Case Study of Daddy4Tip | A Subscription-based Adult Creator Platform

Following the footsteps of OnlyFans, subscription-based platforms are mushrooming every year, bringing in new opportunities to content creators. Daddy4Tip is an adult content creation platform with the goal of normalizing the sale of adult content which is great. 

Daddy4Tip is an exclusive subscription-based content creation marketplace for adult performers where they can sell and monetize their unique content and build personal relationships with their fans.

A Brief about Daddy4Tip

Daddy4Tip is a content creator platform where content creators of adult niches can sell their unique content securely and make money. 

The platform also allows content creators to stream live videos and have their own eCommerce store. Creators can easily virtual shop to sell physical products to their fans.

Several extra features make the content-selling journey easier and sell a lot more:

  • Dadd4Tip boasts the best administrative panel for content management.
  • Incredible virtual shop to sell physical and digital products.
  • Ability to receive excellent tips.
  • Creator profiles dashboard with tools and features for selling and monetization.
  • Selling PPV content to generate extra revenue besides subscriptions. 
  • Live streaming service.

The purpose of the project

Daddy4tip doesn’t just aim to build a platform for content creators but create a safe environment where the content of creators is completely safe to sell content to their fans securely and generate revenue. 


We aimed to build an online subscription-based content creation platform to redefine the selling of adult content through safe and secure ways between creators and their fans. 

With the vision to help clients to lead the revolution in their industries, Fanso successfully accompanied Daddy4Tip’s vision of building a social marketplace for selling adult content.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best content creator platform experience, emphasizing security, scalability and robustness.  

Here are some of the features implemented by Daddy4Tip:

Subscriptions on the go

Daddy4Tip allows fans to subscribe to the content of creators for the price they set. Fanso’s subscription experience is super easy and cool, both for creators to set up and fans to purchase. 

eCommerce store

Daddy4Tip has utilized the feature of Fanso of setting up a virtual shop for sales of physical products. Creators can easily manage and sell merchandise to fans from the shop built into the creator profile.

 Live streaming

There is nothing better than creators being able to connect with their fans in real time. Daddy4Tip allows creators to perform or interact with fans using Fanso’s live-streaming option, which means more revenue is coming.

Multi-language modules

Users can view the entire website and content in the languages of their choice. 

Admin end revenue management

Admin can take control of the platform’s monetization, including subscriptions. Admin, view, manage, and control what is happening on the platform, including managing subscriptions and knowing how much each creator earns. Admin can set commission against each artist on the platform.

The platform owner gets a share of the amount earned by each creator. The commission percentage can be set and changed anytime.

Final product overview:

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