Case Study of FiestaFans | A Social Platform for Creators and their Fans

OnlyFans, once a forbidden fruit, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, disrupting taboos related to models of adult entertainment. Following the business model of OnlyFans, many platforms have an emergency to carve their own space in the content creator space. FiestaFans is a new addition to the list of OnlyFans-like platforms building a community for adult content creators or performers.

A Brief About FiestaFans

FiestaFans is a subscription platform for adult content creators or stars (as they are called) and fans. Creators can set subscription prices, and fans can unlock the content after paying the subscription price. Once the fan subscribes, a standard contract between fans and stars will begin.

Creators can make money through subscriptions, PPV content, private DMs, live streams, tips, and more. The platform also allows creators to set up virtual shops or e-commerce stores and sell merchandise. 


We aimed to build an online subscription-based content creation platform for FiestaFans to redefine the selling of adult content through safe and secure ways between creators and their fans. 

With the vision to help clients to lead the revolution in their industries, Fanso successfully accompanied FiestaFan’s vision of building a social marketplace for selling adult content.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best content creator platform experience, emphasizing security, scalability and robustness. 

Here are some of the features FiestaFans have implemented with Fanso’s readymade and customizable script.

Subscriptions on the go

FiestaFans allows fans to subscribe to the content of creators for the price they set. And Fanso’s subscription experience is super easy and cool, both for creators to set up and fans to purchase. 

Virtual shop

FiestaFans has utilized the feature of Fanso of setting up a virtual shop for sales of both physical and digital products. Creators can easily manage and sell merchandise to fans from the shop built into the creator profile.

Sophisticated creator dashboard

Fanso allows creators to have all the tools and features to make it easier for creators to focus on things that need more work. 

Social community

FiestaFans allows stars to build and nurture a social community that increases engagement within the platform and helps increase their revenue. Content creators can interact with fans through chats, DMs, through comments on feed and posts. 

Payment gateways

FiestaFans leverages the Verotel payment gateway with bit-safe integration to manage customer payment and everything the business needs.

Internal notification system

The notification system sends notifications when the star comments, sending messages like an automation message when the fan follows a start. 

Affiliate referral system

FiestaFans has an inbuilt affiliate referral system that rewards users with exciting offers and perks when they bring a referral to the platform. 

Featured model list

Fanso has customized the feature of a “featured model list,” where models can pay extra money and get featured on the listing page to increase exposure. 

Live streaming

Fans can schedule one-to-one live streaming sessions with starts after the confirmation.

Final product overview:

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