Why Use Identity Verification Software? Best 10 Software Picks 2023

There comes a point for nearly all businesses where deterring bad and fighting fraud is important but becomes a headache. No matter if you are a digital banking organization, a rental service, or a fan club platform, identity verification becomes significant. 

Today we are going to talk all about the latter, identity verification that focuses on adult and non-adult entertainment platforms, as we are witnessing a boom in the creator economy industry.

What is identity verification software, and why is it important

Identify verification software instantly and automatically verifies someone’s identity using their real-time selfie images and valid government ID.

The number of global data breaches has skyrocketed in recent years. For example, in 2020 alone, online breaches exposed over 5 billion records. Complying with governmental rules and regulations is often a major challenge for adult entertainment platforms (non-adult as well). 

When it comes to adult entertainment platforms, such websites need to find a narrow middle ground to balance their corporate interests with governmental regulations. 

It is practical if you prefer to verify user information when starting out manually. But as you grow, the process becomes lengthy and resource-heavy. 

Hence you can use any identity verification software from SaaS companies and either pay a monthly or annual fee or per verification fee.

Using an identity verification process can help you:

  • Automate the tedious verification process.
  • Let the software take care of the updates.
  • Achieve compliance.
  • Benefit from the vendor’s latest and most robust technology.

Use cases of Identity verification

Identity verification have three main use cases, which go like this:

  • Achieving compliance requirements.
  • Reduce fraud.
  • Building trust and safety among clients

You must prioritize specific use cases according to your business type and where you operate. Identity verification is performed by a growing number of organizations in one or the other ways. 

Here are some of the use cases you can consider:

Know your customer (KYC)

The legal requirement for all financial organizations and other businesses involves monetary transactions. 

Anti-money laundering (AML) 

Heavily regulated, yet an important aspect of your identity verification process is AML. It requires special checks like scanning politically exposed person (PEP) checks and SIP (Special interest person) lists.  

Online transactions

Linking a user’s identity to their credit card details is a great way to reduce fraud activities to stop accepting payments made with stolen cards.

Video documents

Video identification or video KYC is a quick and efficient way to verify a customer’s identity online.

Best 10 identity verification software picks of 2023

1. GetID- An all-in-one identity verification service

An identity verification service that is capable of streamlining your customer onboarding process is what GetID is all about. It offers document verification, face matching, liveness, detection, AML screening, age certification, address proof, and more to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce fraud.


Modern software to automate KYC process: The software automates KYC, and the services include essential checks, end-user interface personalization, a metrics dashboard, and an administrative portal. 

Global reach and fast real-time results: Supports over 8k+ ID docs from about 223 countries. It also supports 80+ languages, different fonts, and symbols.

Fast, easy, and secure integration: The identity verification software offers you essential tools to set up a custom verification flow, customize the design, and integrate across different platforms in the shortest time frame.

High operational efficiency: GetId allows you to automate the verification process and reduce an organization’s compliance workload. It also offers a statistics dashboard for better visibility and control.


The credit card verification process isn’t present during the KYC. 


GetID offers both prepaid and wholesale service contracts. The latter are customized pricing for clients for want verification services with specific configuration needs.

Here are the three pricing plans:

Sandbox: Free trial for 14 days 

Starter: 1.49 € per verification

Enterprise: Price upon request

Brands using the service: UK tax returns, Decta, Telexoo, Rentoza, and more

2) Passbase: Expert solution for identity verification and scaling your product

Passbase is leveraged by modern solutions to securely verify customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and government databases. The software significantly reduces the time and cost of the manual review process through automation.

The ID verification software offers 99.9%+ uptime and high scalability and is specially designed to modernize enterprise operations. 

It also offers dedicated support through email, chat, or phone.


Automatic ID verification: Passbase authenticates over 6000+ government issues ID from over 190 countries on both the web and mobile.

Facial recognition: The software matches IDs to faces with NIST face comparison technology to prevent spoofing attacks. 

