Case Study of PlayHouse | An Adult Entertainment Platform

The meteoric rise of OnlyFans paved paths to many other similar platforms that allow selling exclusive content, camming, and chatting- Platforms that promise shelter to all types of content, erotic and non-adult. 

Yes, we are going to introduce a new platform built on the creator-minded business model, Playhouse.

Playhouse is a new Australian-based adult entertainment startup that promises a better and pro-sex worker OnlyFans version. 

A Brief About Playhouse

Playhouse is an Australia-based adult entertainment platform that aims to empower creators to connect, share and earn. Playhouse is built as a home free of overbearing censorship and a safe and supportive space for adult entertainers.

Playhouse advocates “the promotion of acceptance, inclusivity and safety within the adult industry. 

The purpose of the project

The founder and CEO of Playhouse, William Luxe, is an Australian citizen who has been in the adult industry for almost a decade.

Luxe founded the playhouse with the hopes of creating a safe and supportive environment for sex workers to create the content they wish to create, enjoying freedom and flexibility. 


Playhouse aimed to build a “proudly Australian-made platform exclusively for sex workers made by sex workers. It successfully achieved it, and Fanso was a part of their success.

With the vision to help clients to revolutionize their industries, Fanso successfully accomplished the vision of Playhouse to build a platform for sex workers to monetize their content.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best content creator platform experience, emphasizing security, scalability and robustness, Fanso is the tech partner of Playhouse. 

Here are some of the features implemented by Fanso for Playhouse:


The playhouse offers monthly and yearly subscriptions where fans can subscribe to the content creators for the price they set. 

Fanso offers a super easy and great subscription experience for both creators to set up and fans to purchase.

HD streaming and live chatting

Playhouse also offers fast HD streaming, live chatting, and camming features. 


Playhouse offers a smooth and safe payment solution to conduct monetary transactions. It also supports payment in cryptocurrency. 

Admin end revenue management

Admin can take control of the platform’s monetization, including subscriptions. Admin can view, manage, and control what is happening on the platform, including managing subscriptions and knowing how much each creator earns. Admin can set commission against each artist on the platform.

The platform owner gets a share of the amount earned by each creator. The commission percentage can be set and changed anytime.

Playhouse was running with a great offer for creators when it started- It promised to offer the first 1000 creators who join the platform 100% of their earnings, meaning 0% commission for the platform for their first three months on the site.

Final product overview:

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