.

Premium pay-to-view content

Pay-per-view content allows content creators to sell premium content to fans. Make sure you sell high-quality images and videos. From a sex message to a homemade sexually explicit video, content creators can sell any premium content they wish on iFans.


On iFans, you can make money with referral programs as well. If you tag another creator and send traffic, you can have 40% of their money for one-time payments and subscriptions. 

iFans affiliate system

Unlike OnlyFans, iFans has good internal and external affiliate systems, which helps you to make a good amount of money. 

  • Internal affiliate system

iFans allows creators to get incentives and rewards for mentioning other creators if a follower joins through that mention.

  • External affiliate system

Creators can also reply on external affiliate services and make around 40% of the commission from affiliates. 

  • UNCAPPED referrals

iFans also provides UNCAPPED referrals where you invite a creator to join on the platform as a model, and you get a 5% commission on the money they make for a lifetime.

iFans has a system where a webmaster can promote your iFans page for a 40% commission. You can upload your media to “the vault,” where online webmasters and digital marketers can promote you online.

Commissions and payouts on iFans

iFans, as an adult content subscription platform, deducts 20% of the content creator’s income and allows them to keep the rest at 80%. The payout rate is good as the platform offers several ways to make money, especially through affiliate systems. The only downside is the 50% commission it deducts from live streams.

Unlike OnlyFans, where you can only withdraw the earnings after 21 days, iFans allows you to withdraw the money with just 7 days of waiting. 

Pros and Cons of iFans


  • Rich features.
  • Designated copyright team.
  • Unique affiliate systems.
  • Promote your profile through “Marketing Vault.”


  • $200 minimum payout.
  • 50% commission on live streams.
  • Low traffic compared to OnlyFans

Is iFans legit?

Yes, iFans is a legit-to-use and non-scam website. Scam Adviser has given the platform a rating of 100/100, stating that it is very safe to use even though the reviews for this website are mixed.

OnlyFans vs. iFans- what is the best choice

When you compare OnlyFans vs. iFans, the former remains the most prominent name, but iFans and other new platforms are taking a chunk of their fan base. Now that you know what OnlyFans is, the question is, does it have the fan base to stand up and compete with OnlyFans and show that it is a worthy alternative to OnlyFans itself?

I would say it probably is. While it is a good website, it doesn’t have the best exposure or customer support. But it has good features and a good referral system. It won’t suit everyone, but iFans has got appeal for new content creators who are looking for new platforms to monetize exclusive content.

iFans also offers quick support for clients than OnlyFans. OnlyFans takes time to respond to client messages, even if it is urgent.

Now, if you want to know what is a better alternative than both OnlyFans and iFans, it must be creating your own online community platform like OnlyFans. Not just OnlyFans, or iFans, you can build subscription-based community marketplaces like Cameo or Patreon on the go. 

But how? That is where Fanso can help you- The highly customizable OnlyFans clone script Fanso come with pre-installed features and functionalities to run both adult and non-adult subscription-based creator community platform.

Here is why you must choose Fanso:

  • Whitelabel solution.
  • Self-hosted.
  • One-time payment with no recurring payments.
  • 100% source code access.
  • Mobile responsive and optimized for all screens


The pandemic has proved that making money by selling exclusive content, especially for niche content creators, is the future of work. Subscription platforms like iFans provide creators the opportunity to showcase their talents without having to compromise on revenue. Convenience, flexibility, and the ability to make a sustainable living out of content creators is the right opportunity to move to iFans.

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