Additional checks: Passbase speeds up the onboarding process with global AML watch list checks or industry-specific additional checks.


Expensive: The pricing plans work as a combination of a verification fee and a monthly subscription fee. The watch list checks and additional document checks come for an additional price. 


Passbase has two pricing plans which are as follows: 

  • Pay as you go: $2 per verification.
  • Premium custom price per verification.

Brands using the service: Ramp, quid, Teleclinic, eNotaryLog, and more.

3) Veriff– AI-powered solution to build trust

Verrif is one of the best identity verification solutions for expert identity verification, fraud prevention, customer compliance, and fast conversions of valuable users. 

The software ensures the safety of both users and businesses by bringing transparency to digital interactions. With the help of AI, the software analyses thousands of technological and behavioral variables in a short time frame verifying users from over 190 countries in 45 different languages.


Simple user experience: Real-time end-user feedback due to great user experience. 

More conversions: With the software, you can get up to 30% more customer conversions with great accuracy. 

Fast decisions: 98% check automation rate gets customers verified in about 6 seconds.

Extensive document coverage: An unmatched 10k+ document coverage and more.


Flow customisation can be improved to suit different use cases.


ID verification software comes with 3 different price plans:

Premium: $2.05 per verification

Plus: $1.89 per verification

Essential: $1.49 per verification.

Brands using the service: BlockChain.com, Mintos, Bolt, Starship, and more

4) Jumio– Pioneer in selfie approach

Jumio is a pioneer in automating identity verification for organizations like HSBC, United, Monzo, and more. The software is designed to provide the best customer experience when onboarding a new service. 

With the power to analyze about 3500 document types from more than 200 countries and provide bank-grade security features, it is an excellent tool for heavily regulated organizations.

Jumio can be leveraged to verify identities, check the address, analyze fraud risk, and ping government watch lists for Anti-money laundering AML and KYC. 


Great user experience: The software is great on its end-user experience, which helps to reduce churn rates.

Check 3500 document types: With operating in more than 200 counties, Jumio can check thousands of document types out, beating other competitors.

Check custom databases and watch lists: Jumio can be used for all your AML and KYC requirements.


Pricey: The ID verification software is a bit expensive; you must contact the team for a price quote. But it is widely agreed that the software is more costly than an affordable identity verification software. 

Pricing: Upon request

Brands using the service: OnlyFans, HSBC, United, Monzo, and more

5) SumSub– One identity verification platform to secure the entire user journey

Sumsub is an identity verification software that is excellent when it comes to building a perfect onboarding flow for your clients. You can quickly verify any user, complain anywhere, and find fraudulent activities.


Easy user and business verification: SumSub allows user and business verification with smooth onboarding and compliance. 

Transaction monitoring: Find suspicious activities in user transactions to stay compliant with regulatory needs and to prevent fraud.

Secure the entire step of the user journey: The software does it all by creating a verification flow to support onboarding optimization or find risk levels to suit compliance and eternal policies.


Confusing interface: The Interface isn’t simple to use for beginners. 


The identity verification software comes with different pricing plans for different businesses. You can explore the pricing plan here.

Brands using the service: Italki, Flippa, Binance, Capital.com, Poppy, Mercuryo, and more.

6) Ondato– Photo and live video identity verification

If you are looking for identity verification software to verify photo and live video verification, Ondato could be the best choice. Operating on a SaaS business model, it has integrated facial biometrics modules and eSignature and compliance management tools. 

Ondato offers ID verification for organizations in different niches, including NFT ventures and general financing. One industry giant leveraging the identity verification services of Ondato is OnlyFans; the pioneer in adult entertianment. 


A complete suite of verification tools: Ondato comes integrated with business video verification, biometrics, eSignature, NFC verification, etc. 

White label solution: Being a whitelabel solution, Ondato allows you to deploy the software under your organization’s branding. 


No risk scoring: Ondato’s primary feature is document verification, but it gives the least information about who you are dealing with.

