Does OnlyFans have an App?

Are you an OnlyFans creator who begins your day juggling DMs and PPVs? Is crafting a meticulous content plan your standard morning routine? As a regular OnlyFans user, you might have found the app to be clingy and slow on your phone. Right? That’s when  you might wonder—does OnlyFans have an app?

Given the popularity of the content-sharing platform, questioning the existence of its mobile app is logical! OnlyFans has become a household name largely due to its explicit content.The platform attracts a host of celebrities, adding to its glitz and glamor!

If you are an OnlyFans creator struck by this question, you are in the right place! In this post, we uncover answers to this crucial question and explain the whys in detail. So, stay glued until the end!

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform founded by Tim Stokely in 2016. It is a content-sharing platform that allows creators to share their content and connect with fans. Although the platform is largely known for its adult content, creators have been exploring other niches as well.

OnlyFans generated 5.55 billion dollars in revenue as of 2022 and had over 210 million registered users as of February 2024.. 

Next, let’s understand how OnlyFans works. And how do creators earn money on the platform? Basically, OnlyFans works on a commission model. It charges a 20% sales cut from creator earnings and credits the remaining 80% to the creators. 

Creators can earn through subscriptions, PPVs, DMs, live streaming, etc. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators and access their content.The subscriptions are priced between $4.99 and $49.99. What are PPVs? PPV stands for pay-per-view, where the fans pay a one-time price for viewing the exclusive content. 

Does OnlyFans Have an App in Playstore or AppStore?

OnlyFans ranks #53 globally and #38 in the US, making it the most visited website. According to Semrush, received 927.33 M visits in March 2024. 

Despite its popularity, creators would love to have a mobile app!  

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room and hit the question straight!

  • Does OnlyFans have an Android app? No, it doesn’t have an app for the Play Store.
  • Does OnlyFans have an app for iPhone? Similarly, it doesn’t have an app for the App Store.

Both Google and Apple Store guidelines don’t support sexual content and profanity. The clause in Google Play Console goes as follows: “We don’t promote apps that promote sexual acts in exchange for compensation. This includes pornography, sexually gratifying content or services.”

Furthermore, Apple App Store guidelines mention that it doesn’t allow objectionable content. This can be references to sexual orientation, pornographic material, explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or similar activities.

Additionally, OnlyFans clearly mentions in the FAQ section that there’s no OnlyFans app. Here’s a screenshot from the website.

Why Does OnlyFans Not Have an App?

Despite its towering success, the OnlyFans platform is only a website and doesn’t have an app. And there are about 6.84 smartphones worldwide.

This might have led you to the question —  why does onlyfans not have an app?

Here are the possible reasons for the absence of an OnlyFans app:

  • First off, due to the nature of the OnlyFans platform. Known as the “Patreon of porn,” OnlyFans is largely famous for its adult content.
  • Secondly, users prefer to watch porn anonymously. Downloading an app for the same and installing an apk file doesn’t sound good. Instead, they would prefer to view the content on their respective websites.
  • However, the company’s CEO, Tim Stokely, gave a different reason in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He stated that the absence from the App Store is largely due to OnlyFans’s commission structure rather than adult content. OnlyFans believes in rewarding its creators with the highest possible commission. On the flip side, Apple draws a 30% commission for all App Store transactions and subscriptions. So, introducing an app doesn’t seem to be a viable option for the company.

How to Add OnlyFans to the Home screen?

Though OnlyFans doesn’t have an official app, there’s a way to bring that coveted blue OF logo to your home screens. How? We will discuss the hack below.

Android users

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your phone. Open OnlyFans homepage.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to add to your home screen.

3. Click on the options icon or three dots on the top-right corner of your browser. Click on “Add to your home screen” (Safari) or “Install App” (Chrome).

4. Select “Install” in the following prompt.

5. When it’s done, you can see the OnlyFans icon on your phone’s home screen. Click on it to access the page instantly.

iPhone users

The steps for adding OnlyFans to the home screen are the same for iPhone users.

With this method, you don’t download an app; rather, it’s a shortcut to the OnlyFans website. However, it works like an app.

OFTV: An Alternative to OnlyFans App?

But if you are disappointed, there’s some good news as well! OnlyFans’s CEO, Tim Stokely, made a big move and launched OFTV or OnlyFans TV in 2021. However, to everyone’s surprise, in stark contrast to its OG, OFTV was an SFW platform. Even today, OFTV doesn’t host any adult content; it is primarily a streaming platform available as an app.

The company claimed to launch OFTV to prove that “Fans are their priority.” And they can step beyond the adult content niche and offer valuable content in other niches as well. 

So, what exactly does OFTV include?

OFTV is a video streaming platform that hosts engaging content from top creators. It features vlog-style videos from Chloe Sims, Whitney Cummings, London Huges, and others. 

Listed below are the popular niches in OFTV:

  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Vlogging
  • Gaming 
  • Music
  • Comedy

A few popular shows on the OFTV are:

  • House of Sims
  • Comedy Special
  • This is Fire
  • IRL
  • Rise & Grind
  • Whitney Roasts

OFTV features the top creators from OnlyFans, which certainly creates buzz around the platform and attracts more traffic.

Now, you might think that OFTV is like any other streaming service that requires a subscription to binge-watch videos. However, OFTV is entirely free. You can either view the videos from its website or download the app.

Nevertheless, OFTV is a brilliant move and ultimately boosts the revenue and growth of the platform.

How can you get the OFTV app?

You can download the OFTV app from the Play Store or App Store. However, an important thing to note is that OFTV doesn’t feature any explicit content for the OnlyFans users. It only features SFW content.

Final Few Words

OnlyFans is a multi-billion dollar business, where many creators have created their staggering empires. So, indubitably, the website has been a haven for creators and users alike. However, does OnlyFans have an app? It is still a top-search query. By now, you must have known that OnlyFans doesn’t have an official mobile app. 

This is primarily due to the stiff guidelines by the Play Store and App Store on sexual content. However, you can install the website shortcut on the home screen and access the website like an app. 

Additionally, OnlyFans owns a video streaming app called OFTV. Unlike OnlyFans, OFTV offers SFW content featuring top OnlyFans creators. And the most important highlight is that it doesn’t charge you a penny! Lastly, OnlyFans might not be able to develop a mobile app soon. So, until then, beware of the fake “download OnlyFans app” phishing baits!

FAQ-Related to Does OnlyFans Have an App

1. Does have an app?

No, there is no official app for OnlyFans. However, the company has a video streaming app called OFTV.

2. What is OnlyFans app?

OnlyFans is a content-subscription platform where content creators can share their content with fans and earn money. Besides the popular website, the platform does not have a mobile app.

3. How to get OnlyFans App?

There is no app for OnlyFans on the Play Store or App Store. Instead, OFTV is the only app from OnlyFans.

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