OnlyFans Crypto Alternative: Sites Like OnlyFans That Pay In Cryptocurrencies

Conventional payments are not quite friendly with adult entertainment platforms. Venmo and PayPal regularly shut down adult models’ accounts due to suspicious activity. 

With that said, let’s begin with the most obvious question asked by many:

Does OnlyFans accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether? Does OnlyFans support Cyptopayouts? 

Wait, we will answer this shortly. 

But why people are looking for OnlyFans crypto alternatives

The payment processing companies don’t permit account holders to buy or sell sexually oriented goods or content like downloadable pictures, videos, and website subscriptions. Cryptocurrency, with its decentralized structure, is a more welcoming solution, a new and safe way to process monetary transactions. 

Why are cryptocurrency payouts gaining traction?

Before we get into OnlyFans crypto alternatives, we need to tackle this important question- Why do you need cryptocurrency payouts? The answer is straightforward: to be free and independent.

The creators’ restrictions to deal with payment processing arise from legacy payment processors and banks, not by platforms themselves. OnlyFans has stated earlier that some banks denied transactions coming through the platform due to the negative connotation of selling adult content.

Cryptocurrency promises anonymity to users, and that is precisely why adult content websites and webcam platforms have accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment already.

So, how does it work exactly? Cryptocurrencies work in the same way email works. It has no physical form, and its value is exchanged explicitly between the one who sends the currency and the one who receives it. The transaction is done openly using blockchain, an immutable, transparent, and distributed ledger technology that eliminates the need for intermediaries to complete the transaction.

OnlyFans crypto alternatives- 4 platforms that supports Crypto

Before looking at the best OnlyFans crypto alternatives, let’s clarify one thing. 

Does OnlyFans accept crypto? The answer is no. Unfortunately, the famous adult entertainment platform doesn’t support crypto payouts. But that isn’t the end of anonymity and financial freedom for adult creators; better alternatives exist. 

But OnlyFans allows creators to convert payouts to cryptocurrency using an exchange. For example, creators can cash out cryptocurrency from OnlyFans to a crypto trading platform to buy cryptocurrencies. 

Fanso: The Best OnlyFans clone 

Fanso is a fully customizable whitelabel solution to build creator community platforms or Fan club websites to run the business on your own terms. 

The full-featured white-label solution is ready to launch without the required coding or technical knowledge. 

  • You can build and launch a customized OnlyFans crypto alternative with Fanso and nurture a community comprising content creators ( adult or non-adult niche) and fans under your brand and domain name, setting your privacy policy, commission rates, etc. 

Fanso has multiple built-in monetization avenues for creators:

  • Monthly subscriptions and pay-per-view ( PPV) posts are locked behind a paywall. 
  • Paid private DMs with media attachments with no price limit. 
  • Live broadcasts with tipping.
  • Virtual eCommerce store to sell merchandise. 

Besides the user dashboard, Fanso also has an admin dashboard for website owners and admins to manage creators and fans, set commission rates, check money earned, analyze the platform’s performance, and control every aspect.

Fansly- Popular OnlyFans crypto alternative

Being the second most popular website after OnlyFans, Fansly is popular among creators, allowing them to start a fan page and make money. The platform allows creators to get tips on the content and messages and sell pay-per-view videos locked behind a paywall.

So this is what makes Fansly an OnlyFans crypto alternative

  • Fansly is a subscription-based content creation platform that allows creators to make money through adult content as well. 
  • Creators can set subscription tiers that sell NSFW and non-NSFW content.
  • The platform allows creators to get paid through Liquid BTC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD count, Binance USD, Tether, etc. 

WetSpace- An OnlyFans crypto alternative built by a Creator for creators

Wetspace is a relatively new OnlyFans crypto alternative built by Allie Rae, a former OnlyFans creator. It is an adult content platform that gives content creators etiquette, and cryptocurrency payments drive it. 

The platform allows subscribers to pay their favorite creators with multiple forms of cryptocurrencies, and this supports anonymity at the same time, increasing payment security and adult work stability for users. 

This is how it works:

  • Like OnlyFans, you can use WetSpace in two ways- Fan mode and creator mode. Being a crypto platform for creators, it supports MetaMask wallet to sign up, and the supported wallets are MetaMask, Coinbase, etc.
  • WetSpace supports stable coins and top coins, including BUSD, USDT, MATIC, ETH & USDC.
  • It allows users to chat with their favorite creators and allows creators to sell through subscriptions, PPVs, and custom content.
  • The platform charges a 15% commission per transaction.

Sensual- The best OnlyFans crypto alternative site

If you are looking for a crypto alternative for OnlyFans, Sensual is the one that allows creators to get paid in several cryptocurrencies. Creators can sell images and videos in any real-life currency and get paid in cryptocurrency. The platform uses Stripe and PayPal, which accept crypto payments.

Here is what Sensual offers its users:

  • Sensual allows creators to get paid in Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. 
  • Compared to other crypto platforms like Fansly or OnlyFans, Sensual gets creators paid in minutes. Sensual offers content protection for users by preventing chargebacks and allowing the creation of a dedicated sales page to list all the content for sale.


Does OnlyFans accept cryptocurrencies?

As said earlier, OnlyFans hasn’t started accepting cryptocurrencies directly. But recently, it started supporting cryptocurrency by allowing creators to convert payouts to cryptocurrency through authentic trading platforms.

What is the best OnlyFans crypto platform? 

The best crypto alternative to OnlyFans is a subjective discussion; it depends on what you expect from the platform. But I would say the Best OnlyFans crypto platform is the one that you are going to build! 

How adult creators can get paid in cryptocurrency

Sign up to any crypto wallet like Coinbase or Binance and complete the KYC to get verified. After this, you must click on the receive option, where you can choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive payment. 

Is cryptocurrency the future of adult subscription platforms?

Yes, probably. Crypto earnings are being taxed like regular earnings, but even in heavily taxed countries, they aren’t heavily taxed. Considering other benefits, it looks like cryptocurrencies are the future of fan club websites.


Adult content creators do not have many supporters fighting for their rights. But the launch of OnlyFans crypto alternatives clearly shows that the world has started to treat them as professionally as they are. Cryptocurrency platforms in the adult entrainment industry help users feel comfortable in their space and stay anonymous, which most of them desire. It is filling a clear voice in the market that has been left unfilled for a long!

Fanso allows you to build an alternative to OnlyFans by implementing crypto payouts to fill the gap in the industry. Get started now!

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