Expensive: As Ondato comes with live video verification, its price tag is on the premium side. The pricing is available upon user request. 


There are three different pricing types and different plans under that, which can be viewed here.

Brands leveraging the service: OnlyFans, Fintech lab, HES loan box, advapay, and more

7) Kycaid– Leading KYC and AML compliance solution 

An identity verification solution that covers all needs of the business is what Kycaid is all about. It helps to accelerate customer interaction, reduce risks and simplify your overall business process.

It has features specially designed for adult websites that have strict age restriction rules. It prevents common cases of underage users getting access to adult content, making payments to buy forbidden content, and indulging in fraudulent activities on the platform.


Best quality: Kycaid is a great quality compliance system that gives supreme results

Safe and secure: Abiding by best industry standards confirmed by ISO certification and security audits.

Quick: Supports fast documents and selfie verification 


One of the best ID verification software, Kycaid comes with two pricing plans, enterprise, and growing business, each having its own pricing, which you can view here

Brands using the service: Poker Match, AML bot, Blokpad, Sors Digital assets, and more.

 8) Acuant- Powering trust with dynamic identity verification

Acuant is an identity verification solution that fights fraud activities with automated and secure workflows. It delivers Omni channel solutions for KYC procedures, age verification fraud prevention, and more. The solution ensures fast and friendly ID verification services for today’s digital economy.


Fast and secure onboarding process: The software ensures a fast and secure onboarding process to pass more eligible customers.

Complete identity proofing: Curate identity data for dark web checks, device authentication, and Geolocation to verify any users in the world.

Risk-based continuous monitoring: A single platform to build, proof, and monitor digital identities. 


Additional software has to be installed on the system for more functions.


You can contact the team here to know about the pricing.

Brands using the service: Equifax, CapitalOne, LexisNexis, Fiserv, Mercari, Bill.com, and more.

9) ShuftiPro– Award-winning customer onboarding solution

ShuftiPro is an award-winning user onboarding solution that works beyond the basic KYC and AML checks to increase conversions, reduce fraud activities and stay compliant. 

The software solution is also suited best for NSFW content, making it the best choice for adult entertainment platforms.


Worldwide support: One of the best ID verification software for adult platforms, ShuftiPro is available in 230+ countries with support in over 150 plus languages.

Higher customer longboarding rate: 25% more user onboarding rate with fewer false positives.

Selfie-based ID verification: Fast and secure selfie-based accurate identity verification using AI technology.


Integrations take a little longer.

Pricing: Upon request

Awards and recognitions: Best client onboarding solution UFAAWARDS2022, Best digital KYC/onboarding app UAE 2022, Top RegTech startups 2022, and more.

Brands using the service: Hero gaming, Penn National, WhiteHat, BFC Bank, Sopra Banking software, and more.

10) Onfido: Software that combines AI

Associating with industry giants like Remitly and Revolut, Onfido provides ID verification for fraud detection, digitization, compliance, and customer acquisition. 

Onfido leverages biometrics and document verification that operates in 195 countries and covers about 2500 types of IDs. 

The identity verification solution provides customer authentication so you can use the software to ensure the right users are logging into accounts, making it the best choice for banks and crypto exchanges.


Process 2500+ doc types: Operating in 195 countries, Onfido can check over 2500 document types. 

Biometrics authentication and ID proofing: The identity verification software comes with ID proofing and authentication through biometrics and maintains control of the accounts. 

Best for fraud detection and compliance check: The software is suitable for both MYC and AML checks.


Online reviews point towards identification failures for some users.


You can contact the team here for price requests.

Brands using the service: Revolut, MangoPay, Luno, LemonWay, Remitly, Bitvavo, and more


Identity verification is a complex and hence overwhelming process, especially if you need to meet regulator needs. The best thing is that a growing number of identity verification software are available in the market to let you integrate ID verification seamlessly.

If you run a fan club platform or want to enter the adult entertainment business with the industry’s best identity verification service to reduce fraud risk, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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