List of OnlyFans Restricted Words That Creators Must Know

OnlyFans, a subscription-based social network that grew during the COVID-19 pandemic, amassed 170 million users and is still continuing its successful journey in full power! 

Its journey from a niche subscription platform to an extensive platform leveraged by many across the world has been incredible.

While the subscription platform continually updates its content guidelines and policies, the reality is that most creators don’t read it or are completely unaware of it. 

Have you ever tried to type “Child,” ‘Forced,” or Blackmail” when posting content on OnlyFans or when sending DMs? If not, that is why you still have your OnlyFans account secure.

There are some words on OnlyFans that you can’t use. Yes, using these OnlyFans restricted words will stop you from posting the particular content. If you try using some of these words that belong to the forbidden category, your OnlyFans account could be blocked. 

Don’t let this happen to you!

If you are here to know everything about banned words on OnlyFans, keep reading.

What happens if you try using OnlyFans restricted words?

Whenever a creator attempts to use OnlyFans banned words, they won’t be able to post that content successfully, be it a post of a message. OnlyFans will warn you about using the words blocked on OnlyFans, and you won’t be able to post the content unless you remove those words from your post. 

Just like banned words, OnlyFans restrictions also extend to using some kind of Fetish content. If the platform finds out you are filming banned content through custom requests, you might receive a warning, or your account might be suspended. 

So, if you aren’t aware of OnlyFans’ restricted words and OnlyFans is giving you a notification of banned words in your post, remove them and use different but similar words so that you will be able to post your content.

OnlyFans restricted words you need to know

The following are the words blocked on OnlyFans or restricted:

  • Blackmail
  • Animal
  • Escort
  • Blood
  • Caned
  • Child, Pedo, Pedophile, Minor
  • Rape, Rapist, kink of rape
  • Bait
  • Vomit
  • Suffocation
  • Watersports, young, whipping
  • Zoophilia
  • Prostitution and prostituting
  • Toilet
  • Underage and unwilling
  • Forced
  • Torture
  • MILF
  • Stripe or PayPal
  • Diaper
  • Pegging and suffocate
  • MeetUp
  • Images of bleeding or real blood
  • Images or videos of pooping
  • Animal, abduct, and Asphyxia
  • Using words like Telegram, WhatsApp, or other communication app names.

What Content is not allowed on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans indeed has a list of restricted words and certain types of content. It is because terms and conditions are fundamental to protecting people, especially children, from harm when using social media platforms.

OnlyFans is pretty chill in the way it handles adult content, but it does impose many boundaries. Steer clear of anything that involves violence, hate speech, and illegal substances. 

The golden rule of selling content on OnlyFans safely is simple: If it is non-harmful, not illegal, and not exploitative in nature, it is a sure-go.

There are things you need to be cautious of, which are as follows:

No fraud

Do not perform any shady activities like content scamming, impersonation, or deceitful behavior. These are straight roads to trouble, and you might end up getting banned on OnlyFans.

Be upfront with your fans about what they are receiving- honesty is the best policy. 


Another important thing you need to keep in mind is copyright. If you want to grow your OnlyFans, always make sure you own the rights to your content and never take part in copy infringement acts.

Mind your language

Yes, you need to be cautious of OnlyFans restricted words, but generally, you will also have to maintain neat and clean language when talking with your fans and subscribers. Yes, dirty talk is allowed if it is in accordance with your niche. 

But even in those scenarios as well, you have to keep your limits. Using some of the red flag terms we discussed here and other terms like ‘free”, “cash app,” “meet up,” and “Child,” etc, will have the power to shut your income stream really quickly.

What are some of the extreme content Bans on OnlyFans?

Though it caters to the adult entertainment niche, being a subscription platform that caters to several other niches, some OnlyFans restrictions exist on extreme content.

OnlyFans is also very straightforward and strict in terms of its goal to protect minors from being exposed to adult content on the platform.  OnlyFans states that you may not post, upload, or display any content referring to individuals under 18 years old. 

Even though it supports the BDSM niche, there are restrictions on posting extreme content like the following:

Violent erotic content: This includes content related to all kinds of violence, rape, sexual activities without consent, abusive acts, hardcore BSDM, genital mutilation etc.

Drugged erotic content: any content that is related to substance use with or without sexual activities involved is a big NO on OnlyFans. 

Illegal erotic content and services: Escort services, prostitution, sex trafficking, and content related to necrophilia etc., are banned on OnlyFans. 

Deep fakes: Deep fake or digitally altered content to look like an individual without their consent is not allowed on OnlyFans.

What are some of the standard content bans?

Now, coming to some of the universal content bans that are followed across almost all networking platforms and social media, OnlyFans and Onlyfans alternatives are no exception. 

Here are some of the standard OnlyFans content bans:

Illegal or fraudulent content: Creators cannot post fraudulent content, which involves posting other creators’ content and citing it as their own.

Discriminatory and hateful content: OnlyFans doesn’t allow creators to post content that is considered a threat to others. It also stops creators from posting harassing content. 

Firearms content: OnlyFans prohibits content that involves firearms or other weapons. 

Self-harm and suicide content: OnlyFans prohibits content that promotes self-harm or is suicidal in nature.


If you are using OnlyFans restricted words, you will be stopped from posting the content using these words. 

Is there any way to bypass these words? The only way to overcome these restrictions is to use a different version of it. But the best way is to stay away from such words as it might be a red flag, and you will be monitored by the platform for the same.

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